January 2, 2010

Reader Wisdom

Anonymous said...

The reason the skeptics are hurting so badly right now is those pictures of Sunday. She's gorgeous and wonderful and there's photographic evidence there's NOTHING WRONG WITH HER. GET THAT MIMOSA AND GRET? She's acting exactly like a little girl her age should. She's responding to her environment on the balcony, riding a kiddie tricycle, and interacting with the animals at the zoo. In fact she's one brave sweetie because many children would have never done that at her age and those morons know it.

January 2, 2010 11:07 AM

Well said Anonymous. Nail on head!


Anonymous said...

ANYONE who would post hateful things about a sweet baby girl, are sick indeed!


Someone needs to tell the E! monsters their fangs are showing and they look foolish indeed!

Jealousy of a little girl is the height of ugle! (to the core) and EVERYONE can read it daily !

Anonymous said...

I totally agree with Anonymous. The skeptics can't stand that Sunday Rose is an adorable, confident child who looks EXACTLY like her father and has her mother's strawberry blond curls. The more beautiful Urban family pictures appear, the uglier the skeptics become. They talk like they're so concerned about Sunday but it's obvious Sunday is loved and cared for which is more that I can say about their own children. They should give their own kids the amount of attention they give Nicole Kidman. Can you imagine finding out your own mother was so obsessed with the life of a Hollywood actress? And that she spent hours on internet sites talking trash about her? Especially for someone like Gret who shoves her own kids in front of Keith at meet and greets to get attention. How pathetic can you get? Those old farts just don't want to accept the fact they are wrong about everything. Keith is happier now than he's ever been in his life and guess what? He doesn't need them as fans. He could care less.

Anonymous said...

According to Gret's twitter acct, she's a stay at home mom to 4 kids and a Bigtime Keith Urban fan. Maybe she should try giving a little more attention towards those 4 kids and a little less attention to verbally abusing Keith's wife. Ah, the boring day of a desperate housewife.

SkewerMistress said...

Gret's a member of Monkeyville. If there's readers out there who think all the skeptics have taken exile from the fan boards think again. Some of them joined Nicole's just to get information. Like HPT. She's got Ewan MacGregor as her avatar. BAHAHAHA!

countrycat said...

27, Sweetness, Gret, HPT. I don't gamble but I'd bet there's been a few more skeptics registered on NKU over the years. The sad thing is you don't need to be to read the site but they are so obsessed they'd do it anyway. The owner said they have recently gotten a ton of membership requests. How many of those are skeptics wanting access to the Keith and media sections now that they are so desperate????? I'm not doubting Nicole's popularity but I also don't put anything past the haters. If they think it's ok to stalk his neighborhood and hotel, joining NKU is nothing to them.

I wonder what Gret's 4 kids think of her verbally assaulting a mother and her child.

THANK_YOU said...

How many of those are skeptics wanting access to the Keith and media sections now that they are so desperate?????

I'm not a gambler either countrycat, but I'd bet you're exatly right about who's trying to get onto the NKU board. The owner is smart to keep those crazies away from her board & to be very cautious where they're concerned.

They lie to each other & stab each other in the back, so pretending to be a Nicole or Keith fan to gain access to that board would be nothing!

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