November 7, 2009

Your Morning Prune Danish Skeptics!

Well well well, it's a fine fall morning where we are. Here's some bad news to go with your breakfast, skeptics.

First we have the confirmation of Gwyneth Paltrow to the cast of Kidman's upcoming project The Danish Girl.

Full article at Variety available HERE

It was incorrectly predicted by INEPT TEAM MACLEN that this project would never happen after Charlize Theron dropped out, of course due to Kidman. But we know better readers don't we. She dropped out of more than just the Danish film and restructured her schedule to star in a Mad Max sequel. Maclen then tried to change his tune and proclaim that it would take months to find a replacement as no one would want to join the cast.



Then just yesterday, INEPT TEAM MACLEN, posted this

".there is nothing on the replacement front to he supposed next self made flick, Danish Girl."

Wrong, wrong, and wrong again! Not only did he ignore the rumor that Paltrow was in line for the role, but he ignored the Variety article confirming her acceptance as well. If there's one positive thing you can say about INEPT TEAM MACLEN, it's that he definitely lives up to his name!

To add insult to injury, he is also ignorant of the fact that Kidman's publicist has already denied the story that she will be co-starring with Robert Pattinson in Bel Ami.

maclen: "the "erotic" flick she is to...or not...or maybe... star with Twilight's Pattinson is swirling on the news nets"

Next we have Keith's good news. Not only is he nominated for an ARIA in his home country of Australia, but he is opening the show. The ARIA's are the Aussie equivalent of the Grammys; what an honor for Keith! Keith is also scheduled to perform at the American Music Awards where he is nominated for Best Country Artist.
Keith's successful 2009 tour won the Concert Marketing & Promotion Award for the Escape Together tour sponsored by Kingsford and KC Masterpiece.

And finally we come to Choice who feels the need to comment more on other people's blogs than his own. The inaccuracy of maclen seems to have already rubbed off on poor pathetic Choice.

Choice: Maclen - UNIFEM have the shits with her, I can feel it. I would say they are concerned about the image she is projecting on this magazine cover. Not an ideal spokesperson to speak at anything, anymore. Just occurred to me. Chanel dropped her. Now we may see UNIFEM drop her. The AFI ignored her from their nominations too. I mean things come in three.

Clearly it's Choice's choice to remain ignorant down under but we have the proof he is wrong again. UNIFEM is not dropping the woman that has helped them in their efforts over the flu.

UN launches campaign harnessing support to end violence against women

6 November 2009 – The United Nations kicked off a campaign today mobilizing people around the world to take part in a drive to stop the pandemic of violence suffered by women at the hands of men.

The UN Development Fund for Women (UNIFEM) launched a website to inspire individual efforts aimed at eradicating violence against women, such as reaching out to school students, volunteering at local shelters, advocating for legislation or donating funds for programmes that protect women and girls.

The Say NO – Unite to End Violence against Women initiative’s website also aims to showcase the widespread problem – estimates say around 70 per cent of all women have been victim to some kind of violence – and demonstrate the groundswell of support by counting the number of deeds performed to combat the scourge.

“We know that violence against women is a problem with solutions,” said UNIFEM Executive Director Inés Alberdi after visiting patients at a one-stop health clinic for women victims of sexual violence in Nairobi, Kenya, to jump-start the international effort.

“What I have seen first-hand today in Kenya is the impact of effective work at the grassroots level, yet there is an urgent need for governments to make this issue a top priority and take decisive action,” said Ms. Alberdi.

Counting efforts by individuals, governments and civil society groups, the campaign has targeted 100,000 actions by March 2010 and 1 million by this time next year.

As an incentive, the luxury watch manufacturer OMEGA has pledged $50,000 to the scheme for the first 50,000 actions registered on the website, thanks to efforts by UNIFEM Goodwill Ambassador Nicole Kidman.

Throughout November, the multi-lingual broadcaster Euro News will air a public service announcement with Ms. Kidman, which calls on every individual to say no to all forms of violence.

Not only are they thankful for the success Kidman has helped them achieve, the statement also proves Kidman did not buy the Omega watches herself to generate good publicity as the skeptics insisted.

Complete with picture of the actress you can see press release

We want to close this blog on a serious note. UNIFEM has started their new initiative. Please visit their site, Say NO To Violence. Send the link to anyone you think would be interested. Once there you can add your name to the global call for an end to violence, read up on efforts around the world, and see the latest PSA with Kidman. There's no reason not to support this cause.


Sonora_Melody said...

Maclen and the haters sure need an extra helping of prune this morning. :)

I just submitted the following post at UM but am not sure if it will be published. They have "censored" a couple of my posts recently. :)

"maclen said...
My thoughts are such a tital wave...a cresendo of overlapping and competing thoughts... I"m a "mental multitasker"...what can I say?"

Ah.. so you are a "Mental multitasker"? No wonder your posts always come across as a bunch of jumbled thoughts with no sense or logic.

You are quoting all these "articles" that referred to Nic's GQ interview. You are "mental multitasking" through "article" written by those who:

(a) took certain quotes from the interview and print them completely out of context, then added their own made up story, i.e. Daily Mail

(b) have not even read the actual GQ interview but simply read the Daily Mail article, then added even more spins

(c) took chunks of what (a) and (b) have written and mix them all up.


I thought you have also bragged about your "fact-finding" skills. You have yet to do any fact-finding by going directly to the source, i.e. Dec-2009 issue of GQ British version? You are living up to your name, INEPT Team Maclen (party of one).

Anonymous said...

Ay yay yay .. more headache for INEPT Team Maclen and all the skeptics-haters!

'she has nothing but praise for her female co-stars. ‘It was like being a family. We were so happy. Everyone thought that all these actresses together would start a fire or something, but we got on so well. Nicole Kidman had her baby with her all the time and seemed so contented when her husband [country singer Keith Urban] came on the set; Judi Dench was so funny in that way only the English can be, and Penélope Cruz was very Spanish. We all sang and we all danced and we were drunk with music on the set. We cried when we parted, which is something that generally doesn’t happen on films.’

This is now the 6th star (the others being Kate Hudson, Penelope, Marion, Fergie and NK) to talk about the wonderful experience on the set of "Nine". Sorry, haters, there were no catfights and no diva behavior from ANYONE on the set. And note that Sophia said that Kidman had her baby with her all the time. Totally not a surprise to long-time NK followers as we all know her to be a loving and doting mother.

SkewerMistress said...

Also of note is that the reddish-haired baby, photographed on the set of Rabbit Hole was in fact Sunday. The first set of photos we didn't have a clear view, but later ones released proved it was her.

nicfan said...

I couldn't resist telling Mimosa what to do with her truth. If I get in trouble I get in trouble. It's worth it!

SkewerMistress said...

Would it help for me to say you gave me a blog out of it? I'd never advise anyone to go into the snakepit, but the readers should really enjoy this one!

Anonymous said...

The skeptic/haters continue to turn on each other. Mimosa is so vile she thinks she rules the old hens roost. Now we know who Markie is on E. Thanks!

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