January 17, 2010

G'Day LA 2010

Normally we'd only have a few recounts and some nice photos. But as it turns out, Keith and Nicole performed a hilarious tribute to Simon Baker through the song "Land Down Under" by Men At Work. Enjoy!

Full audio and Nicole's tribute to Simon HERE. She also mentions that she met her husband at the 2005 G'Day LA. Sweet!


Anonymous said...

What a treat ! I love it.

And what a fun & loving thing to do for their good friends, The Simon Bakers...

If this doesn't show the nay sayers a thing or two then....... They are never going to "get" the wonderful loving relationship
Keith and Nic have.

Life is good for them for sure. They LOVE it and LIVE it.

Way to Keith and Nicole. You both rock!!

nicfan said...

Fun fun fun!

Here's another link with better video


Anonymous said...

In Nic's presentation to Simon , she also said in tribute to the Bakers for their beautiful , complicated love story ( 18 years of marriage) ,
and meeting my husband here at G'day LA and "my own beautiful, complicated love story"

Words to that effect! Love it all!

Anonymous said...


Nic and Keith were happy to do just that!

Anonymous said...

It must kill the skeptics to see the Urbans having so much fun! It's hilarious to read their comments about Nic looking silly. I've seen those old, fat bags at Keith's concerts and silly isn't even close to describing what they look them. More like desperate hippos hyperventilating.

Anonymous said...


The haters are spittin nails. lmao. Making complete fools of themselves over on E!.

YeHaaa Good Job idiots. Keep it up We love it!

Anonymous said...

And don't forget we got pictures to PROVE it!
Fat old bags....


Anonymous said...

I also noticed the good OLD HnR who hasn't posted in a long time couldn't crack her whip loud enough and had to get in there and look like a total idiot AGAIN !

Miss know it all didn't "hear" this news in the library did she...LMAO

Anonymous said...

They do sound crazy, they are so filled with hate, they can't stand to see Keith and Nicole having fun together, and of course they have to make it seem as if this is somehow detrimental to his career.

Anonymous said...

Its detrimental to their cause , lies & self proclaimed career , thats plain as the nose on their face by their goofy comments.

Do they really think that doesn't show thru to every sane person who even looks at their crap LMAO

Anonymous said...

Have you noticed the desperate call out to MIDDLESEA ?

"Save us , save us , we need you to paint the doom and gloom that MUST be on its way!"

"How else can e continue to write 5 year old stuff over and over."

PLEASE Middlesea stop and think and listen. They use you and EVERYONE but you KNOWS it. They make you look so foolish.

Don't be fooled by their attention. They don't really believe a thing you say.

countrycat said...

This seriously must have killed them. Seriously.

They have long-time friends, they were in public having a good time together. They got applauded for it and the articles I've seen say it was one of the highlights of the night. Nobody is saying Nicole embarrassed herself except the anti-KUNK dummies. They even got invited back to the place they met. The song was cute and funny and clever.

So as far as G'Day L.A. is concerned, it proves the skeptics are lying every day about everything! It's not just that Keith is still taken. It's also that the longer they stay together and the more they do and show their happiness the dumber and crazier these idiots look. It's a double whammy!

nicfan said...

Footage with great audio and video


SkewerMistress said...

Thanks nicfan. Embedded Youtube video now posted at the end of the blog.

Anonymous said...

This duet is simply ADORABLE! It shows the couple's unmistakable sense of humor and happiness.

But above and beyond that, it's yet one more example of the long-time close friendships that Nicole has been able to maintain. She met Simon's wife when they were both going to the same high school, and later met Simon when he was dating Rebecca. And Keith became close friends with Simon and Becca as well after he and Nic became a couple.

No matter how hard the skeptics-haters try to portray Nic as a "bitch" without any friends, the FACTS continue to disprove that. Just look at her many long-time close friends.

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