January 17, 2010

The Insanity Of Desperation

Now that the Golden Globes are over, the skeptics are probably expecting a nice blog filled with photos of their favorite couple. Not so. No, tonight, STS is blindsiding the skeptics with a blog many days in the making. Haters get out those paper bags, you're going to need them!


Being desperate can manifest itself in all kinds of ways. The first thing that comes to mind isn't necessarily jelly doughnuts. But that's what it's come to with the KUNK skeptics. Dunkin Donuts and Krispy Kreme, man your battle stations!

The new hate campaign has come about because of Keith Urban's win at the People's Choice awards. The show wasn't even over when nomorefan began her crusade, lying about the events of the night, as if it was on closed-circuit television, only available in Poland. After a day of rehashing and recreating the broadcast into something it wasn't, normally things calm down. You would think the man had swept the Grammys (oh wait, he's got 4 nominations!) Because of the extent of the madness displayed on the KUNK threads, we've waited in order to present the insanity in it's entirety. Make no mistake, his win will be discussed for months to come. But this is the heavy nasty gunk that only comes out directly after another blow has been made to the collective skeptic ego.

The best way to expose their madness is logically and methodically, revealing one by one their limp and pathetic attempts to hurt Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban. And so here it is....

spaz1980:I can't believe how fans are arguing with real life musicians and managers about illegal downloads. I wonder if poor Mr. Doyle will find himself the subject of a blog.......

No spaz, once again you are wrong. This blog is all about YOU and your friends' lies. You see Mr. Doyle has a right to his opinion because he's not expressing it out of some sick obsession, twisted vendetta, or cruel crusade against a family. More about that in an upcoming blog.

spaz1980: Bad news skeptics - if you've watched a KU video even if only to mock him - you've helped him win the People's Choice Award.

I so depressed I'm off to eat another jelly donut..........

This is where the madness begins. It would be hilarious if it wasn't known how truly sick all of you are. Depressed over an awards show win! This emotionally unstable confession is simply the tip of the iceberg. A slip of words if you will into the real mind of a skeptic.

nomorefan: Well, I didn't help out. I think the last video I watched in its entirety was "Everybody". I saw bits and pieces of "Sweet Thing". That's been it. Speaking of videos - I saw Rascal Flatts' video for "Why" today - very touching video.

Oh yes you did. We all know you did. You are a liar through and through. And in your classic style nomorefan you deflect the discussion to something else in order to denigrate Keith. We aren't stupid.

In fact we know the skeptics, including you, passed around illegally downloaded copies of Love, Pain, & The Whole Crazy Thing. You know the one good ole 27 bought but didn't unwrap? The one the E! skeptics said they'd never pay for. Well it's obvious why you didn't have to! It's not the first time you have pretended to be against sharing music and it won't be the last we bet. This blog would also bet you were the first to distribute the recordings of his demos that were making the rounds through fans. We'd also bet you all were the first in line to download rare videos and songs posted on several sites started by fans that were taken down because of legal action. You can't fool us skeptics. We know your game and we can tell a mile away when you are lying!

dumbfounded:I am looking at this statement a little different today, and honestly, I think it has a more sinister tone/feel to it. I hope High Heels will get out of the grip of that biotch and move on already. Knowing his background, it's a frightening statement, and I think there's more to it.

I think he doesn't care and I think he's in way over his head.

So after it's been revealed the skeptics inadvertently helped Keith Urban win, it's time for doom and gloom skeptic style. dumbfounded kicks it off with starting more rumors and pretending she has insight. Typical. And worse than that, in a pure moment of joy, a skeptic sees a "sinister" tone. Psychological help on Aisle 5!

Mimosa: Actually....no one had to push Keefy into anything. He's always been about money and fame, and what he needed to do to get it. He has a huge ego,and always had the desire to be rich. There was no gun to his head forcing him down the aisle, and no one makes him stay with HagHo. He CHOOSES this life, and he CHOOSES to be with that kind of woman, and he CHOSE her as the mother of his kid...however that happened.

But count on Mimosa to start the in-fighting. Her truth is the only truth. She's so eloquent she relies on nicknames to make her truth even more truthful. Oh we bow down to you all-knowing Mimosa.

flyin: How many millions do you think was made by his attorney and manager they do get a % of any deal made, even with Nicole and Keith.
He got out of the March wedding.
He thought he got out of the June wedding until she made the announcement of the engagement, then he bolted, no one could find him ( deer caught in the headlights) he was dead, no where to go.
The day they left for China he looked like someone who had been dragged to the plane not a man ready and willing to go. The wedding Invitations had been sent by email, right after the announcement.
If he didn't go through with it she would have released story's that would damage him. He's not the only artist that have many things to hide, ask KC and others. They aren't any different than golf pro's. Film Stars etc. They do all make their choices. And who gets the benifit of their left overs , may be Managers, Attorneys etc.

As usual, the librarian in Iowa who somehow hears everything chimes in. Loving to repeat themselves, it's back to arguing how the fake relationship, fake marriage, and fake baby came to be. Skeptics that's sooo 2008!

imahick: Keith has put in his time. He has talent to burn and he's trying ... and this is good to see after he coasted for 2 years. Does he take time off? Yes he does. He's 42, he's married and a father. (I think he is enjoying Sunday Rose ... more now that she's a bit older) He may not be as hungry as he was in 2003-2005...and maybe he's not as driven as a 25 yr old or a 19 yr old who are just starting the grind. But I saw him twice this last year ... and I saw a man who was enjoying himself on stage, and putting effort into his career. I was entertained ... and I also saw Taylor this last summer. She changed her clothes alot, and she paused and looked out into the audience, basking in their applause alot, and she flung her hair around alot. But her songs are starting to sound alot alike to me ... my daughter loved her.

I know this won't be negative enough but everything about Keith is not negative. Does he cater too much to NK...yes. But as long as he is producing decent music and putting effort into his career, I could care less if she has him lapping up Starbucks coffee from her size 11 pumps.

Though hard to believe, imahick is the voice of reason int he group. But she's always outshouted and outnumbered. She repeats herself too, but at least we don't have to choke on our Pepsi while we read most of her posts. If she can escape the cult of the skeptics she just might have a chance in the outside world.

But here comes Oh " so" Leery with the conspiracy theories!

Oh " so" Leery: He turned his back on the people that helped him for years. He walked away and is now kissing her royal arse for the love of that money!!!

There were many people in Nash that tried to help him !!!!! Instead of thanking them he brought that wretch to their town and used them to carry out a hokes.

Now that's the truth. I don't want to start a big thing but that's the way it played out !!!

We'd love to tell you Leery to get back on your meds but you might need to get a dictionary first! Fan, not a fan, fan, then personal confidante to Keith Urban...you really need to get your stories straight. Not even lying pitbull Mimosa believes what you post!

kakee: The only thing that I really noticed while watching the awards show the other night, was all the movie clips they showed, and how Nicole wasn't in any of them. It was the first time I really thought it showed how over she really is. She looks so desperate to me, with her false lips and hair, and fake loving smile towards her way more talented husband.

Ahhh the long-lost skeptic! See readers as we all know this is what happens when the skeptics are in trouble. The call for reinforcements. Casual posters and MIA skeptics come back into the woodwork just in time to comment on "the way it is". Sure skeptics! It's a shame none of the irregular posters have anything different to say than the 24/7 posters. Wonder why that is????

Mimosa: I think a lot of Keefy's fans underestimate his interest in fame, and don't understand addictive behavior. Addicts are actually very manipulative, and they play on the emotions of those around them....and Keefy can be very charming. That's how he got Laura to stay for so long.

Fans just don't understand. Skeptics are on a higher plane of intelligence right? What are you crazies on? Mimosa spouting her know-it-all knowledge. She earned her PhD from behind a secretary's desk and in between online sessions on E!. Don't you wish you could get a degree that way. Mimosa's was free and as the old adage goes you get what you pay for!

nomorefan: We've had the rehab, p@rn star and Amanda scandals, and he still stayed. What does she have over his head that's any bigger than that? You have parents that you love, and then you give them a "grandchild". What scandal is worse than that if the whole marriage is based on keeping Mr. Nicole Kidman in his place? But I'm not saying this marriage is healthy either.

nomorefan changing the subject again. Her name should be amandafan. She's the first person to bring up a fellow liar. We can see her sitting on a toilet while she types in honor of her favorite "lady". Just a suggestion nomorefan but how about the scandals are all in your head. It's unfortunate they can't stay there.

Oh " so" Leery: dbfd, She wanted him gone. She was willing to pay him off. All he had to do was be the one to go for the divorce. She felt if she had a victim card it would help her career. You know just like TC? He said, no, if she wanted him gone she'd have to do it. He would have the victim card. He told her it would cost her everything. So he's not going anyplace. That's why I said what I said. B/c this time he made the choice to stay no contract needed !!!!

Now with his faux paux, she may be thinking how costly he really is. He won't have a career she don't have a career so they will have TC's money only. That's going to be hard on both of them since they're both afraid of being without money !!!!

More "deadly Black Widow Kidman" lies from Leery. Faux paux???? Please woman get a dictionary. Or learn English. And why after according to you Keith has screwed over everyone would he be telling you any of this??? Now that the marriage has lasted as long as it has, there's no contract? Now that's a switch only a skeptic could try and pull off. You've failed miserably!

dumbfounded: Prayers that the flower girl finds worthy parents. Shane...go get that baby!!!

Ah yes what would a skeptic KUNK discussion be without fake concern for Keith's side of the family and a baby!!!

flyin: I think he is laying groundwork with everything he says and does in public. Not sure which direction he will go with it. But there is a reason.

Now the discussion turns to Keith breaking free. Oh the audacity of hope skeptics! Where did you hear about the groundwork flyin? In the library staff breakroom? Is one the books in the library sending you messages in code?

Oh " so Leery": He really never thought one way or another about Hagmaw. To him she was just another dumb sheila!! That's the Aussie men, most of them. Sheilas are not blokes. They don't wear the pants. Well he found out that she may be an airhead but her people were not. And what she wants she

Leery the resident linguist and sociologist sems to think throwing in some slang will give her credibility. But then again she said she was in KU country that wasn't Australia. Where Leery, Nashville where you had those fake conversations. Was this before or after you were or weren't a fan. You seem to be sticking to the fact you knew KU now that posters revealed you for the liar you are. Can't get your facts straight but obsessed with the fact Kix Brooks took an interest in Keith. Wow you sure sound like a skeptic that's been around...around on the boards that is!

cricket: Whatever it is I just want it to be over already. I'm so sick of seeing her ugly inner tube lips everytime I see a picture of him at an awards show. I hate hearing his BS about "Babygirl" everyime he speaks about the old b1tch. I just want her to go away and never be seen again.

And here we have cricket, expert on class and tactfulness who must name-call every time she posts. She'll be the first to pull out "the bitch" card, but is also the first to pull out the credit card for a Keith concert and the last to stay silent during dedications. Funny how brave she is behind a computer screen.

flyin:I have been told that Keith was doing his homework, or so he thought, because he said he knew more about Nicole than she knew about him. Thing is Nicole had about a year head start on her homework. Does this sound like romance and love in bloom ? No. But it's funny.

You're so funny flyin. Where'd you get told that? Somewhere in corn field?

Oh " so" Leery: Well there was a time all the band members were going to leave him when they found out he was going to play nice with Hagmaw. They wanted him to throw a rock at her glass house. But he said no.

So now you not only have inside info on Keith but all the band members. BAHAHAHA!

dumbfounded: Keith will end up in rehab (again) and she'll have an emotional breakdown (again.)

We believe that's your wish....because you are sick individuals.

flyin: I remember several years back, they were filming while Keith was at a venue, the camera guy went right up to Jerry, Jerry shook his head and walked to the other side of the stage, Keith had his eyes on the camera every minute. Then the guy went up kind of behind and to the side of Chris R, he was singing back up and playing I really think he didn't know the guy was there for awhile but I swear Keith has eyes in the back of his head, he saw, when Chris realized he was getting a close up he turned his face the other way. Keith is a very self centered person and does have a temper.

We've covered this already but this is too ridiculous not to post again. It's Keith's show and Keith's concert. He's supposed to be paying attention. We all have our moments and it's very unfortunate all of you are so sick and twisted to use events where a normal person would react as evidence something is wrong. But we understand...that's all you have because you certainly don't have facts or information.

Oh " so" leery: :I don't know much more then the basics about KU's business. But I would assume that all the people that write with him and for him would not be so quick to continue. That would mean he would have to write his own album.

Finally an ounce of truth....you don't know anything!!! Sorry but someone who hears the truth about band dynamics would know a little more than nothing about the music business. Once again you trap yourself Leery!

middlesea:Could there be some truth to the stories that KUNK is ratcheting down their careers in order to try for another child?

We thought your astrology charts would tell you. But in truth there are no stories. You're getting this from internet gossip sites! There's no coincidence here. They put out a story and you run with it as if it's fact!

oopsie: One HUGE problem I see with losing band members and having new people come on board? Keith has gotten into the habit of skipping sound check, he's used to now just showing up at the last minute and walking on stage counting on those band members who are used to the show, knowing what and how the show's supposed to go....what kinds of things are acceptable and what to expect. They all worked together...covering each other, that much was obvious. That was one of the reasons his fans used to defend his last minute showing up - they ALL knew what to do, how the show was supposed to go. So with new band members he just might have to work a little hard than what he's become used to.

You would see it as a problem. Another case of skeptics not knowing their ass from a hole in the ground. Chris McHugh is not only the drummer, he's the musical director. He's in charge when Keith isn't there. He runs rehearsals. He gets his orders from Keith. He's supposed to know what KU wants and does all the managerial things in the band because that's not Keith's job. He'd be working with the new members to get up to speed and the new members would be responsible after getting the charts and recordings to learn alot of it on their own. Sorry skeptics but he has many other commitments to promote and record and to maintain his career. He's a huge star but you all can't admit that. That's how backing bands work. But you wouldn't know that or admit it since you all live in Podunk, USA! You can't fool us!

So to end this blog we leave you skeptics with these parting thoughts....

flyin: What kind of white powder ? Curiously ?

You know, wouldn't it be funny if we had pictures of skeptics stuffing themselves with powdered jelly donuts....and just for fun started rumors that the white powdered sugar on their faces wasn't really sugar? Wouldn't that be hilarious!!?? That it was "something else". I'm mean it's just for fun right? No one would really do that....but maybe we could. It's just a little ole blog. No one takes anything on here seriously. It'd be a huge laugh, nothing malicious about it. Just some entertainment.

Right skeptics? Right?

P.S. Skeptics, don't admit your dreams. They only make you look crazier!

dumbfounded: Last night I had a dream that I was on an RV with Nine Flops and High Heels, along with little Sunday. She, of course, hogged the bathroom and was in there forever. I was talking with High Heels when she was in the shower, and he basically mocked her behind her back. He said that he and his crew took bets on the WORST movie of her career, and they kept having to change the bet because each film was worse than the prior one. I helped little Sunday with her outfits and she would come to me ("Mommy!"). Nine Flops had been jogging prior to this and I had been swimming in the lake (yes, our RV was apparently floating...ha.) Keith didn't help Nine Flops at all, but he was holding my hand while I put eye drops in.

Long story short? He couldn't stand the biotch but kept up the charade. Why????


Golden Globes coverage to come...


Anonymous said...

Haaaaaaaaaaaaaa funniest thing that idiot has ever REVEALED ...


I BET THAT BIT DID NOT GET PRE- APPROVAL from the head honchos. Just like Oh"So" Stupid she is going to get a talking to...lol lol

Ernie and her dog are showing a desperation big time too.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, I don't live, breathe or eat Skank. ~ by nomorefan ~

Desperate Liar Liar

Anonymous said...

Where to begin? All I can do is shake my head. The skeptics are so over. They started as skeptics of gossip rags and speculation and graduated into believing voices in the corn fields and creating speculation. Original skeptics who might have had any tiny bit of logic are long gone.

To dumbfounded (emphasis on 'dumb'): the answer to your question of why he couldn't stand the biotch but kept up the charade is BECAUSE IT WAS YOUR DREAM. Numbscull.

To taralea/flyin: You weren't "told" Keith did his homework. Keith said himself in an interview that he knew more about her than she did him when they first met. And is 'laying the groundwork' the same as 'paving the way'? Because according to you, he was paving the way to their breakup 4 years ago. Believe me, nobody needed you to "keep the hope alive". We were looking for the truth, not your lies and made up speculation.

To middlesea: You left your brain in Uranus.

To Sue and her 100 usernames: Honey, if Nicole Kidman looks like a blowfish, that would put you somewhere around this range.


Believe me, we've ALL seen your picture.

To Mimosa: Hell must have froze over because I agree with you. There was no gun to his head forcing him down the aisle, and no one makes him stay with Nicole. He CHOOSES this life, and he CHOOSES to be with that 'kind of woman', and he CHOSE her as the mother of his kid. Sucks to be you, huh?

Oh'so'Leery doesn't need a response because she's a drunk who lives with her mother.

Anonymous said...


Doing big time eyerolls, but hey, Keith, We Shall Set You Free!

A fond farewell to Keith Urban... thanks for the ride...

Mr. Urban, and good luck. At least I can thank you for my lifelong friends and for some great memories. What will you have when your rollercoaster ride is over.

A former fan
signed Urbanmyth AKA as Urbanshit!

It has been coming a long time, that we know, but now it is signed , sealed and delivered! YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

Never to be taken back, Never to be continued, never to heard from again!
bye bye you mouthy idiot.

Keith you are now free ! Another word will NEVER be uttered from that pack of haters with dirty mouths, big lies and big Urban dreams!


Anonymous said...

5 years of longing for Keith Urban is OVER!

Monday, January 18, 2010
A fond farewell to Keith Urban... thanks for the ride...
You cut the ride too short, dude. We were on a rollercoaster ride for a while. It was a wild ride while it lasted. I think I held on just a little too long; I wish I would have bailed before I got to know you too well.

I found you through You'll Think of Me. I didn't listen to country music at all at the time. I heard YTOM on my AC station and found myself wanting to discover who you were. Well, I certainly did. I saw you in concert and was hooked. I made some lifelong friends, some of the best people I know and will ever know, because of you. I traveled the country to see you in concert. I discovered all of your music and loved it all. I spent big bucks for tickets, just to see you up close. Unfortunately, shortly after I found you... you found HER. You got married and ended up in rehab just a few short months later. You emerged from rehab a changed person. A healthier person, but your musical soul was adrift... your muse was drowned by the celebrity that became your wife and your life.

I've held on to the memories and had hopes for a great recovery... only to have new music thrust at me like Sweet Thing, Kiss A Girl and other adolescent yearning songs. The only song I liked from Defying Gravity was Til Summer Comes Around, and you topped that with a superb video. Thank you for that. BUT then....

Just a few days later, you were playing and singing a tribute song for Simon Baker, an honest actor from Oz. It would have been great for you to sing and play to him, but your wife made an idiot of herself prancing about behind you, and singing off-key with you, as well.

I've suffered through all the photo calls arranged by your wife when you chose to be seen getting coffee, shopping, going to the doctor, taking your daughter for a walk and to the zoo, etc., knowing that it's what SHE wants. But is it really what you want? Do you honestly like living your life in the tabloids? Are money and fame so important that things that you used to care about (your parents, your brother's family, God, and your fans, to name a few) are now trivial?

If this is what you want your life to be, then so be it. You are not the person nor the artist I thought you were. I became a fan of yours for the music, for the emotions, for the thrill of being a fan of a true artist.

You have proven me wrong; you aren't the person I thought you were. Godspeed, Mr. Urban, and good luck. At least I can thank you for my lifelong friends and for some great memories. What will you have when your rollercoaster ride is over?

A former fan

Posted by Urban Myths at 11:52 AM

countrycat said...

I'm glad you got around to this SMistress because it needed to be put out there. Seriously, these are the saddest bunch of women I have ever encountered anywhere. The donut comment is right up there with the poster who said (and someone can refresh my memory on who that was) that if she could blame Nicole Kidman for global warming and high gas prices she would. She was dead serious.

I like your idea of calling nomorefan amandafan. Suits her. She can add it to her 100 other user names. It makes me sad that if she really does tell her kids everything she does online how does she justify a user name like ihateher or Nk'sKids4sale? Are they just as nasty because of her influence? Or is she lying to her kids, and lying to us about it. She's definitely lying to herself to keep up the charade of happy wife/mom/stable adult.

I can just see how the skeptics would react if someone turned the tables on them and started rumors about them. Not hard because what they do in real life that we know of is just as sick and twisted as anything you could make up. Mimosa would play the victim, nomore would threaten to sue and on and on. They are just sick...and sometimes I think that word isn't even accurate enough.

That dream....wow....of course it's telling the truth! A skeptic thought of it! I hate to break it to dumbfounded but right off the bat her dream is backwards because Nicole gets ready quickly, always has. Even in their dreams the skeptics are lying to themselves!

Caught the quote by nosoytonta...Nicole will be the most hated wife in music? They really live in their own world. BAHAHAHA!

Looking forward to the GG blog!

Anonymous said...

Oh my God! That dream just says it all, totally, completely nuts, and obsessed. These people are scary crazy.

Anonymous said...

RIP Urban haters

THANK_YOU said...

Well don't get too happy...Whack-jobs like these don't just quit. What would they do with the rest of their lives if they couldn't keep hating?

Urban Myths said...
Tara, the blog is not going away. This entry was a letter from a former fan. The blog will continue to follow Mr. Urban's rollercoaster ride.


SkewerMistress said...

Middlesea on E! said she was done. I am assuming that she is the one that wrote the UMyths blog?

WhatAWaste said...

"former fan", my ass.

Former fan means you won't follow Keith's career or personal life any longer, won't buy his music, and never go to his concerts. These dumb shits will continue to do all these things.

THANK_YOU said...

You may be right SM. Is this what you're referring to?

middlesea said...

"His name is Simon Baker."

"Surfer dude. Home renovator. He was bound to be a Hollywood player.''

I can't help wondering who wrote these pithy lyrics. Nicole?...or Keith?

Well, no matter.

I saw the photos of these two, the Steve and Edie of Australia, and I can't get across just how disappointed I am to see this nonsense. Keith always said that he wouldn't co-mingle his career with Nicole's, but now he has, and it is to his detriment. With the continued deterioration of his music, with the co-opting of his career to Nicole's, I can see where this is going. Keith has become nothing more than Australia's resident Dancing Bear.

I just might continue to look for his early, pre-Kidman songs and performances, because there, especially from the Ranch era, one can find real passion and real talent.

Beyond that, I'm outta here.

I say, don't let the door hit ya in the ass on the way out!

What is wrong with these people? Co-mingling his career? So now a song sung in fun, to honor a friend, is mingling your careers? LMAO!

SkewerMistress said...

I think the reality of their real relationship came out through the G'Day video and for middlesea it made her want to turn away. We'll see how long it lasts. For the others it's fueled the fire. But as the latest E! posts have shown they've got fewer and fewer straws to grasp at. Nicole's boobs today aren't big enough for the dress when just a few weeks ago they said she had a bad boob job. They're discussing a Midwest wedding in comparison to Hollywood fashion, dreams that have nothing to do with reality, and an internet article revealing the secrets of a relationship through body language. So insanely pathetic.

Anonymous said...

Somebody should tell "former fan" that Keith doesn't read the Urban Myth Blog. But if he did, I'm sure he'd be happy to know one less old biddy was bitching about how he chooses to live HIS life. And just to let you know "former fan", it's 2010. You just wasted 5 years of YOUR life.

Anonymous said...

EARTH TO THE URBAN MYTH GRANNIES: Keith's not on a rollercoaster ride. You are. Keith's riding his wife. Bahaha.

Anonymous said...

Hey Anon 10:26, that fish is way prettier than Sue.

Anonymous said...

Its was probably from........ Im A Sick Hick.

Anonymous said...

SM said "I think the reality of their real relationship came out through the G'Day video"

and I will add, smacked the haters and their kind in the face and so pretty UGLE things are spewing out of their mouths.

Must be reality hurts when it hits you square in the face..

Anonymous said...

Oh Lord, seriously how old is that woman? She sounds like a 12 year old crying over Kevin Jonas' wedding. Get a grip! If you don't like his music, don't buy the record. He doesn't owe you his life just because you attended a few concerts. Stop fantasizing. Obviously he's not whoever you've been dreaming about. Deal with it. You're too old to be acting like a hurt schoolgirl. Seriously, get a real life. You sound pathetic.

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