December 16, 2009

Skeptics, You've Been Duped Again!

The skeptics have fallen for photos allegedly showing white powder all over Nicole Kidman's face at the NY premiere of Nine. Website Just Jared was dumb enough to post two sets of pictures accidentally proving their "Makeup Malfunction" story was a dud.

Reader watwat put it best

"I can’t believe how incredibly stupid people are. The photographer Jim Spellman who took every single one of these photos has now made a lot of money with the brainless media running it like prized photos. Look at Getty images and you’ll find none of the other photographers photos of Nicole show any kind of white powder. All this bull about the make up artist touching up Nicole’s face to explain away why some photos shows the powder and others don’t , is also a load of rubbish. I was watching the live stream and at no point is Nicole’s face tampered with while she was on the red carpet."

So true watwat! For those that would like more proof, Kidman was one of the very first stars interviewed, along with Fergie, for the live stream. At no time did she have powder smeared on her face.


The reason for the white look in some photos and not others is that Kidman's makeup contained talc which is not flash-friendly. It shows up white when a flash is used and is invisible to the eye otherwise. It was applied on the nose and under the eye area to prevent shine. Mystery solved.

Thanks to RiceBunny for the explanation!


Nine Red Carpet Stream

Thanks skeptics for the laughs! It must be so hard being you! BAHAHAHA!

nomorefan: I would think since this powder had a reflection from the lense, it is the pearl powder that is put on her entire body to give that porcelain look. Applied heavier around the eyes to get rid of dark circles and makes the eyes look more radiant.


dumbfounded: Hey Nine Lip, you make it too easy on us. What? Did you swipe MJ's makeup now that he's gone? Shame on you.

nomorefan: So if I smear some powder on my face real thick, I too can have flawless skin?

neverland47: That is too funny. That's what happens when you try to make yourself into a porcelain kabuki.

Oh " so" Leery: She may have misplaced the baby but she knows where the baby powder is. It almost looks like someone is saying your an arse!!!!! ((giggles)))

maclen: Actually I think since the Danish girl perhaps HAS fallen through, and after her extreme anorexic workouts for that role she was ravenous...and stopped off at a nearby ihop for a stack of pancakes...and just couldnt wait for them and ran into the kitchen to...well, I was gonna say "make them herself"...but who would believe she ran into the kitchen to demand instant pancakes...and got the mix all over her face!


Anonymous said...

Wow. Nicole wears powder and it showed up in a picture. Sue gives blowjobs to bottles and that showed up in a picture too.

Anonymous said...

They KNOW it bogus. lol

Just will say anything!

Anonymous said...

Seriously, Nic's powder and a rag magazine saying they don't like one of her dresses excites nomorefan so much she says "Does it get any better than this?". Yes, Sue, it does but you'd need to get a life to find out. Geez, what a serious loser.

Anonymous said...

nomorefan said..."Does it get any better than this?"

Probably not.

And you're right anon, she does need to get a life, but the little things along the way like beer bottle blowjobs, getting felt up by a statue, practicing Amanda's faces & poses, and an hourly dose of hatin' on E! are all she seems to need.

Let's have a look at this infamous quote one more time:

Sorry, I don't live, breathe or eat Skank.

If that wasn't so damn laughable, I'd almost feel sorry for this woman...almost.

yawn said...

Everyone else said everything I was thinking. Once again thank you SM for putting their stupidity out there for all the world to see. I can hardly wait to read the evil they will spew forth this morning with the family Urban's arrival in Australia ... well as anonymous said ... almost

THANK_YOU said...

A couple quotes that seem to really fit the haters:

Conscience is the inner voice that warns us somebody is looking.

A conscience? - What's that? Something they obviously have never had, & never will. Funny it says "inner voice" too. ;)

Demagogue: One who preaches doctrines he knows to be untrue to men he knows to be idiots.

Mimosa = Demagogue
nomorefan, oh so leery & the rest of the moron patrol = idiot

That one was TOO easy!

A cynic is a man who, when he smells flowers, looks around for a coffin.

They've been looking for the coffin for four years now. You'd think pretty soon they'd get off their fat asses, leave the wake & go home.

Anonymous said...

Ever notice the better the family news is, the hateful (posers) bring out the hate names to post with.

I guess they have to have MORE PEOPLE agree with them , so the 2 or 3 drag out the little used names.

So dang funny and you can set your watch by it! LMAO

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