December 28, 2009

The Skeptics Are Lying About The Catholic Church

Yes readers we've come back a little early to show the skeptics for the liars they are. This time it's about the Catholic church. Now you may be surprised seeing as many of the so-called skeptics are self-labeled "true Catholics". But we at STS are not. They will lie about their religion, any religion, their church if necessary. You see they're trying to break up a marriage through the internet. As sad and pathetic as that sounds the fact they think they can get away with anyone believing their lies for said campaign is even sadder.

So let's travel back in time to June 2006. In that month Father Paul Coleman married Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman at Cardinal Cerretti Memorial Chapel at St. Patrick's College outside of Sydney. Coleman is a family friend of the Kidmans. Now it's quite simple but here's where the skeptics want to confuse people. Father Coleman at the end of 2006 was relieved of his duties, not at Cerretti Memorial, but at the Mary MacKillop Chapel in North Sydney. The skeptics nicknamed him "Father Talksalot", because what else can they do without any real information condemning anybody involved in the ceremony. That's right readers, they've got zilch. So what do they do to top themselves? They pile on another huge lie on top of the one where Keith and Nicole were never actually married. Yes, they fabricate a story in which Coleman was removed from the MacKillop chapel because he talked to the press and involved himself in this "sham" of a wedding.

Well skeptics the truth has come home to roost just in time for the holiday season. Because back in 2006, yes let's go back there again, the reason given for Coleman's leave was plans made by the the Sisters of Saint Joseph. Well who are they you might ask? An order that have been working decades, generations even, to get Mary MacKillop (namesake of the chapel and founder of the order), decreed a Saint by the Catholic Church. This is very important project because if successful, MacKillop would be Australia's first and only Saint.

This month it was announced that Mary MacKillop would in fact become a Saint in the Catholic church.

So how perverse and disgusting, whether you are Catholic or not, that the skeptics would lie even today about Father Paul Coleman. They purposefully pretend the place where Sunday, Keith, and Nicole took part in Mass is the old chapel. They lied. It's the St. Francis Xavier Church in Lavender Bay, the very same chapel where it was announced he would moving to in 2007.

Coleman's Leave

They purposefully lie about the details of the event, when the facts are right there in the article.

"They took their places in their crowded church before Urban took 18-month-old Sunday Rose to the front of the church, where she sat among dozens of other children who traditionally sit around the altar, dressed as shepherds and angels.

''He was obviously so very happy,'' one parishioner said. ''It was very cute - he was helping her to gesture to Nicole [who was among the congregation] as you do."

Children's Mass

nomorefan: For those of us on here who have kids, who can honestly say that their children would sit in front of a congregation of complete strangers all by themselves when they are 1.5 years old? I don't think so!

nomorefan nothing you say is honest except for the hate you spread.

nomorefan: I'm sure there were lots of parents and grandparents taking pictures of their children up on the alter, and still no pictures.

You must take us for morons. Why would you expect personal family photos to be sold and leaked from the Urbans or other Mass attendees? Not everybody is as sick or cold as you.

Mimosa: Father Talks-a-Lot was relieved of his church duties in Sydney and sent away after the extravaganza he allowed to take place in June of 2005. I seriously doubt he's performing a children's Christmas Mass.This is just more fantasy from Granny's PR goobs

No it's more twisted fantasy from your sick and twisted head Mimosa. The same head that says there's something developmentally wrong with Keith and Nicole's child.

They purposefully lie and pretend Father Coleman has been involved in a scandal that never took place. By all accounts he is revered and a man of the cloth parishioners will follow. He increased attendance and as the Church sees fit clergy are moved to where they are needed. (we've all seen The Thornbirds, haven't we!) He was a pastor elsewhere before MacKillop and he may move again.

In the meantime, he has been selected as a spokesperson for Catholic Home Mass, a way to reach out to those in Australia who are homebound. Coleman has been "sent away" to another Sydney suburb and broadcasted all around the world on Youtube. What a punishment and what a way to keep him hidden from everyone. No one watches that thingy called the internets. It's just a fad!

At the end of the day, who should we believe? An order of nuns who have worked tirelessly for the sainthood of a woman ahead of her time or some pathological liars who use religion as way to satisfy their own sickness. A group of women wanting to make a spiritual retreat and shrine for a worthy woman, or women who aren't worthy of an ounce of respect.

Skeptics if this is your idea of being "good Catholics" you'll have to, in the words of the Pope in Nine, try harder!


Anonymous said...

STS , they wouldn't know any better. They certainly have no children in their lives. And no religion either!

No one would say the things they say if they actually did.

So the lies just mount and they look even more foolish. If they really think anyone reads that HATE and believes it, they are wrong. They are just ignored and live in their own sick hell alone & friendless. They just pretend they have a life. More of their lies.

Mothers and people were not made that way, so I guess using several names and spewing HATE on the internet must feed the real hunger they have.

Doesn't say much for the people who run & moderate E! does it ? They allow hate and lies to pass as news and gossip? I don't think it is and I bet thousands of others don't think so either.

SkewerMistress said...

At least of the constant posters on E! has children. That's a fact and a scary one. But they are out on full force this morning on the negative thread and I've already received a comment from one of them. They are completely predictable.

Breaking up a marriage through the internet. Whatever it takes, right skeptics?

Anonymous said...

Probably back to work and NOT DOING their jobs as usual. Just scanning the internet for something they can spin spin spin.

So predictable is right.

The "happy family news" drives them over the edge they cling to.

Anonymous said...

Yes, I know NMF has kids. They must be so proud of her! maybe they saw her pictures posted on the internet too.


nicfan said...

Well done STS. A Paul Coleman St. Francis Xavier search yields this blog as a result on the first page! The half-wits are still in denial about the mass. So I posted the information because none of them could find it. Took me all of 5 minutes. Mimosa's pissed! BAHHAHAHAHA!

The Urban myths posters aren't much better. Straight out of the loony bin in your sidebar STS - Tara's interpretation of Sunday Rose taking in the view of Sydney from their apartment.

"little Sunday is left to fend for herself close by"

Time to take your meds Tara!

Anonymous said...

Glad to know they read your blog STS.

Maybe they can learn some truth.

Anonymous said...

Listen up, skeptics. Your hero is talking.

"don't try to suck the joy out of someone elses life because you envy their happiness."

Quote from Amanda Wyatt's myspace page

Anonymous said...

Yeah, Amanda's a real genius. This is how she spells Marilyn Monroe on her page - "Marylyn Munroe"

And here's just a few of her classy quotes. "One of my annoying habits is picking my nose." "I get drunk and kiss girls." "When i get angry i punch people." "Strike a match after you poop, I dont wanna smell your feces."

And my favorite:

"I believe in self improvement-- botox, fake tits, bigger lips, tanning, anything that makes you hotter im all about."

Take a look at the hag the skeptics are crazy about. Pic taken at the Porn convention in Vegas. Seriously.

If that's not enough, she's about to give birth to a bastard.

Just another example of how trailer park the skeptics are. They don't like Nicole because she's class and they can't relate to that.

Anonymous said...

"She's about to give birth to a bastard" - Wow, that is harsh, I don't care who you are talking about.

I can't believe one of these crazies thinks Sunday Rose - "that poor little girl", is being mistreated because of what she perceives as the harsh looks from Nicole and her parents. They just keep reaching and reaching and sound so stupid.


Posts: 761
Registered: 7/23/07
Posted: Dec 29, 2009 5:17 PM

"I almost cried when I saw these two pictures. What could that poor little girl have done to deserve such severe looks from the Kidman clan. And Daddy is just standing in the background letting it happen. Oh how I want to hug that baby and show her she is loved."

SkewerMistress said...

I believe it is harsh as well but I understand the anger and who its directed at.

I receive everyone's comments as images. I have no way of editing them even a tiny bit. So it is all or nothing. The poster made some good points, and so I accepted the comment.

As for Amanda, the skeptics want to be her because she got closer to Keith Urban than any of them ever will. And they are just as classless, vindictive, and bitchy as she is.

Anonymous said...

In regards to the bastard quote: Amanda IS pregnant with a boy and she's not married which would mean the child is technically a bastard although I don't know too many people who refer to kids born out of wedlock as bastards nowadays.

Anonymous said...

Holy crap! I just looked at the picture! As if she wasn't skanky enough before! Earth to Amanda *** You're not hot.

SkewerMistress said...

When it's suited the skeptics they've called her aMANda. She may be their idol, but if push came to shove, they'd shove her right out of the way to get to Keith.

SkewerMistress said...

Anon, point taken re: bastard comment. But its not commonly used anymore so you can see why some of us took it in a certain way.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous @ 8:31 said...

Take a look at the hag the skeptics are crazy about. Pic taken at the Porn convention in Vegas. Seriously.

Bahaha! A porn convention. Why am I not surprised?

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