January 10, 2010

Before The Lies Start Piling Up

The rumor out there is that Chris Rodriguez is leaving Keith Urban's touring band. If that's the case, we wish him well. But before the lies start piling up from the skeptics, we want to get the truth out there. More than likely, the skeptics will do as they always have done and paint everyone surrounding Keith (except Nicole) as a victim. A victim of Keith's ungratefulness, of Keith's power, of Keith's money, of Keith's wife, of whatever Keith has. And so such will be the case with Rodriguez. They will say he left because Keith was a nightmare to work for. He left because he hates Kidman. He left because Keith is drinking and drugging behind closed doors. He left because he couldn't take Kidman's influence anymore (that's hilarious). He left because Keith's outrageous touring schedule is not fair for anyone....despite the fact Brad Paisley and Toby Keith have similar plans because of their families.

Well to be frank we are giving Chris Rodriguez more credit than that. He's not a victim. What the skeptics won't say is that Chris Rodriguez is a huge talent in his own right and had a successful life before Keith Urban. He's a solo recording artist well-known in the Christian music community. A session artist and a great guitar player. A background vocalist and someone that can step out with an incredible falsetto. A versatile player in the studio he's worked with Michael McDonald, Megadeth, Shania Twain. He's toured with Kenny Loggins and Amy Grant.He's a songwriter. A fantastic stage presence that any artist would be proud to have with him.

So let's skewer the skeptics here. Some will say he left because of the comments Keith made re downloading. That is ridiculous. They won't say Chris has been absent from a few Keith Urban gigs previous to this rumor coming out and it well may be that he is working on his own projects. This is happening when Keith Urban is not touring. So it is a not a blow or payback to Keith. Urban will have plenty of time for a replacement.

Let's also debunk the fact that Urban didn't get along with Rodriguez. The truth is that in the beginning they did not get to know each other simply because Urban was at a point in his career that when he wasn't on the stage, he had to promote himself, the record, and his career. But as the months have gone on Chris has become a friend and is well respected by everyone. From Keith and the fellow band members to the Trainwrecks, Keith's road crew. They have a chemistry on stage that will be missed but these guys were never faking anything.

So in the next few days as the lies from the skeptics roll in, keep this in mind....

Mimosa: I think the backlash has already started....but we won't hear about what goes on behind the scene probably.

Admitted straight from the horses mouth! They have no information and they won't know. Not on this or Capital Nashville or Keith's marriage. They just make it up as they go along.

On that note, we thank Michael W. Smith for helping Chris Rodriguez early on. We thank Dann Huff for connecting Keith with Chris. And we thank Chris for the enormous of amount of shows he's entertained us all with these past few years.

Good luck Chris with whatever you choose to do.


The schedule for the Houston Rodeo has been announced. Keith Urban is usually one of the performers and this year is no exception. March 16, 2010.

What will the poor boy do without a band? How could they leave him in the lurch?



Anonymous said...

Well said STS. They are nobodies who neve rknew anything. It's fine by me that they want to say they know a woman who pees standing up in front of a crowd!

If middlesea tries to do Chris' chart the Cherry Coke will be flying all over the computer screen!

Anonymous said...

Michele/astilbe/iluvbutterflies is a friend on Amanda's myspace page. She stole pictures and shared them with other skeptics who then stole them and put them on their own boards. The picture of Amanda peeing in front of a crowd is tame compared to some of the pictures. The woman is dumb as a stump.

Anonymous said...

5:07 somebody has already asked about C-Rod's chart!!!!

These women are idiots. Don't get too logical Markie over there in the negative thread. A camera guy focusing on Keith when it's his show???? That makes no sense to people like the skeptics. Don't tell them either that Chris had said in the past his technique is to keep one eye always on Keith to see what he will do and adjusts his vocals accordingly. Why would he ever do that?????LOL

Anonymous said...

It will be fun to follow CRod's career.

Should be some great things coming up for him in the future.

Maybe some family home time for him is a priority too!

Good luck Chris.

Anonymous said...

Their calling.....

Dissecting Star Chart "Experts" of the World.

How much more foolish can they make themselves look ?

Guess that comes from the "Big Ego" disease they all have. Little people needing to feel important!

countrycat said...

No one brought this up so I will. The blog that reported the rumor said two fans sent them emails with the information. Why weren't those two fans skeptics? Bahaha!

How long will it take, if CRod decides to pursue personal projects or stay home for family and not tour with a band, for the skeptics to say Keith blackballed him?

There's rumors Brad is leaving too. Maybe Keith is reshuffling the lineup. Whatever the case, the whackos won't let THE BOSS do what he sees fit. What a surprise!

Anonymous said...

It should be said that maybe this is NOT anything ... new to the musicians and crew.

They already KNEW Keith's schedule and plans. The World Tour Was Over!

Since Keith talked for many months now, of a new studio session & new music , festival dates , and some family time,

WHY WOULD this be any surprise ?
It wouldn't.

SkewerMistress said...

Indeed it wouldn't. With a possible departure by Brad Rice as well, they are getting confirmation from the crew. Allegedly there's been confirmation for Rodriguez. But notice the skeptics are calling this an "upheaval" in Camp Urban and are frantically waiting for middlesea to search the star charts for an answer! Why didn't she predict this? Too funny and all too predictable.

Anonymous said...

For a bunch of people who don't like Keith Urban, they sure jump in when any news happens. Nomore talks again like she's got some inside information out there in Minnesota. Must be talking to the librarian in Iowa again. Bahaha!

SkewerMistress said...

nomorefan is trying to create drama again, nothing more. Brad came up but no, she's asking about bigger things. Well she'd have to ask because she doesn't know! If by chance there was a big announcement she'll be the first to say the skeptics predicted it which is as big a piece of horseshit as the size of MN!

Anonymous said...

They sound so ridiculous and Flyin/Tara(the librarian)(I don't know if it's established that they are the same, but they seem the same to me) is loving getting the lies rolling. I think Flyin used the phrase "laying the groundwork", but you know she's wanting to say "paving the way". LOL

Anonymous said...

Haaaa anon 2:49

You gotta KNOW,...... you know a lot of stuff when you are an important librarian in Iowa!

The hot bed of Hollywood or even Nashville insider stuff.

That seems to happen in Minnesota too.
Amazing !

The problem is it is only a hot bed for insider info on Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman.
Funny how that works?

Anonymous said...

Yes taralea is flyin. She "hears" things (bahaha) but its just the voices inside her librarian head.

THANK_YOU said...


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Posted: Jan 11, 2010 8:09 PM in response to: KM1AR2KI6EU Reply

Oh for God's sake....we know Keith is essentially a solo act. We all are aware that they are his employees. That doesn't mean that they aren't a band while they are working for Keith.

Mimosa is again nipping at the heels of one of the half-logical skeptics. For her being someone supposedly in the psychology/addiction business, her way with people is flat-out obnoxious. If she truly does work with people in need of mental help, I feel sorry for anyone in her care.

Anonymous said...

Mimosa doesn't work in the psychology/addiction business. She's an addicted psycho. Big difference.

SkewerMistress said...

The way I understand it Mimosa said she's been employed in the office of a mental health professional(s). Whatever she's spouting she got it second hand and twisted it for her own use. It's generalities and any honest physician of any kind will up front tell you it's impossible to diagnose over the internet someone they don't know.

Mimosa is a dumbass and doesn't want the skeptics to look bad at any cost. That's why she's the one who always corrects people who post with any common sense. They aren't a band, those people employed are a backing band. They aren't U2 or the Rolling Stones. It's Keith Urban up there and he has final say.

Anonymous said...

SM says: Mimosa is a dumbass and doesn't want the skeptics to look bad at any cost.

If that is the case, I think she is pretty much a failure then.

The bright side: She makes them all look like mean witches and you can almost hear the whip cracking behind them!

Have another Mimosa to drink, it couldn't hurt!

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