January 31, 2010

Keith Urban Is Already A Grammy Winner!





THANK_YOU said...

Congrats Keith!

What an honor to win this award for a third time!! We're so proud of you!


(And what's almost as satisfying is that it's for "Sweet Thing", a song the haters panned over & over as being juvenile!)


yawn said...

Oh no ... Keith won another award! This must SUCK for the skeptics. The evil ones say he is washed up and has no talent. So if I have this right - he sings with the best, wins awards time and time again and is respected by his peers, not to mention has never looked happier in his life.

See this IS proof the skeptics are crazy and blind and stupid. They know N-O-T-H-I-N-G.

Anonymous said...

Thanks SM. Love all the pictures!

What a happy time for the Urbans!

Be Proud of yourself! We Are!

Anonymous said...

Now how in the heck are the haters going to spin this WIN!


Pretty much shows that all the music industry believes in Keith and all their pitiful words make NO DIFFERENCE in the world of music NO MATTER HOW MANY TIMES THEY SAY IT.

They sound so stupid to anyone who would ever bother to read their silly comments.

They don't have a leg to stand on. Bloody Stumps..thats it!

SkewerMistress said...

They're in denial. Not one mention of the win yet. Just how ugly Nicole is, Keith is too short, and they're pissed at the show for showing KUNK too much because they're "irrelevant".


yawn said...

BAHAHAHAHA - ain't THAT the truth!!

Anonymous said...

Well anyone reading that rubbish, will get A BIG LAUGH OUT LOUD .

Guess they don't get that they are the joke of
E! Online!

Everyone knows that. They laugh behind their back and make fun of their silly comments.

Anonymous said...

Small shallow people, think small shallow thoughts.

A giggle is so cute too!

LillyMae said...

Congratulations to Keith Urban!

Anonymous said...

I bet there are many music artists who would love to be "washed up" the way Keith Urban is! Hahaha!

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