November 12, 2009

The Morning After



And for the skeptics who are already making asses of themselves...

erniesmom: "This tells me that we're not the only ones who believe the Train Wreck is COMING! He just has to accept the fact hes on the Big Decline....along with his Bride of Frankensteiin."

The IMAGINARY TRAINWRECK EXPRESS has been coming right around the bend for 4 years now. BAHAHAHA!

Skeptical: "His Bride of Frankenstein is the reason for his decline...Wonder how long before he'll be booking in Bransom."

That's Branson dearie. But we haven't heard that gem in a while. Do you have an original or logical thought at all in that brain of yours? And tell us this... when will EOTY losers Kenny Chesney and Brad Paisley be joining Keith at the theater? BAHAHAHA!

Nomorefan, as always you're completely full of shit!



Anonymous said...


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Here's your obvious proof that she has breast implants.


If muleshoe Sue would step out of KMart once in a while, she might hear about a little something called a push up bra. I guess they don't have a Victoria Secret near the trailer park.

Anonymous said...

Well, well, let the pictures from the CMA and BMI events speak for themselves…
The haters and some gossip sites who are notorious for making up sensationalized headlines had often used this set of NK photos from an event in 2007 to “prove” that she had a boob job.
Note that she was wearing a L’Wren Scott dress for that event.

Fast-forward to the 2009 CMA awards last night. Again NK was wearing a L’Wren Scott dress. Note the cleavage.

Once again, some silly gossip site quoted an “expert surgeon” to comment that she could have had a boob job looking at the photos from last night. Geez, obviously they did not look at her photos from the night before at the BMI awards where she was pictured with less ample cleavage. Thankfully, many other gossip sites "wised" up by reporting that she had help from an amazing push-up bra. So you see, Maclen, Choice and other NK-haters, your “boob job” claims are bogus.

btw... Nic looked fabulous last night. She and Keith are such a gorgeous couple and they look positively radiant. To borrow from a song, "they look so good in love".

SkewerMistress said...

Women know that there's different bras for different occasions that serve different functions. A bra can change the shape of your breasts, their "height" so to speak, and the appearance of your cup size. A friend of mine, if she happens to wear a certain v-neck tee with a certain bra, appears to have gone up at least a full cup.

Scott's fashions are made to be worn close to the body which is why Kidman can get away with so many of her pieces. Breasts in that dress have to go somewhere!

And I must say I loved the berry color on her, which I think she should wear more often. It wonderfully complements the red hair, but then again I've always loved pinks and reds together. And as you can see from the color scheme of this blog I do love shades of berry.

Hopefully I will have time to get the CMA analysis posted before the weekend is over. Fingers crossed!

yawn said...

Anonymous 12:05 she must have also missed the the plethora of Miss Vickies commercials talking about going up 2 cups sizes that ran during the CMA show. nmf ... is the biggest idiot of them all ....

Anonymous said...

Just because old Sue's boobs have gravitated towards her ankles, doesn't mean everyone else still uses Maidenform.

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