December 15, 2009

Wrong Again and Again and Again!

maclen: I am in anticipation for the film Nine to "drop"...for I am pretty postitive based on the reactions...and subsequent "silence" of the film, pretty much...that it will be a BOMB. Critically and financially for weinco...but especially for kidman!

Wrong! It's already garnered a bounty of nominations, 5 this morning from the Golden Globes!

maclen: so I doubt if even weinstein's bought golden globe nods are gonna save this xmas turkey!

Like clockwork and as sure as the sun rises and sets you change your tune maclen. Nine received nominations and the studio bought them. How original. You might want to consider posting with your idiot friends on E! Wasn't it you that said everyone else in Kidman films is better than her? Why the need to buy nominations? Moron.







We need to point out maclen you failed to publish any of the positive reviews and they are out there. You can't hide it. Here's one from Variety


maclen: ...basically, the rumor is that director Alfredson has also dumped the Danish girl.

Yes it's a rumor that's only been published on Swedish websites. Your fact-checking from Wikipedia is about as useful as your there's something to be skeptical about!

maclen: "Paltrow, McGraw to star in country music drama"

Recall, paltrow had replaced theron! So has paltrow already found another gig? If true, kidman took up an uber anorexic workout regime for nothing!

Wrong! Paltrow has two upcoming projects, is that so hard to understand? Pre-production is already underway for Danish Girl with confirmation from an actor in a smaller role. You admit you troll NKU maclen. Why did you leave those facts out....they were posted there several days ago!

As for Rabbit Hole, which you also fail to correctly report on, it's being finished up in the editing suite. With a rumored release date of April, it sounds like the film is right on schedule.

nomorefan: And remember, "family" doesn't include the names of Bella & Connor in Third Lip's interviews.

Wrong! Liars should hold their tongue before they speak.

Kidman bragged not only about Sunday Rose but about her 17-year-old daughter Bella — she’s 17 already! — who wants to go to art school. “She’s incredibly talented,” Nicole told us over lunch. “She expresses herself through drawing.”

nomorefan: Seriously? You want us all to believe that a 1.5 year old knows, all on her own, that she has a heart in her chest, and the heart is the symbol for love? I don't believe it, and I haven't even seen it.


Nicole Kidman’s 18-month-old daughter, Sunday Rose, is not only walking and talking but using baby sign language.

“She’s picked it right up,” Nicole told me yesterday at the swellicious lunch for the cast of “Nine” at the super fantastic Michelin star rated Per Se restaurant overlooking Columbus Circle.

While the rest of the world knows about baby sign language (ask actress Debra Messing who taught her son) you can live in your own delusions.

nomorefan: Yes, we were told that Third Lip would give up her career for love and her child, but yet she is sure making the rounds for this movie instead of joining her husband in Oz, and the violation of the "three day rule" continues.

Oh nomorefan get with it. You and your buds don't even bother to post the facts to deny them anymore. You just rant! Here is the truth from Keith Urban.

"She was meant to be here but this is one of the crazy, unforeseen things we didn't plan on," he said. "Her film commitments for Nine have clashed with my tour of Australia, so we're working at the same time . . . she's home for Christmas."

innervoice: And why is SHE making so many appearances for the film when her role is fairly small?

I don't know dummy. It couldn't possibly be that everyone with a role was asked to promote, could it? Fergie doesn't have a speaking role and has less screen time than Kidman yet she's doing press for this as much as anyone else. But don't let reality stop you from discussing things.

Lisa: Ummmmm, saw the commercial for Nine. I swear, they didnt even want to say her name or acknowledge she was in the film!! She was only shown walking down a street and it was a so fast, if you blinked you missed her AND when they were name dropping the list of actresses in the film, she was dead last.

Man, how does it feel to know you're dead weight? No wonder they call her a flop.

Yes we're sure the studio planned with great anticipation to have "dead weight" doing promo for the film. You saw one version. There's at least 4 or 5 trailers and different tv spots. Those with smaller parts got their name in a different order depending on the approach of the ad. Again don't let reality stop you from lying.

But just for fun here's one version of the trailer that refutes your bullshit!

oopsie: Poor Third Lip, dissed again.

RE: Kidman's snub may be the most painful, with three of her co-stars in the musical extravaganza Nine - Penelope Cruz, Marion Cotillard and Daniel Day-Lewis - scoring nominations and firming as favourites to be invited to the Oscars.

The media is making a mountain out of a mole hill and you oopsie know it. No one predicted Kidman would be nominated for anything. Her role is too small and there's too many other female performances in the film that are bigger and award-worthy.

Also the media is too damn lazy to do the most basic of research. Kidman can go to the Oscars every year. She has a standing invite as a previous winner. Why with no nominations are Judi Dench and Sophia Loren not snubbed? Poor analysis from the "journalists" and even dumber comments from the skeptics.

Mimosa: Love to hear Jamie say somethibng terrific about Keith and leave Nicole's name out the article.

Jamie only says positive things about himself. But like a reader said why would you care to read something positive about Keith Urban? You hate him as much as you hate his wife, remember? He's according to you just as disgusting as she is. Oh that's right, Mimosa you're a two-faced liar.

Once again, congratulations to everyone who worked so hard on Nine!


WhatAWaste said...

innervoice: And why is SHE making so many appearances for the film when her role is fairly small?

Hey, let me have a crack at this too SM.

WHY, you ask inner? Geeze, I don't know, maybe because she's a MOVIE STAR and the press eats that up...The more press about the movie & it's stars, the better...the producers obviously wanted her there too, otherwise she wouldn't be making the rounds either!

But go ahead morons, keep on wondering because I know it doesn't fit into your "everyone hates Nicole & her career in non-existent" rant!!


Skeptic Logic said...

Poor Judi Dench. Her career is in the toilet because she got no nominations. And what a load of dead weight Sophia Loren is. I always wondered why Al Pacino won only one Oscar. It's because he sucks so bad and nobody in Hollywood likes him. Cate Blancett is a perv. Look at these headlines "Cate Blanchett is happy to be licked - on stamps" "Cate Blanchett suffers head injury on set" (for publicity) "Cate Blanchett loves raising boys" What a sicko. She went back to work right after having her last baby. She's a bad mother because she leaves her kids to work. Plus she never talks about them. What a hag.

Anonymous said...

OMG. They love Jamie and Amanda AND search astrology charts for signs that Keith is going to leave Nicole. If THAT doesn't say cuckoo, I don't know what does. Poor taralea/flyin is STILL trying to find out the exact moment he's going to meet his perfect woman. Bahahahaha!Probably so she can throw her under a bus. They are SO obsessed!! Nomorefan can tell you what Nicole said in every interview! I'm a fan of Nicole's and even I don't search her out to find out where she is and what she's doing every single minute. What a bunch of tards.

SkewerMistress said...

They all love Tiger Woods too now. He's supposed to be inspiration for Keith apparently.

Oh nomorefan finds everything but reports very little. No word on Keith having the country song of the decade or that he's goign to work on the new album in January. No word on Nicole gushing about her oldest daughters plans and her talent. No word on Nicole having projects that will be made. No word on Keith and the fact he told Sydney in concert that Nicole & Sunday Rose aren't with him yet. Nicole's parents went to see his show. Can you imagine? They're all such disgusting people! BAHAHAHA!

nicfan said...

Morons tried to post some of what you mentioned STS in the astrology thread. Trying to hide it skeptics because the sane never post there! Well I challenged them to post video. They still haven't revealed what show this odd quote was supposedly broadcasted. Let's see what they do.

SkewerMistress said...

nomorefan, Mimosa, Taralea....all they do is play games 24/7. If they believe half the garbage they post they need to be in an institution.

FYI I updated maclen's wisdom on the GG nominations. He never fails to look like an idiot.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure Nicole doesn't give a rats ass what a group of fatties think about her and Keith could care less if a half dozen middle aged smellies aren't slobbering over him in the meet and greet line anymore. Truth is Keith and Nicole enjoy each other. Probably alot. And naked too. So while the menopausal ones are scraping burnt macaroni and cheese out of the pot and scrubbing the skid marks off their hairy husbands underpants, the Urbans are lying in each others arms and rolling in fame, fortune, love, happiness and a hell of a lot of success. Ba Ha Ha.

Anonymous said...

They might have forgotten we know who they are & what "THEY" look like...

Anonymous said...

ha ha. If middlesee wasn't so dang down right NUTS, you could almost feel sorry for the idiot~

Talk about DUPE'D .

Pitiful how they use her , and her nutsy koo koo posts.

Hey middlesee ...wise up and get off their sinking ship before you look even more foolish!

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