November 8, 2009

Secrets And Lies

Okay readers we've got alot of ground to cover; let's get cracking! We're not pulling any punches today so hold onto your hats!

*Maclen And the GQ cover As you may recall maclen claimed that Kidman could only get the cover of GQ magazine in the UK. Well the truth is Nine's promotion was well planned out with various covers internationally placed in the US, Japan and UK.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Predictably, Fergie as the most popular with the younger demo, showed up in Cosmo, also with a new cd to promote. And Penelope Cruz who has the best chance of being nominated for an Oscar out of the bunch got Vanity Fair. Does maclen even know who got the US cover of GQ? No he doesn't but the answer in no one from Nine. That honor goe to January Jones from AMC's television series Mad Men which is set to have its season finale in November. And by the way maclen, Kidman got a 10 page spread and interview. Yes, she's just so over!

* The GQ magazine itself Much has been made over the cover which shows Kidman wearing more than some women do to the beach. Also the "one glove" look was laughed about but of course, once looking inside the magazine you can see she had both on, one coming off in the course of the photo shoot. While these tame shots may be offensive to some who have a completely different set of values, rest assured the skeptics are only "offended" when it involves Nicole Kidman. We don't hear of them upset over January Jones' breasts half exposed on GQ. We don't hear how upset they are the Kate Hudson said men only think about sandwiches and sex, even though she is raising a son. But try and argue with them that their disdain is completely one sided and they'll trot out the "celebrity-obsessed" culture argument and "fans that worship the rich and famous are a stain on society" and "all celebrities get away with murder". We know one group of "fans" that are obsessed over a certain celebrity and his wife, don't we.

*The article and media manipulation After the article came out the skeptics declared Kidman was portrayed exactly like the context of her quotes. No her words weren't switched around, quotes weren't manufactured but nice try skeptics, you can't get anything past STS! Despite Kidman's exact words ending up all over the internet the media still was able to make her and the article into something it's not.

Take a look. Just from a quick search on Google and Twitter you can find these headlines....

Nicole Kidman reveals her love life has been kinky as she opens up about 'strange sexual fetish' encounters

Nicole Kidman Talks About Kinky Fetishes

Nicole Kidman's strange sexual fetish encounters

Nicole Kidman Admits Sexual Fetish

Nicole Kidman loved experimenting with strange sexual fetish stuff

Nicole Kidman opens up about 'strange sexual fetish stuff'

Now let's go back to the original quote of what Kidman actually said: "I’ve explored obsession. I’ve explored loss and love in terms of being in a grief-stricken place, I’ve explored strange sexual fetish stuff, I’ve explored the mundane aspect of marriage, and monogamy"

spaz1980:"Well I read the article and as far as I can tell nothing she was quoted saying was blown dramatically out of proportion by the media."

We're not that dumb spaz.

As you can see one line of a multipage interview was completely put to the forefront and falsely expanded. Kidman did not say she has fetishes, she did not say she enjoyed or loved them, she did not say they were kinky, she didn't open up or describe anything she took part in or who with or why, she never said she had "encounters". Oh how dark and sinister the media wants to make this out to be!

We also aren't buying the idea that the word "mundane" always has a negative context. Think about it from Kidman's perspective. Her career is out of the ordinary. Something as basic as marriage is mundane, or ordinary. Most of us do it, sometimes it's boring, sometimes we get stuck in a rut, sometimes it's not perfect bliss. It's not the red carpet, it's not traveling to foreign countries for filming, it's not being interviewed on tv. One can easily see the difference between the two worlds. Kidman did not saying anything negative against marriage. In fact quite the contrary, she's very much pro-commitment in this interview and others. But there's so much hate in the heads of those skeptics they can't see anything clearly.

Our response to the media and the skeptics is GET REAL. We aren't stupid enough to fall for how you decide to present someone for your own gain. Our favorite online response to "Nicole Kidman admits to sexual fetish" was by an anonymous poster who typed "Haven't we all?!" Hahaha!

*The Fake Prudes of E! online Yes they're back on the bashing bandwagon declaring Kidman an embarrassment for women and an embarrassment for victims of violence. We laugh in their faces. Why? Because one, they are liars who don't believe their own words and two, even if they did their argument doesn't add up. Let's explore!

The skeptics don't understand the difference between sex/sexuality/sensuality of being a woman and simply being a sex object. What this world needs is more positive messages about sex and body image, especially to young girls. The skeptics do nothing but perpetuate the problem of girls thinking sex is dirty and shouldn't be discussed. Nudity in film, sex in literature and poetry is nothing to be ashamed of exploring. But Oh "so "Leery whose ideas are so antiquated she'd like to take back the woman's right to vote wants you to think otherwise. The skeptics are completely anti-women. We don't believe her nonsense because we think she is there on the threads for a stir up trouble for anyone who dares to post there with common sense. In fact we think she might also be there to irritate other skeptics that certain other skeptics don't like. Being confident in your body, owning your own beauty and personal sexuality does not mean you have to cover up like a nun. It also doesn't mean you need to parade around nude either for no reason.

But let's get back to the skeptics. If they think Kidman's photos are sinful why do they not have the same reaction to ex-girlfriend and model Niki Taylor? One could argue it's about age. Okay well that doesn't work either because Kidman has done nudity in films and more provocative photo shoots at a younger age and before she had kids and that's been criticized too. Let's take this even further....what about Keith Urban? The skeptics didn't have a problem with his Playgirl shoot until he said he wished he hadn't done it. Then they turned the tables on him and called him a famewhore just trying to get ahead. But an even bigger issue which they've neglected to bring up recently is the Raining On Sunday music video. They didn't have a problem with the treatment Trey Fanjoy created until Keith named his daughter Sunday. Right at that point, ROS became a song Radney Foster wrote about fucking, the video was about fucking, and Keith is one dirty little pervert. See readers, there's only offense taken, there's only criticism raised when the skeptics want it for an argument. At the shows when they desperately try to stand under the fountain of water Keith sprays from his mouth, or when they still swoon over a "baby" or "sweetheart" it's never inappropriate for them to lust over a married man and father. They don't care about the wife and baby. They don't care about their own husbands or families.

But here's the best part....

All of them are only part time prudes. Behind the scenes after they lie and bash Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban, the skeptics are rockin' the sex toys, tongue gestures, ball handling, breast groping, and the penis art made out of produce. They are loving the male cross-dressing live show, shitting themselves over Jake Owen, watching Jimmy Wayne's tush as he dances, joining fanclubs just to get closer to male artists and consuming large amounts of alcohol in the process. And there's pictures to prove it.

Women like nomorefan and astilbe don't give a hoot about their families. They pretend they do, but their form of working on their marriage is stuffing hubby's face with food so they have more internet time. Sex isn't a dirty word for them. While they pretend that intercourse is only for baby-making and they want us to think they climb into bed with their flannel nightgown down to their ankles to get their wifely duty over with once a month, here's whats really going on in their heads. They are jealous women with a capital J. Jealous of Nicole and all the other wives and girlfriends of country stars they lust after. They want Keith to do them while swinging from a chandelier in his Nashville home, the one they are upset they can't get into. They want these men and they want them bad.

*The 3-Part Post at Urban Myths

Yes a reader over there was praised for her lengthy bash at Nicole Kidman. So much so that they clamored for it to be its own blog entry.

hoosierlady: "Wonderfully written, easy to read, applause, applause!!!!!"

LMAO! It's wonderfully written because it says nothing new, written by a semi-new username but not a new skeptic, covering all the old recycled hater talking points. It's easy to read because the skeptics have the talking points memorized. They don't have to read it, they know it by heart already! Applause applause because the more Kidman bashing the better, so they think!

We at STS are so confident this latest blog is junk here's a direct link to read it.

That's something you won't see on Urban Myths, or should we say Urban Lies. In their little universe this blog doesn't exist. maclen doesn't have the cajones to acknowledge or refute the facts this blog presents each and every week. "Behind Nicole Kidman...." is just another piece written that the Urban Myths mod doesn't have to come up with herself. maclen got a break and UrbanMyths is saving her typing for the CMA's.

*The Fake Flu and The Fake Baby yes Nicole Kidman according to the skeptics staged a fake trip to the doctors office for Sunday. She's not really sick, after all....

spaz1980: "She looked happy and alert not lethargic or grumpy"

Really now! Funny Sunday isn't smiling at anything in the pics but today she's happy. Before with the same expression on her face all of you stated as sure as fact, she was a miserable child.

The skeptics are horrible liars.

*The Gang At CMT

Yes readers you probably know by now there's a skeptic contingency at Keith Urban's CMT message board. They pretend they aren't skeptics, and that they don't read the E! threads or the private boards. Our favorite line from 1urbanfan27 when she's been caught with the snide remarks is "Go back to your blogs." Oh 27, you've been a busy little beaver all over the internet. Let's take a look.

So we come to find out how obsessed 1urbanfan27 is. 1urbanfan27 is cynical_gal on E! but she's also breathingmusic72 at Monkeyville. If the charming cosmic username isn't enough of a giveaway the avatar of Keith Urban before his wife or past few girlfriends is.

When a few fans were upset over Keith's artistic decision to leave some of the NY venues via cab, guess who was the first to defend them and their overboard reactions? Good ol breathingmusic72.

72: "Who gets to say what's negative and what isn't."

Well apparently you do urbanfan27. Easily predictable as the CMT gang are 1urbanfan27, cougar5,and 1Sweetness1982 decided to rip into Nicole over the GQ article. Taking a page from the Oh "so " Leery playbook perhaps?

1urbanfan27: ".I also would never talk about my marriage like that...It sounds ominous and worries me...You can say what you want about my negativity, but that picture and that article are negative...No doubt..."

1sweetness1982: " Oh, but the part about marriage to Keith being raw and dangerous, I mean seriously, after I stopped laughing, I thought firstly, no wait, firstly I thought she is so full...then secondly I thought no, raw and dangerous is walking into a pit of snakes, dangerous is driving through the desert when your gas tank symbol is flashing empty, marriage, oh my god, marriage is bliss, isn't it? Well, that's what they've led us to believe."

1urbanfan27: "You would think they would know when to shut up...God, I really hope for something else for Keith...Peace and true soul connection...I know that's what he always wanted.."

Yes, you can speak for Keith Urban but no one on the CMT board gets you. Well we do including cougar who admits you have an obsession she hopes you get over.

And this...taking a page from the Mimosa playbook?

1urbanfan27: "And get this straight please...The "little one" has nothing to do with my feelings toward NK...She's an innocent...If there is anything in this world that I care about it is the innocence of children and their protection"

We'll end our skewering of urbanfan27 with her own words...."I said you can't see if someone is happy...".

So why do you insist Keith is so unhappy? You disrespect the man you claim to love. But that's what happens when obsession goes too far.

Here's something to respect, Nicole's statement about her marriages.

"I sort of feel like it is disrespectful of my current marriage to speak of my past marriage".

Kidman keeps all of what she says to a minimum, even about herself. She can't prevent the media from asking about Tom Cruise, but she can give honest answers that don't give away the farm. If you are going to give an interview that's the way it should be. Engaging the reader but not giving all of yourself or your relationships away. It's quite amusing...the skeptics want absolutely nothing of Kidman and absolutely everything of Keith Urban.

Were you wondering about the blog title for today? Well it comes down to this: Nicole Kidman will go to her grave with her secrets and her stories. The skeptics are so transparent they don't have any secrets. All they have are lies.


Thanks to a reader for this current interview in which Keith addresses the new tattoo, the GQ article, Italy, and the "fake" flu. You can listen HERE. And thanks to Keith for debunking all the skeptics!


yawn said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you. I guess I am almost as bad as the skeptics because I only ever say "the skeptics are f'n insane" ... but sincerely, what else is there to say after this many years?!

SM you have done a wonderful job listing their lies and hypocritical comments time and time again ... I swear their flip-flopping is insane. And what kills me … this time-consuming "obsession" is over a woman they HATE ... I shudder to think what they would be like if they liked her ... eeeek!

SkewerMistress said...

No ywan, keep saying it, they are insane. Actually all we need to post to refute what they say is "The skeptics are insane. They hate Nicole Kidman." But that would be a very boring blog!

Anonymous said...

Great job, SM Mistress!

Here's a couple of things I would like to add:

- an interview with Keith done by a Boston radio station

Everyone can hear directly from Keith about his new tattoo, his answer when asked about Nic's "raw and dangerous" comment, the trip to Italy, Boston concert, Nic, Sunday, etc.

- Maclen and the haters' insane ramblings that Nic "faked" that flu last week. Well, well.. there are photos showing Nic even took Sunday to a medical clinic last week, and Keith himself mentioned in the interview with the Boston DJ that he himself was under the weather too.

Anonymous said...

I see the new blog at UM is by "abc". Well, that matches the entire blog: All BullCrap (ABC).

SkewerMistress said...

Anon, I have made a live link for the interview in the blog itself. Thanks for the heads up.

SkewerMistress said...

Anon 6:52 I think we've all seen those pics and the matching ones where nomorefan's bud is just as bad as she is.

Anonymous said...

Excellent point about the magazine covers, STS Mistress. Indeed, they're very well-planned out.

Penelope being featured in Vanity Fair and Elle makes sense as she is promoting two films: “Nine” and “Broken Embraces” (opening Nov. 20 in NY and Dec. 11 in LA).

Marion Cottilard on Harper Bazaar Japan edition makes sense because aside from her role in “Nine”, she’s the “face” of Dior, which counts Japan and China as two of their biggest growth markets . So, she’s not just promoting “Nine” but Dior as well.

Anonymous said...

SkewerMistress, you've done it again. My comments #1: The skeptics are in mundane marriages themselves which is why they've met up and traveled to hundreds of Urban concerts around the country. They've got drunk with bus drivers to get close to Keith. They've stalked his house and trespassed on his property. They hang out at hotels that he stays at. They sit in parking lots and watch his buses. They'd leave their own kids for days to follow Keith Urban around and try to get close to him. They make astrology charts about him. They have his entire life schedule from the last 5 years memorized. They are members, moderators and owners of dozens of Keith Urban related boards. They spend hour upon hour on the internet, finding pictures and articles about he and Nicole. Sounds like women with terrific love lives to me. Not. #2: Someone should tell Nomorefan that giving blowjobs to bottles and getting drunk with bus drivers is NOT something a good wife or mother does. Anal beads and Mentos, will travel. #3: They pretend to be appalled by Nicole's sexual comments but put this hag on a pedestal. #4: No thanks on the link to Urban Myth. For a blog that screams "We don't want to hear about your wife" in the title, they sure talk about the wife a lot. Besides, Mary doesn't write the blogs. Dumb (Stasia) and Dumber (Taralea) do. Mary's still in a depression over having to face the realities of her own boring marriage. #5: Not only do they think Sunday is a miserable child, some desperate housewives say there's something mentally wrong with her. Whatever it takes, right Gret? #6: Keith isn't unhappy. They're unhappy. They're unhappy because Keith is happy and in love and living his dream and they're on the sidelines watching. #7: The link to the radio interview isn't working but I'm sure whatever Keith said, he said because he was reading the E board. BAHAHAHA!

SkewerMistress said...

Anon sorry about the link, it was working fine last night. It's playing for me right now although the page was very slow to load.

And yes, 1urbanfan27 has already tried to insinuate the purpose of the interview was to set the skeptics straight. As if CMA week and the standard cattle call for artists to talk to country radio had nothing to do with it. He gave her answers she didn't want to hear and so....retaliation. Ahhh the things you do for the ones you lo...errr, obsesses over!

Anonymous said...

Whoa ANON @ 7:10, is that Amanda or Mortisha Adams??? Just when you thought she couldn't get any skankier! Looks like she had some lip injections. I guess we can call her Third Lip. LMAO! BTW, the radio link works for me.

countrycat said...

They not only have hate for Nicole but they have hate for Sunday. I'm convinced. There is no reason to start rumors of mental disabilities and facial defects (yeah you Mimosa!) than pure nastiness.

And you know they are off their rocker with this flu thing. The last set of pics before the clinic ones were the ones in the park. The ones where Keith is holding a black balloon. I would bet money they went to the park Halloween weekend despite what date those pics were labeled. They all got under the weather but they must be faking because they weren't on death's door? What warped thinking! It was about a week/6 days between those 2 sets of photos. Enough time to get hit with the flu and recover enough to go outside.

And for the record a co-worker of my sister's was diagnosed with H1N1 for real and was back to work within a week. It makes you wonder how much they wish something bad would happen to Nicole or Sunday. They're just awful awful people.

Hats off you SMistress the continued great work!

SkewerMistress said...

FWIW I have heard/been told the following rumors about Amanda. I have no desire to look at her MySpace page to confirm any of it so judge for yourself. She is pregnant and moved out of Nashville. She hooked up with a guy who promotes girls of her "ilk" if you catch my drift. She may or may not have married the man.

Anonymous said...

From the pic I saw of her profile photo on facebook a few days ago, she was very much pregnant. I just checked again now, and she's put up a different photo.

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