November 11, 2009

The Claws Come Out Just In Time For Awards Week


1urbanfan27: "He's gorgeous for sure...she's wearing my favorite considerate..."

cougar5: "It's a shame 27... I don't even want to look at the pics... of either of them .... after the recent "news". I wish he would make a statement saying that he didn't know and that he'll stop it ... or that it never happened... it really bothers me. A part of me just wants to tell him to go @#$%$ his kinky wife. Maybe I need to step away from the "news"."

1urbanfan27: "I know, cougar...I'm so used to dissapointing news now, I'm jaded...I have no use for the wife...but I can't back away from Keith...I tried that last year, for about 3 weeks..."


yawn said...

Must repeat self ... T-H-E-Y A-R-E F'N I-N-S-A-N-E. There is not enough medication in the world to help 27.

Thanks for letting me vent SM!

Anonymous said...

Wow wow wow.... Nic looked RED HOT last night! No wonder the haters are "seeing red". :)

I hope she wears a fabulous GREEN dress to the CMA Awards tonight. That ought to drive the "green with envy" haters to run straight to their bottles and meds.

Anonymous said...

To Maclen and other NK-haters: here's one more proof that Nicole does a lot of charity work behind-the-scenes without the press photographers recording her every move. She does not even talk about this, but the people who know about her work would.

"For several years, she has backed Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s fight to improve the lot of battered women and children via his Fund to Advance New York. Now she is going international. " Source:

WhatAWaste said...

Desperation looks so f-ing good on them! The claws are out because all they have to bitch about now is KUNK's appearance.

Is that Nicole's real hair or a wig?...those pics have to be old because her hair is not the same color as last week...Keith's heels are taller than Nicole's...her red dress is ugly & everyone else wore red too...Keith's shirt sleeves are hanging out too far...

They sound exactly like tweens talking in the hallway of the local middle school, not adult, over 40 women! BAHAHAHAHA!

Anonymous said...

That urbanfan27 is a scary nut, on the level of Gary Allan's scary nut.

She really looks good, I think she does look a lot better when her hair is very red. She reminds me of Joan from Mad Men with this look - but a smaller version.

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