December 29, 2009

An Open Letter To Mimosa

Several skeptics tried to pretend they hadn't been proven wrong concerning Father Paul Coleman and made a pathetic attempt to move away from the topic. But then we have this:

Mimosa: It's also amazing that posters want to "correct" us with misinformation....

Mimosa: And no one brought any facts to disprove anything we said. You have that part wrong. We aren't as stupid as you think we are.

Dearest Mimosa,

You sure as hell are.


P.S. Everyone with a heart and mind is glad you whackos can't get near their daughter.


Anonymous said...

I agree. Skeptics, you are as stupid as we think you are. In fact, your continuous stupidity makes my head spin. Just when we think you couldn't possibly get any more stupid, you post something even more stupid than the last stupid thing you posted.

Anonymous said...

"Oh how I want to hug that baby and show her she is loved." - Skeptical

Oh yeah Skeptical, we can see how much you "love" that little baby girl, ripping into her mommy and daddy on a daily basis. I'm sure she would LOVE some asshole's smelly fat arms around her. Not.

countrycat said...

It's deja vu all over again! Posters show facts and Mimosa runs in and denies what's right in front of her face. I think she's quoting herself verbatim with the "nobody's posted anything that's proven us wrong" BULLSHIT. It's just a gossip site when they can't handle reality and it's the truth the rest of the time. They've been lying about this priest for almost 4 years and they have to continue to lie because it will KILL THEM to admit they are liars.

Skeptical's "love" makes me sick. Nobody, not even a toddler, needs a hug from a sicko.

yawn said...

ROTFLMAO ... I don't have words to express how stupid I think you all are skeptics. I also think you are insane, cruel, hateful, evil, and just down right pathetic.

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