November 8, 2009

Look Out, The Bitch Is Back!


Check out this exchange between Mimosa and a fellow skeptic!

nosoytonta: Now, just to be in the same page, you are comparing her with Keith's acting skills, right? or is it comparing her singing skills to his? either way she lost.

Mimosa: Your sarcasm is noted, but FYI...expect a debate when you post here.

Then later, nomorefan tries to tag team with Mimosa to prove a fan wrong who was actually at the Today show.

nomorefan: I heard Matt announced after Mr. Nicole Kidman's performance that he would be returning for another song (third), and then Hoda announced a little bit
later that Mr. Nicole Kidman was gone. Why would Hoda announce that if he was scheduled to be gone anyway? Also, when they have a performer on the show, they usually have them singing their last song
at the end of the show to close it out.

Mimosa: Exactly.

KM1AR2KI6EU: I was there, were any of you there? Yeah, I didn't think so. I don't care what Matt said. It was two songs and two songs only, Matt was mistaken. Have none of you ever heard an announcer say something that was incorrect? But why let the truth stand in your way, when it's so much more interesting to make up stories.

Mimosa: For all you know, we could've been. It's as likely as you being there. This is the negative thread, and only negative comments are allowed here. If you want to post good things about Kinkthy, go to another thread.

imahick: I'm wondering why the truth is so unacceptable? It isn't like it's a positive thing if someone mentions that they were at the show and Keith was scheduled to sing two songs, not three. It's just someone who was there and is clarifying what REALLY happened.

nosoytonta: Why, darling, I think I have the answer to that question. Apparently, it is because we are at the negative thread. Truth is acceptable only if it is negative towards KUNK (the thread's name is called Keith Urban Negative Thread, however, anything KU implies NK so there you have it). No positive things are allowed to say even if it is the truth because, you know, it is the negative thread.

So even other skeptics are calling Mimosa, the bitch with all bark and no bite, out on her bullshit. Oh so wise Mimosa wants a debate, but only when she's right, and can be more right than everyone else. That means her opinions are facts. And nothing is more important than negative comments, not even the truth! The more she yammers on about this being the negative thread the more she's exposing herself as an angry nut who doesn't care about reality!

It is quite unfortunate for the skeptics that Mimosa and nomorefan are dumb enough to challenge someone who does in pursue the profession she says she does and has attended other concerts in NY. In fact, that proof goes back months. We know Mimosa didn't cross the Sweet Tea line to see the Today show, just as we know nomorefan didn't ride a snowmobile all the way to New York City. Dumb as she is, nmf admitted previously she watched the program on tv so she couldn't help out her nuttybuddy with another tall tale. No Mimosa, it's not as likely you or the other haters were there, but the woman who said she was there, actually being there, is as likely as you lying and bullying to serve your own agenda! A sure thing!

The skeptics don't need fans to self-destruct and incriminate themselves. They only need each other!


Mimosa is now pulling out of her butt an alleged secret explanation from "Keith's people" on "another site" that refutes the real one. Only she wont post a link. And she'd probably like us to think there's KU employees who are skeptics who spill secrets.

Hmmmm...wasn't it months ago that the skeptics said Nashville doesn't talk...oh but it's only to them. And since when do Keith's people provide explanations about his personal life on a message board, or any board?

We're calling this what it is.....a big stinkin' pile of dog poo!!!!

And we're sure nomorefan enjoyed searching for the lastest GQ article!


THANK_YOU said...

So someone that claims to be a non-Kidman fan, but a Keith fan sounds like they were at the Today show taping, and privy to the schedule, etc... yet since this info didn't come from one of the "regular" haters, their info is called into question. This proves once again what a small, sad group this has become. Someone that could've proven to be an ally for them in their hate for NK is immediately dismissed, as her claims didn't come from the original bitch inner circle.

This exchange on E! proves once again that the haters (I don't call them skeptics anymore) have one agenda, and one agenda alone - To hate & discredit KUNK at all costs. Now they’ve begun calling out posters of similar persuasion, especially if it doesn't fit their version of reality, even at the cost of looking liking fools themselves.

This implosion is so much fun to watch...kinda like a train wreck, huh? ;)

Anonymous said...

LMAO! Poor Markie doesn't have a chance against the pit bull Mimosa. I'm surprised she still associates with those losers. I'm also laughing at a previous comment about Sue's anal beads. The haters pretend to be appalled by Nic's sexuality yet use sleezey whore Amanda as their icon. Nic's sexual partner is/was her husband. Amanda's partner is any woman or man who has the drugs.

Love the new pic of Mimosa, SM! BAHAHA!

Anonymous said...


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Posted: Nov 9, 2009 3:57 AM in response to: spaz1980 Reply

"I've never wanted to be safe. I've never chosen safe relationships; I've never chosen safe films . . . My life would be easier if I did."

Isn't that a great comment coming from a "mom"?


"Do you seriously think he will keep it whether it is for him, Suro Thing or his beautiful, beautiful masturbator?" ~nomorefan

Isn't THAT a great comment coming from a "mom"?


@Thank You - the haters have been pointing fingers for years and have been accusing each other of spying since JBs blog. They kick each other off skeptic boards, attack each other in pms and emails and judge each other by how much hate is spewed towards Nicole Kidman. The E posters killed the skeptics. They turn against any skeptic who isn't as hateful as they are.

Anonymous said...

"Keith's people" = the little voices inside taralea's head.

Monty Powell, Dan Huff, even Fletcher Foster have myspace and facebooks but they don't spill dirt on Keith or anybody else.

Anonymous said...

Why is it always so much work for her? If you are made for each other, like Mr. Third Lip proclaims, there shouldn't be anything to work on - it just comes naturally. ~nomorefan


Oh please! Everyone knows relationships need cultivating. My ex-husband believed they should just come naturally as well. He's been married and divorced four times now. Get a clue, dimwit!

SkewerMistress said...

Anon @ 2:50 pm...this blog has a strict policy against publishing or linking to full-face pictures of skeptics. However, since nomorefan's latest posts are so deserving, here is a link to STS's favorite cropped picture, previously shared on Urban Myths Revealed. It's only the eyes but they say so much!

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