January 4, 2010

A Little Expose On "Sources"

As we all know the skeptics have none. Not real ones anyway. Sorry nomorefan, Jimmy Carter's website and radio updates don't make him a source or your friend. Sorry Urban Myths, fellow idiot blogs and clippings from musicgossip don't cut it either. But time after time the skeptics say "Look, see we found something!" and it turns out to be another piece of gossip. Never has new gossip proven old gossip...not on the school playground or in the hills of Hollywood. But we thought we'd show you some of what is really out there.

We were inspired to do this by the "rare" Kennedy photo that mysteriously appeared recently and featured on TMZ. A man claimed it was a photo of John F. Kennedy, pre-Presidency, sunning on a boat with naked women. Now if this had surfaced during the election it most certainly could have affected the outcome, and therefore the last 50 years of history. TMZ bought the rights to publish the photo. But uh-oh, there's one tiny problem. Said photo was taken for and published in Playboy magazine in 1967, years after he was assassinated. What? How can this be? TMZ claimed to have worked with experts to prove it was him. Tsk Tsk. Oh " so" Leery, you might want to check back with them on the authenticity of that birth certificate you claimed Tom Cruise gave them. Even they aren't stupid enough to say he was involved in that scam.

The Smoking Gun report

Now sometimes TMZ does get it right. But we know of one instance that it wasn't a coincidence. And that would be the death of Michael Jackson. TMZ reported it first. How did they know? Well it wasn't because of inside sources or being well-connected. They forced themselves into the situation. You see after Jackson had set up camp in L.A. while rehearsing for his upcoming tour, TMZ took it upon themselves to have a runner go by the location every day looking for something. Anything they could report on. The day Jackson died TMZ happened to be passing by the early stages of what was to be a tragedy. That's how they got the scoop. You won't hear that many places but it does make you wonder how well connected these gossip sites really are and how much they themselves are stalking. How much are they paying so-called legitimate sources...and how much are they are embellishing or manufacturing out of necessity. TMZ makes daily rounds of L.A. in an attempt get stories. You'll notice they never issued a retraction for their priceless photograph. Just some reader comments buried in the back link to the hoax TMZ fell and paid for.

Which brings to mind another situation. Rielle Hunter. She was the mistress of Senator John Edwards. Now the skeptics love to tell us that the tabs get it right every time when it comes to cheating. And that's why they believe in the porn star story and the lies/double talk of Amanda and the million rumors about Nicole Kidman's sexuality that have never been even half-way proven. Well we'd like to tell you they aren't so clued in. Because if you happened to be watching The View several months ago on the day an ex-gossip columnist was interviewed, you would have heard the following revelation. The Rielle Hunter story broke because a source blabbed....it was Rielle herself. Yep. No stealth reporting, not a wife in pain getting back at a cheating husband. No it was a loudmouth mistress. Apparently the woman would tell what she was up to at parties around town after having indulged in some adult beverages. Word spread and eventually the right people got wind of it to tell the public. Go figure that the tabs and press need that much help!

Now we would like to thank the gossip sites for one thing. And that's their endless reporting on the crazy fans/stalkers/paparazzi/blackmailers of the world. Because let's face it those folks are as conniving and as sick as the skeptics. The skeptics don't want you to believe they belong in that category but they do. From the nut that stalked Nicole Kidman and her family, to the blackmailers who tried to extort money from John Stamos over fan photos. From the nut who Jennifer Garner had to get a restraining order on to stay away from her and her kids, to the obsessed paparazzi going after Nicole Ritchie, to the scumbags who tried to out the surrogate for Sarah Jessica Parker's twins. Don't forget Gary Allan's nightmare. They all have a sense of entitlement and they all think they are so clever. Unfortunately we all know these are just the ones that have been exposed. But it does help people recognize destructive behavior. The skeptics are full of nothing but that.

So now it's not only important to consider the source but how the source claims it got that info. Most likely they won't want to tell. That's the easy way out, the skeptic way out.

Hope you enjoy the above photo skeptics. Aw heck, we know you will!


Anonymous said...

Sources! Bahahaha! I can tell you who Sue and Michelle's source was in Atlanta. A young black security guard! Not somebody who works for Keith but a guy who admitted he knew nothing about Keith Urban. He didn't even know who Keith was or that he was married to Nicole Kidman until they told him after he had already messed with them. He's the one who told Sue and Michelle that Keith was backstage playing chess with a girl on his lap. Why? Most likely to get two annoying, overgrown, middleaged groupies away from him. That's how the story got started that Keith's mom didn't like Nicole and didn't care if Keith had another woman. THAT was their "source". Sue and Michelle never saw squat. Just like Sue never saw Keith's name on any liquor request at some random hotel in Nashville. First she said she heard employees talking about it then she said she saw it herself. She saw nothing. She made it up like she made up a dozen other usernames so she can "confirm" any story told to her by her "sources". Sue knows nobody. She's a 50 year old mother in Minnesota who works in a paint factory. She hates her own life so much that she'll do anything to forget her own reality. That includes getting drunk with bus drivers and sitting in parking lots looking at Keith's bus and stalking hotels he's in. Now she stalks him on the internet. She won't stop because she won't give in because she doesn't want to look like a loser. Only thing is she already looks like a loser! An angry, miserable, pathetic one at that. EARTH TO SUE - nobody believes a word that comes out of your big mouth.

Anonymous said...

Haven't looked into it, but have heard that there are new "obsessed paparazzi" laws going in place.

With some teeth to put an end to the craziness.

Next will be internet slander laws.

Oh what will the haters do then?

SkewerMistress said...

nomorefan's been telling alot of stories. I see a few on JJ have been posting her handiwork. Thank you, whoever you are! She's told people Okie Thomas who worked for Keith was the one who told her about the girl. She's told people Okie made it so she figured it ALL out without actually revealing anything directly. I've heard versions that she said she actually saw the girl. I think she's got 15 different accounts of what happened for every story she's made up. Just like Oh " so" Leery. Different story, different day. The mother story was never believable to start with. It's the same as saying Marienne approved of his drug use.
They know his mom about as well as they know Keith. They don't. The man in the black hat lied to you dummy!

nomorefan needs to quit fantasizing of nights on that small mobile home she kept a picture of. It's the size one would take on weekend trips. Her personal Love Bus!

countrycat said...

For all the times I saw Okie, most of them he had a soda in his hand. Has nomorefan told a tall tale about bribing him with a Coke, or knowing what we know about her, rum & Coke, and he said no dice!?? BAHAHAHAHA!

The version she told me was that she asked all the right questions and Okie gave all the right answers without saying specifics. She was just so smart to figure it out. Did they have a melding of the minds because hers is EMPTY! Nothing but hate in that shell.

I'm assuming that since they made up Mum's approval with a groupie, they made up that she was there at the Playgirl shoot? I was on the threads one day and all of a sudden that came out of nowhere. I've never heard who made that one up.

Anonymous said...

Funny because I heard Sue's story too only she said she was backstage during soundcheck and saw it herself. Wow.

countrycat said...

SMistress, I went back and reread the PM's nomore sent me and I forgot how much bullshit she told me. If you'll permit me here's her side of the story!:p

"To summarize my negative posts towards you and others, I sincerely say this – the things I have shared on the E board are 100 percent true, and I get personally offended when I am called a liar. If you don’t agree with me, then too, just move on and don’t comment, but when Dazegoby comes on and tells me what the conversation was about at that hotel, well, that just ticks me off. Don’t make up a scenario in your head when you weren’t even there. Things like this don’t ever fall into my lap. When I found out about the other woman in Atlanta, I was also up until 5:00 in the morning talking to Oakie after the first show. You might not believe me, but I do have pictures with him. No, we didn’t discuss whether there was another woman with Urban, but I was able to ask general questions to Oakie that backed up everything I knew already.

There is a poster on E that picked us up from the hotel and knows that story is true as well. I was with my sister, who thinks Urban can do no wrong, and when we heard and saw what we did, she was absolutely shocked. I have been friends with this other poster for about four years now, and she knows I wouldn’t make up this story with my sister sitting right there, who isn’t into fan clubs, message boards, etc. So I don’t appreciate someone twisting what happened when they were not present. I will get into defense mode then.

We don’t think we own the threads, but when people like paragoric annie comes on here and scolds us for saying bad things about KUNK when it is in a thread that says KU sucks, then I consider that baiting. She’s not correcting anything, but just saying here we are saying bad things again.

I agree with you that we have different views, and that’s fine, but my point here is that there are some really sick people on here who have a personal agenda, and I don’t want to see others getting messed up with it. You have no idea what a headache this is to deal with – especially coming from married adults with kids!

Side note on the NHA board – these three women must really be spreading the word. Basically, it is a small group of friends on there, and we keep it like that because we share a lot of personal, family stuff on there. So to think that the word is out there about NHA is really a joke, because again, it proves that these three women are trying to expose us. I actually know that they are spreading a nasty story about us because of a poster that tried to get on the board. We don’t add any new people, because again, we have no trust after dealing with these three.

After all this BS I didn't tell her I know many other fans have had their picture taken with Okie. You can see all the lies she tells in reference to NHA and everything else.


this is the part I completely forgot about. Either that or when I first read it I missed it. Sue was going on about the fact she was being harassed by positive posters. Yeah, whatever. She says they use multiple user names and gave out a list (where would she get an idea like that from?). One of them is her own friend pier7girl!

I dare you to look up the posts made by the screen names I gave you, plus other names such as PicklednMN, pier7girl . . . I can't even remember them all, the list is so long. But look up their posts and see who they are replying to and what they are saying in their posts. You will see that THEY have a personal agenda.

She lists her own friend! I think she thought she could throw me off or maybe she slipped up but its insane the amount of lies the woman can tell in a couple of PMs.

And nomore, I still have the PMs on my account and I can back it up with screenshots of them. Lying can't get you out of this.

countrycat said...

For "shits and giggles", here's the warning she sent me. Because she was so worried about me and she doesn't want me to be a victim like she is!

Let's be honest, you could either be Paula, Judy or other Cat (because I don't know you from Adam either) or you think you have friends in these people. The group of people on NHA would NEVER give the link out to anyone or let people know it exists. The only people that have been kicked off that board are those three people, and we all know their agenda now. So this leads me to believe that you are one of them or are in contact with them. Gee, I wonder if your name is "Reina"? If you are Paula, Judy or Cat, leave us alone - this behavior is really sick. If you think you have made friends with these people, all I have to say is good luck to you since you won't listen to me. You ever turn your back or disagree with them, you will regret ever getting in contact with them.

My large group of friends on here are all adults, and none of us can understand this way of living. So we are no longer friends with them, but yet they continue to track us down everywhere on the internet. There isn't a day I think of them, but then they have to drop a line on a thread on KUNK or send a nasty PM to let me know they are still there. You think I have an insane, sick behavior, well you haven't seen anything yet with them. BTW, Mod thinks they are very sick too.

I seriously was going to change my tone with you on here, and respect your request but since your tone in this last PM is negative, things will continue like usual on KUNK. Yesterday, I was attacked by you for something i posted about neimanmarcus. I completely misunderstood what she was saying, and then I was attacked. I apologized to neiman on the board, and she accepted my apology. Like I said, I have many friends on here, and I could have told them "Give countrycat a break", but I won't. However, those of my friends on here who aren't getting the PMs I am, are very protective of me and have my back. They are fully aware of these "posters".

Anonymous said...

I'm doubled over in laughter at "so" Leery's latest statement about fashion. According to her Nic showed up in pink while the two other ladies with her showed up in "shiek" black. I wonder if these trolls can even walk and chew gum at the same time?

SkewerMistress said...

It seems the skeptics can't spell and type at the same time either!

The source, The National Enquirer. There was a piece done with the makeup crew from Nine who said they designed Kidman's wig so that she could get ready quickly. And what about the numerous numerous times Kidman's said she doesn't like to be in the makeup chair long and wants to get it done and get out of there. nomorefan you are pathetic!

Any other versions of nomorefan's stories are welcome.

Been There Heard That said...

This was told to me second-hand. Sue saw the girl on his lap at a hotel. Security was outside and but the door was slightly left open. They were playing chess. Doesn't matter which version, all of them are unbelievable.

Off topic, but I have a question. How did middlesea get the picture of Keith and Nicole eating at Whole Foods? I Can't remember seeing that anywhere on the web. Please tell me she didn't take that herself.


Anonymous said...

countrycat, pier7girl is Michele/astilbe myspace addy but someone else took that name on E. The friend Sue talks about who met her in Atlanta is Michele so you know Michele will believe anything that comes out of Sue's fat mouth. Michele was with Sue when they talked to the security guard. Sue said she was backstage during soundcheck and she said Keith told all his fans to get the F out. Just another lie. Musicgossip/tnmusiclover/Evie was the one who met Sue and her obviously dimwitted sister at the Hermitage hotel in Nashville. Sue said they told Amanda about it. Sue has also said that Amanda is smart which tells you how dumb Sue is. Amanda's new baby had some minor surgery which Amanda writes as "surgerory". She writes Marilyn Monroe as "Marylyn Munroe" AND she likes to pee in front of people.


Anonymous said...

Hey yall, what's "NHA"??

SkewerMistress said...

Anonymous, NHA is a hater board.


I've taken NHA to mean Nicole Haters Association or Nicole Haters Anonymous. The person that sent me the link I have lost contact with. I believe they've chosen to leave the skeptic scene entirely. Anyway, I don't believe they ever told me what it stood for and I forgot to ask. In any case I'm sure it's a take-off on the Nicole Kidman fansite NKU, Nicole Kidman United. That's a site, if you don't already know, where much of what the skeptics say can be disproven. The fanbase is large and varied and international. It has expanded to a site that has an entire section for Keith and almost everything concerning them on the internet gets shared. So you can imagine that the skeptics really hate the site. Mimosa used to, when there was more positive posters on E!, call the fans there necrophiliacs. Nice huh?

Been There, I have not seen that photo before. Maybe someone else can ID it. We know its a lie but Oh " so" Leery says they are never together in real life and obviously here's a picture she'd rather not see. And as well we've heard that they've been seen praying together before they eat. All in all, the pictures that come out continue to prove the skeptics are lying or putting their hopes and dreams on something they couldn't possibly know.

Anonymous said...

Must be Middlesea sees a picture and uses it so she can MAKE her charts match what she posts LMAO What a bunch of chicken scrathing going on there .

In her case it is just plain sad she is so looney and they USE HER and pretend anything she says is taken seriously!
Middlesea wake up and find a new hobby you are better at. Hate is a dreadful thing and consumes your life. Get out of the basement and smell the roses before you go blind reading that crap .

Anonymous said...

Pre Nic, Michele posted on CMT.
Not sure who she is on E! now, but you can bet she is oe of the loons

SkewerMistress said...

It is sad. They use her generic pointless readings. She buys into their questions. All they want from her is a guarantee of a KUNK breakup. Middlesea, you are constantly being manipulated to give negative responses. Wake Up!

countrycat said...

Anon @ 3:01 I got it now. I knew Michele was pier7girl elsewhere but I didn't remember a fan using that name on e. But now nomore's comment makes more sense. Don't condone it but I understand why whoever did it, did it. Those two make anybody with half a brain want to rip their hair out.

So was Michele possibly laukeprenkdmn (or whatever her name was) on CMT? A few months back or maybe longer two of them tried to get on Keith's board and defend themselves. One of them was 2005 and the other was called EggSammitch and IMMEDIATELY everyone knew they were skeptics. Now that was funny!

Amanda is smart? I guess in nomore's world that's true. Neither of them can keep their lies straight!

Anonymous said...

Wonder what happened to the ATRESS?? lol

The insider...LMAO

Well at least she didn't work in a library. ha

Anonymous said...

Maybe we need to post the haters screen name ist again.

Anonymous said...

Oh dear God! Is that Amanda in the picture with the toilet????! And the skeptics idiots want to believe Keith and her had a REAL relationship? You don't have to be a genius to figure out what he used her for. Yuck

Anonymous said...

"The group of people on NHA would NEVER give the link out to anyone or let people know it exists."

Bahaha. They ARE really dumb. ;) They still haven't figured out who their snitch is.

Anonymous said...

yes put up the crazy people list again! People need to review it more often ha.

THANK_YOU said...

Anon @ 9:43 said ...Maybe we need to post the haters screen name list again.

And connect the screen name(s) with their "real" names for clarity.

I do know there is also a Toni Ann & Laura (sisters) that were also in Sue & Michele's posse back a few years ago. Laura was another one that liked to profess her religious righteousness, but in the same breath slam KUNK beyond belief. It's interesting to me that so many of them (haters) like to spout all the sins of KUNK, yet they claim to be pious, church-going Christians, all the while swigging booze with countless security guards & roadies!

Toni Ann was kusbowgirl or something like that, and got on stage with him during one of his shows at Irving Plaza back in 2005. Both also met him outside his bus the evening of his fanclub party (2005).

There seems to be this feeling of entitlement that came into play with all these women, once NK hit the picture. Like jealous school girls that couldn't stand the pretty newcomer stealing their boyfriend from them!

How ridiculously pathetic that middle-aged women would behave this way, and have continued on this same dead-end road for close to 4 years.

SkewerMistress said...

The actress, as far as I know, has her Studio City board. She could have started a new group by now.


I have added the two "name threads" to the Blogs Of Note section in the sidebar. If you want to contribute something to it I request that you post it in this blog entry only (it makes it easier for me to find things) or send me a message through email. In the near future I will make a new list. As well, I'll be tweeting the old name blogs through the STS Twitter account. I have to do those manually for old blog posts.

Anonymous said...

Toni Ann is onehotaussie,yourscaringme, keithsbowgirl and gdaylasucks. I'm guessing she's also neverland47 since neverland47 started posting after gdaylasucks stopped. Her sister is strawberrycream. Not sure who on E. Michele is iluvbutterflies and astilbe. Innervoice is also moongoddess. Sue is nomorefan, lynchher, ihateher, nkskids4sale, eggsandwich, banbotox and probably more. That tells you all you need to know about Sue.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

What are their real names?

SkewerMistress said...

FYI readers......no last names, specific locations, addresses, places of work, anything of that nature. Posts will not be published if they contain that kind of information. We want everyone to know their multiple accounts and personalities, what they do to deceive. Not where to find them in real life.

Also, the Twitter account is mainly to get the word out to others who haven't found the blog yet. There won't be any different information on there that isn't already here, unless you want to be updated on the latest post via Twitter instead of subscribing through Blogger. If you need, you can make your Twitter account private so that no ones knows you are following us. It currently says 0 followers on the page but there's a few subscribers and they are all doing it anonymously. ;)

Just a reminder, if you are looking for an old blog entry, every single one of them including the comments are still here in the sidebar. Nothing has been taken down except for a few embedded videos that were taking up too much bandwith.

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