January 8, 2010

Who Loves Keith & Nicole?

Another odds and ends blog readers, filled with all the good stuff!

First off, after reading this blog please visit Emily West's Myspace page. She's written and cut a beautiful song called "Blue Sky" and Keith Urban, fellow labelmate, is on the track providing background vocals. It is a must-listen!

One of Nicole Kidman's signature films has received a great honor. Moulin Rouge! has been voted by UK film lovers as their favorite movie of the past decade.

Lovefilm List

LOVEFiLM, the UK equivalent of Netflix, took a poll and MR topped the list in a varied group that also included other great films like Pirates Of The Caribbean, Amelie, Gladiator, and Shaun of The Dead.

In honor of this distinction, here's a fun backstage look at Nicole and co-star Ewan MacGregor on the set. You know the humorless bitch that she is, it's hard to believe footage like this exists! Hahaha!

Former tourmate Jessica Harp from The Wreckers is set to release her upcoming album, A Woman Needs. In the months leading up to the February 2010 release, she's put out a promotional video. And in it are some very familiar players. Now why are we calling attention to this? Well, if you don't know already Jessica Harp is married to one of Keith Urban's old band members, fiddle player Jason Mowery. You see the skeptics have spun the myth that all of Keith's old band members have ill will towards Keith Urban. Keith Urban, according to the old crows, was a nasty son of a bitch and burned alot of bridges re-assembling his band. In reality, it's simply the skeptics way of getting back at him for undoing their connections and access. Those that go to country shows know that fans can often easily start up conversations with band and crew members, get their pictures taken. The more popular ones even get fanclubs started for them, you'll see signs not just for the headliner but his drummer or bass player. So when Urban made a change in the line-up they were pissed. Well look who just happens to be in the promotional video. That's right readers, master bridge burner Keith Urban and his long-time friend and fellow band mate Jerry Flowers. And to top it off, Jerry Flowers, a guy who was a part of the new line up, is producing Harp's (Mowery's wife's) record! Keith is featured in the video playing guitar for Harp, as well as Jerry goofing around. Take a look...

Nicole Kidman was chosen with several other high-profile names to be a part of the groundbreaking ceremonies for the Presidio's Family Violence Prevention Fund. Doing her part to promote a fantastic cause, Kidman was representing UNIFEM in San Francisco. The Presidio has a rich history of celebrating and preserving a national landmark, and organizing events for families such as cultural, educational, and artistic presentations. The groundbreaking will commence the construction of "a global action center to serve as a forum for international discourse, leadership training, education programs and public exhibitions designed to change attitudes and practices that harm women and children who are oppressed or exploited around the world."

UN News Report

In that same vein, Youtube channel TodaysNetworkNews has uploaded many of Nicole Kidman's promotional videos for UNIFEM. Perusing the channel, it's evident they look to put a face on violence and the inequalities that exist by showcasing news stories and helpful information.

Last, who loves Keith and Nicole more than the fans? Well he loves us back in this thank you video post-People's Choice Awards win. The "army" of fans thanks you back Keith!

Thank You from Keith

Upcoming events....Nicole Kidman will be a presenter at the 2010 Golden Globes on January 17th. And be sure to check out the premiere of Keith Urban's latest music video, "Till Summer Comes Around", on January 11th exclusively at CMT.com

Tune in...you know the skeptics will!

This just in....

Keith Urban reportedly did a taping of the Ellen DeGeneres show on 01/08. Airdate TBA.

Nicole Kidman is set to return to G'Day LA to present fellow actor, fellow Aussie, and long-time friend Simon Baker with an Excellence in Film and Television Award.

G'Day LA 2010

G'Day LA website

At the ball Toni Collette will also be honored, the same event Kidman and Urban were honored. Congrats to Baker. It will surely be a fond place to be again for Kidman!


Anonymous said...

Good on ya Nicole! Nice job!

oh yea , I love Michele Branch.

yawn said...

Thanks Skewer Mistress for the great information. Each and everytime you point out that the skeptics are full of crap.

Anonymous said...

I LOVE IT! It all goes to show how the skeptics read into situations and twist it to be whatever they want it to be. Thanks SM

Anonymous said...

Who Loves Keith & Nicole?

Since you asked SM, it seems a couple posters are also asking Teemaree a similar question on the urbanmates forum.

While I commend her for all she did in the past with information, pictures, news, etc, with her site, since Keith married Nic, things don't have the same feel there anymore. It's like that site is now "in memorial" to the old Keith, pre-NK.

I don't post on that board, but I do read, and you don't have to be a genius to see that some of Tee's comments would fit right in with some of the skeptics', especially the ones that hate Nicole for "changing" Keith.

Anonymous said...

Thats interesting about Mates in a uproar.

Least you all forget .... The haters got their foothold to begin with on Mates.... They were welcomed with open arms.

Then moved on to E!.

The rest are just few nutty misfits who got on the bandwagon from their basements.

THANK_YOU said...

Well, what those people sticking up for Tee don't seem to understand is that the posters questioning her aren't unappreciative for all she did in the past to support Keith's career, & all the work she did with her UrbanMates site. It's the subtle way she has been making digs at both Keith & Nicole for the last couple years. Her not updating the pics, news & such are just a symptom of that change in her attitude as a Keith fan.

Anonymous said...

Yes, I think Teena doesn't like Keith the way she used to, but I still think the two posters who are nagging her about updating her site are being very rude, especially with her saying she has health problems.

Her site does have a lot of information and articles that were hard to come by back in the day when Keith wasn't very popular, so it did serve a purpose. Now it really isn't as necessary, all you have to do is google his name and find out about articles, upcoming appearances, and video clips on YouTube.

The two rude posters have made their point but they seem like they will keep at it until she does things the way they want.

yawn said...

"Her not updating the pics, news & such are just a symptom of that change in her attitude as a Keith fan"

THANK_YOU you you hit the nail on the head BIG time. Teena also likes to "act" uninformed about things so she can attack Nicole and then say "oh I didn't know" when someone points out how wrong she is - she has played that game for years. Teena wanted Keith to be famous and once he was and moved outside her clutches she got pissed - throw in his happiness with Nicole and she just got ugly and mean.

SkewerMistress said...

Nail on head indeed. I am getting a bit of a kick out of the comments because I always felt visiting that site was like going into a time warp. Others obviously feel the same way. It could be 2004 or 2009 over there. You really wouldn't know the difference.

Anonymous said...

The Mates site is irrelevant and embarassing now. Teena always has an excuse for why her site has become a dinasaur. She's never accepted Keith's marriage or his huge success. She even admitted in one of her rambling meltdown posts that she understands why some call her a skeptic. I'm sorry she's ill, but that's not why she no longer promotes Keith. She hasn't been on board since the day it came out that Keith was seeing Nicole.

Anonymous said...

Bingo, and Tee has directed the debate to her helath and the site up dates.

That is not what the poster meant to begin with! It is Tee's skeptic comments !

Anonymous said...

Hope is the one who brought up the first comment about the site not being updated, after she said that some skeptics are posting there.

She said:

"Yes I wonder why there is not current news under "News" here.. why the last photos of appearances etc in "the Library" are 2005
why people who have had pictures of Keith in their profiles dont delete the closed sign from photobucket instead of leaving it up like some mystery "signal" to others.

Fan boards keep current. As a poster, it would seem posters and members would keep their profiles updated too.

--Last edited by Hope on 2010-01-09 04:49:18 -"

Then Colleen started in about it too. You guys may think it is great that they are going after her, but I just think those two are being quite rude, especially Colleen.

Anonymous said...

Yep that the symptom that we were talking about. The one that got debated.

The cause, well that got...ummmmmm DELETED!

THANK_YOU said...

The cause, well that got...ummmmmm DELETED!

Well, well isn't that convenient? Seems if Teena has time for cleaning the slate, she'd have time to post a couple new pics!

THANK_YOU said...

To Anon @ 9:52.

Can you honestly tell me that you think Teena thinks of Keith the same as she used to, before he started seeing Nicole?

To me it's as obvious as the nose on her face that she doesn't have the same glowing opinion of him anymore. And for that being touted as a fansite, & she the admin of the site, that's very sad to me! But I guess sharing her "opinion" of Keith, under the guise of I just tell how I feel, I'm not gonna lie, is all good.

Funny how when the finger gets pointed back at Teena, opinions aren't as welcome!

Anonymous said...

Anon 9:52 responding:

No, I don't think she feels the same about Keith since Nicole, I was just saying that I thought the two women that kept nagging her about updating her site were being rude. You can think I am a sucker for believing that she is ill, but I just thought it was low-class that they kept after her about updating her site.

Anonymous said...

The updating the site was NOT the problem. That is a big job!

It is the snarky endless comments for far to long about Keith , his management, his wife, his music , HIM in general I guess you could say.

Maybe you haven't read them?

Anonymous said...

Trace Adkins Signs With Show Dog-Universal Music Today.

SkewerMistress said...

Not sure what the significance of that is regarding Keith, unless you are implying Anon that he will be leaving Capitol too? Trace has radio airplay but hasn't made it to the A-level that Keith is at. Perhaps he feels a new label will get him there?

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