December 8, 2009

The Season Of Giving Part 2

This year Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman are helping two worthwhile organizations, the Country Radio Broadcasters and the Mvule Trust. The following items are being auctioned off:

*Keith Urban DJ Hall Of Fame Autographed Guitar

Benefitting the CRB -

Please click HERE for more information or to place a bid

*Nicole Kidman Designed Christmas Wrapping Paper

Benefitting The Mvule Trust which provides education for children in Uganda.

Click HERE or HERE for more information or to place a bid.


Anonymous said...

Thank you, STS Mistress, for discussing this topic in detail. Both Nicole and Keith have done a lot of good work for charity, and are still continuing to do so.

I would like to add some more to your list:

- Nicole, along with several celebs such as Martina McBride, Amy Grant, Eva Mendes et al, have been supporting a charity handbag auction to benefit the Alzheimer’s Association. I believe this is the second year in a row that she has done that.

- Likewise, Keith has shown his support for the Alzheimer’s Association by appearing in his pal and writing partner Monty Powell’s benefit concert in 2007.

- Kidman has supported her friend John Polson’s Tropfest, an annual festival for short films, both here in New York as well as Australia, for a number of years now. She provides the prize money for the Best Actor and Best Actress winners. Check out the recent winners – (Australia) (New York)

- Something also needed to be said about Kidman’s involvement with Omega and getting them to support UNIFEM. As usual, the VERY INEPT Maclen would just mouth off without any supporting facts, rambling off...

‘kidman is an Omega shill, they pay her to appear at the boutique...and "donate" an omega watch that was just provided to kidman for the "event!" And apparently this "donated and "personally autographed" watch is simply a gift to the President of the company! As I've read nothing on how this "donated watch" will be either auctioned off for a charitible cause or of any "donated" reason at all but to simply be part of shilling the company and getting kidman a photo op at Getty Images!’

Such stupid comments from Maclen! Gifting the President of Omega with a watch from his own company? LMAO!

Here’s some information from Omega’s website:
For her visit to the Omega Shanghai boutique in 2006, Kidman donated her own Omega watch as well as autographed a few more for two charity auctions. She also got Omega to donate 10% of all sales from the event and throughout that month from their two boutiques in Shanghai to benefit UNIFEM. The information is here:

With Nicole’s involvement, Omega donated US$127,000 to UNIFEM in 2006 - see page 21 of UNIFEM’s 2006-2007 Annual Report

Following her visit to Omega’s boutique in Zurich, Omega made another donation of US$50,000 to UNIFEM – see page 22 of UNIFEM’S 2007-2008 Annual Report

Kidman did not appear in any Omega boutiques in 2008, but still got the firm to donate $25,000 to UNIFEM. – see page 22 of UNIFEM’S 2008-2009 Annual Report

As to Kidman’s recent appearance at Omega’s New York boutique and autographing some watches, we won’t know the exact dollar figures that will be collected and turned over to UNIFEM until they publish their annual report next year. But Omega has already announced a challenge grant of US$50,000 for UNIFEM as a result of their cooperation with Kidman. See

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Outstanding SMistress! All of it!

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