December 10, 2009

The Skeptics Are Clueless

The haters and dummies just don't get it. These past couples of weeks have been filled with lies and more lies.

maclen:, just mere coincidence?...or is someone's inept team browsing our favorite blog for reactions...and placing a few "story leaks" around the nets to respond to the reactions!? Clearly, common sense would hold to pay very close attention to rather lucid and very "eagle eyed" opinions of very very "inept" and oh so obvious "PR BS"... that is so plainly not getting across to anyone with any kind of seriousness

maclen, dummy up. Those stories weren't stories at all. Merely rehashes of the Conan O'Brien tv interview from a few weeks before.

Urban Myths: "Now she's recycling photo ops to get more BS out there... seems a bit desperate, non?"

No, websites are doing exactly what they consistently do with everyone which is take quotes from real interviews and make their own stories, as if the stars talked to them. Only there are no recent pics so they pair them up with photos that don't match. Case it point...Kidman said she loves 1940's lace. A gossip site posted an older pic of her in a white lace dress with the latest quote. That's what these sites do to stay in business.

maclen: "Perhaps a few commenters from down under may have some info on that...what I do know is orb has 5 paltry gigs in Oz. "

Do more than some paltry research maclen and your reputation might get a bump. But you don't bother. Urban's Oz tours have always been smaller, from 5-7 gigs. Check the tour history at his site and there you'll get the truth.


Readers, ready for some double speak?

From the same post:

oopsie: "And anyone who has to make a New Years resolution to keep their marriage together, and has to make an EFFORT to love that person, can't be in a happy relationship.

"Anyone who's in a real relatinoship..with all the ups and downs...knows that it's NOT that easy to keep choosing love."

flyin: "they are missing the best part of Christmas, which is getting ready for Christmas and doing it themselves."

Oh " so" Leery: "Scrooge and Scroogier never really buy anything. Believe me they don't spend money unless they absolutely have to."

hit n run: "Maybe if they did some spending they wouldn't be so boring!"

erniesmom: "For us it really is just about being together and thanking the good Lord for the family we have."

"The shopping is fun at times"

So which one is it haters???? There's only so much contradicting you can do before you end up in a hole!


There's a picture posted at Urban Myths of Keith and Nicole walking in an airport. The skeptics have figured out that he is on some kind of tantrum. Hey morons, if you can get maclen to agree with you you are in trouble!

maclen: "HA! Yeah, orb is definately aiming for the foot! The "child" in orb is passive-aggressively striking out at the annoying paps...while the vain attention mongering kidman poses and smiles for the paps! Again, like the "spoiled" child acting up because mommy wants to be noticed in the crowd!"

The skeptics interpretive skills are sorely lacking. Like the time they thought they had it figured out that Urban was in a sexless and loveless marriage because he was seen enjoying a hamburger! Absolute amateurs!

And of course they quote as gospel a complete lie from years ago that Kidman didn't star in a Jane Campion film because she had to kiss a girl!

Dutchcloggie: Anyway, as I said, I have gone off her. Why? Well, apparently she turned down playing a lead role in a film when she was younger because she did not want to kiss a woman. And because she was too shitty to admit to that, she lied and said she had school exams (yes, she was that young.....)

It is good to know liars find their way to each other though. Kidman lied to Campion but then later she cast her as the lead in one of her films. How could that be and why do the skeptics believe a random blogger?

And twisting the old Bacall quote AGAIN that was never meant as an insult but a statement of fact. Skeptics get some new material.


And lastly we get to nomorefan. She deserves a section of her own!

Nomorefan wants you to think she's all-knowing. She's spreading her lunacy on a Tiger Woods thread, pretending to know pre-scandal he wasn't a good guy because he got irritated over a photographer taking pictures at practice. Yes nomorefan you see all and know all. How you can tell he's been up to no good from yet another event "in your area" is just amazing! But everyone at E! knows you condone infidelity as long as Keith Urban is involved. We wouldn't continue posting about Woods if we were you. You've cemented you're status there as a huge joke.

But true to your rep you've been making up stuff left and right.

"I guess she isn't too medical, otherwise she would know that girls mature faster than boys, and at the age of 13, most girls are much taller than boys!"

You're no rocket scientist but you do have a degree in stupidity. Many girls are taller at that age but most are not 5'11', 6 feet tall!

nomorefan: "Seriously? You want us all to believe that a 1.5 year old knows, all on her own, that she has a heart in her chest, and the heart is the symbol for love? I don't believe it, and I haven't even seen it."

A two year old has more intelligence and heart than you do nomorefan. Children that young can learn sign language before they learn to talk. A baby has more intuition than you do and you call it a lie. Thank God you aren't anywhere near them to see it.

Notice that Suro can say "Bracelet," but she can't say "Bella"!

Notice that's one more lie you just made up. Add it to the pile of hate with your "Suro" nickname. You still think you're pulling the wool over our eyes with that one?

nomorefan: Foam comes from milk, which comes from a cow. Coffee comes from a coffee bean, so the two are unrelated. How can you say you LOVE coffee when you drink "very little"?

She doesn't care for a strong coffee flavor. Doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure it out!

nomorefan: "Once again, she can't do anything for her husband - like make a nice home-cooked meal, but she expects it to be done for her."

No she's not shoving meatloaf with bacon, cheese, and BBQ sauce down her husbands throat to keep him quiet. You expect him to let you do what you want and Kidman says she's not a picky eater. Nice try but epic fail.

nomorefan: "Third Lip brand her body for someone else? But she sure expects it done to someone else for her sake."

No, just another lie you've manufactured.

And last but not least...the Home Depot scandal! The skeptics pretended that Keith and Nicole went to the store for show. They didn't really buy anything. But then nomorefan stepped in it and commented on a purchase order receipt.

nomorefan: "I wonder what the big purchase item was that they got that day at THD? In the pics of them in the store when Mr. Nicole Kidman is leaning against the service counter, he has a purchase order receipt in his hand. That is given on large items - something that they will pull and haul out to your truck or that will be delivered to your home at a later date."

Wasn't too hard to figure out that the large item was the Christmas tree in the second cart behind Nicole.

And the skeptics stayed silent because they knew they were caught in another lie. Oh " so" Leery knows where she can shove her conspiracy theories. Here's video of Nicole being asked about HD and why they went there, not that it wasn't already obvious. A mini-Christmas in LA before traveling to Australia.

Access Hollywood Red Carpet Interview

Oh skeptics, it's tough being you isn't it!

We think Urban Myths, E! Skeptics/Haters and Choice need some time to change strategies! One that works would help!


yawn said...

I have to just say thank you, thank you, thank you. SM you post what everyone thinks and wants to say to the skeptics. You write very well and I applaud your ability to catch them in lie after lie. They are compete and utter fools and I truly appreciate the time you take to list all their ridiculous information.

Anonymous said...

That stuff abt. NMF is pretty funny.

I didn't see her usual opening tho............MY DJ'S was talking abt. it this morning, or I heard my DJ mention it this morning. lol

I guess her DJ is obsessed with Keith Urban too. That is allllll they ever talk abt. on their radio show. LMAO

And wasn't it all too funny, she is checking out Keith picture "so intently" she could see the purchase order receipt! NOW THAT IS REALLY FUNNY! I guess she spends all day intently looking at KU pictures.

She doesn't do the job she is paid to do, that is for sure!

countrycat said...

That's always been a huge joke. nomore believes her area is the center of the universe. She really needs to let that pile of doodoo go.

I see not much has changed w/ maclen. He has to lie like a rug to keep posting.

Have they started in on telling everyone (themselves BAHAHAHA!) to go see other movies besides Nine? They did that for Australia. I never believed them when they said they had, like that Reese Witherspoon Christmas movie that was horrible. Plus the ones that said they saw The Reader but couldn't elaborate on the film if they tried. How a script with one actress attached is porn but the same script attached with another is art I'll never know!

Go see Broken Embraces and The Blind Side. They are good.

Anonymous said...

OT/ but how they going to splain these facts?

Keith Urban certainly had a great first decade being a major country star here in the U.S.A.. This is where he lands for the year-end and decade-end charts:

For 2009:

Keith Urban-#1 Hot Country Songs Artist !!!!!!~

His placings:

#9-Sweet Thing

#19-Only You Can Love Me This Way

#25-Kiss A Girl

#55-Start A Band-with Brad Paisley

Keith Urban-#10 Hot Country Album Artist

His placings:

#10-Defying Gravity

#63-Greatest Hits


For the decade:

Keith Urban-#7 Hot Country Artist

Country Albums:

#24-Be Here

#50-Golden Road

#57-Love, Pain, And The Whole Crazy Thing

Country Songs:

#1-Somebody Like You !!! !!!!

#51-Making Memories Of Us

#54-Days Go By

#58-Better Life

#82-Who Wouldn't Wanna Be Me



Anonymous said...

I don't read the negative thread anymore and I don't know anybody who does. They've lost their mojo. Everybody knows now that they know nothing, they lie and they make up stories. After finding out that Nomorefan was also at least another half dozen usernames, I finally woke up. Making up a story and having each of your usernames agree with your story is a ploy the skeptics have been using since day one.

Got to laugh at hit n run's lastest saying Nic's career is over because no scripts are coming her way. YET she never stops working. Go figure skeptics. Just because you say it doesn't make it so. It does make you look stupid though.

SkewerMistress said...

countrycat they are absolutely predictable and you predicted it! They have already posted other films to go see. Mimosa tried to make herself look like a saint when she said Bullock's movie was more in keeping with something she'd watch over the holidays. Hmmmm, a woman who takes in a homeless teen or a delusional obsessed woman who accuses a stranger of being a pedophile? Which is genuine?

Anon, thanks for the stats.

Anon, they are idiots to the core. If she is not offered a part someone has to agree to sell a script to her. And conceivably they would know she had the intention of at least producing it so the Nicole Kidman stamp would be on it somehow. Yes it is pathetic and laughable that they keep hoping it's the month or year when everything falls apart for Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman. Last year was the year Keith would be playing at Branson. Last year was the year Nicole Kidman would be banished from Hollywood and go into hiding. They think it's always their year. Come to think of it, the imaginary train derailment is probably why nomorefan is posting on the Tiger Woods thread. She needs a substitute for what she wishes would happen to her favorite couple.

Anonymous said...

What drives H & R's ( & all her screen names including the filthy ones when she is really off her meds) ?

That is one sic puppy!

She is really over the edge with all the new and fun KU , NK good news.

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