November 4, 2009

Psychic, Perhaps?

From nomorefan's early morning post today:

While eating my English muffin with PB & homemade honey at 5:45 AM, the female DJ said that there is an interview Third Lip recently did where she finally states the truth about her not-so-pure lifestyle. She admits that she has explored sexual fetishes. She admits, and I can't remember word for word how it was stated, but basically that she hasn't been faithful in relationships. The list goes on, but basically most things the skeptics have said about her "squeaky clean" reputation she has admitted and it will shock her fans! Is she doing this for shock value so that she is all over the media just before "Nine" comes out? Then she said her marriage to Mr. Third Lip is "raw and dangerous"! To that, the female DJ said she had to totally agree with that because if there were ever two people that were COMPLETE opposites it's Mr. and Mrs. Third Lip! She continued that if she was in a room full of people, she would never associate the two of them together.

Nomorefan's DJ must be psychic. Either that or she trolled Twitter and the various blogs that have already tried to make headlines out of this article. What nomorefan doesn't want you to know is this.... The magazine Kidman gave that interview to is a UK publication. It's not on sale in Europe until Thursday. It's certainly not available here in the US yet, but nomorefan probably wants you to think her DJ has a subscription. Yesterday, the internet was bombarded with links to the same site which has managed to select choice words from Kidman and try to make some news and increase their page hits. The advertisers must be so proud. This web page is where her DJ got her information, not the real mcoy. The full article is nowhere to be found online as of today. Truly, the quotes (which are vague) have no real context until we see the full article. Even then, Kidman will have given an impression of herself that does not reveal all.

‘I’ve explored obsession. I’ve explored loss and love in terms of being in a grief-stricken place, I’ve explored strange sexual fetish stuff, I’ve explored the mundane aspect of marriage, and monogamy,’ - Nicole Kidman

The holier-than-thou skeptics have predicted and revealed nothing!

So nomorefan we hope you enjoyed your PB and honey. Is ball-handling statues a sexual fetish or simply molesting government property? Just asking.


countrycat said...

They are nasty warped hypocrites. It's a total farce they are great wives and mothers and then act the way they do on that board. And to top it off we know how they really are...there's stories, pics and emails to prove it. nomore is just "so offended" but the juvenile crap she participates in, in real life, negates anything she says. She's a lunatic who believes her own BS.

Anonymous said...

nomorefan's sexual fetish is giving blow jobs to bottles. Her friend astible's sexual fetish is grabbing other women's breasts. We've all seen the pictures. As for Nicole, what squeeky clean image? Nicole did Eyes Wide Shut. Obviously she's not hiding behind a squeeky clean image. Nomorefan should try enjoying the stick in her butt provided by her gaybashing husband.

Anonymous said...

Let them continue to look pathetic over at E, it's what we expected. This even brought Tee out from hibernation to complain about Keith's wife. So predictable.

Anonymous said...

This is the bet bit all day. nomorefan says "I know a tranny when I see one".

Now it's clear what she does all day! She ignores her husband and kids because those relationshps are supposed to work on their own without any effort from her. The small time she does give is spent telling her kids what sick people KUNK are. When she's not posting on sites she's hanging out with trannies. They must be laughing at her and she's not in on the joke. Mimosa must be so disappointed.


SkewerMistress said...

It's brought the skeptics to this board too. I've received 4 "anonymous" comments from them just this week.

Anonymous said...

It makes you glad a few of these dimwits don't have kids.

Anonymous said...

They're not offended at all. They're jealous that Nicole gets to do all those kinky sexual things to Keith that they've only dreamed AND TALKED about doing. Ask Sue about anal beads sometime.

Anonymous said...

Ha ha ... "sexual fetish"? I bet all the skeptics/haters wish they were they ones having the sexual fetish with their "boyfriend". No wonder they slam NK even more. :)

As to all the headlines flying all over the internet, consider the source which started it all - Daily Mail. That's one of the least credible sources anywhere. They habitually and deliberately print things out of context.

I can't wait for the magazine to be available in the US so people can read the article for themselves, not the twisted version put out by Daily Mail.

Anonymous said...

Dontcha love how nomorefan says she doesn't live, breath, or eat Kidman yet she's the first to find pictures and articles about her, posts daily on E and her numerous private boards about her, and "just happens" to find Kidman movies every night on tv? Bahahaha! Transparency at its worst! What a freakin idiot.

SkewerMistress said...

She and homophobic hubby watched Fur last night!

Anonymous said...

How funny! With ALL the country music news, the ONLY thing her DJ talks abt. almost daily is Nicole Kidman. Ha ha

Now that is funny!

It is so easy to figure out her lies. Everytime she opens her mouth LIES come out like homemade honey and PB. lol lol

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