December 30, 2009

Nomorefan: The Class Act

The skeptics must really think they have everyone fooled. If you haven't already check out the new thread on E! called The Hangover. Several of the skeptics are raving about that film. The Hangover, if you are unaware, is an innapropriate and vulgar R-rated comedy. We can't disagree with them; it is a funny film. But how hypocritical do you have to be to post on one thread as classy women with unbreakable moral fiber and on the other easily rattle off movie quotes about whores and the F word!

cricket1700: We just watched it last night. We loved it. Haven't laughed that hard in a long time.

nomorefan: Cooper was d@mn fine in the movie, and I couldn't stop laughing at Zack - too many great one-liners came from him in the movie. I love the scenes with his satchel, "Carlos" and "not you Fat Jesus"!

Yea, Heather was cute in this movie too, which reminds me of another great Zack one-liner:

"She's not a (stripper, wh@re, hooker - I can't remember the word he used), she's a nice lady!"

tangledupinlove: I love that line, "It's on the corner of get a map, and f*ck off!"

The best bit is nomorefan regaling us with the tale of her family watching the UNRATED version of The Hangover on CHRISTMAS DAY. Now this is the true nomorefan. Loving and praising excessive drinking and cursing, and drooling over a male celebrity. Two hours later she was telling everyone it was a lie a certain family went to Christmas Eve mass.

Hangover 2 is already on her calendar for Easter Sunday viewing.

Stay classy nomorefan!


Anonymous said...

Don't forget many of us KNOW Sue.

And all of us have seen her classy pictures!

Which makes her comments all the more funny ...considering....

Anonymous said...

Agree. Many of us DO know Sue and a Hangover on Christmas Day is exactly Sue like. Bahaha. Trailer park all the way.

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