January 1, 2010

You Go Girl!

Giving kudos and props to the Kidman and Urban women today!

One for Nicole and Antonia....for going about their business, not worrying about image and celebrity, and once again just by living their lives proving the gossipers and the bottom feeders wrong. Skeptics didn't you say Antonia would be getting married at Bunya Hill? Didn't you say Antonia would be in Singapore for Christmas? All of you are wrong, wrong, wrong and your "sources", which is really just the internet, can't do any better.

Reports are there is zero activity on the property and the families may never make it down to Bunya Hill at all. However, even the media can't get it all right, incorrectly reporting Kidman and Urban said they would in fact be on the property. Of course that's not true. They merely said they would be in Australia with their families. Oh well can't get it all right! In any case that's a better track record than the skeptics! The past week has shown that it is very very likely they won't be there and had no plans to be.

"But their Sutton Forest neighbour Greg Barnsley told Confidential all had been quiet. There have been no cars or trucks going in or out and no marquees have been set up - basically nothing has been happening, whereas last year there was a lot of preparation before they arrived," he said.

Herald Sun

And a you go girl to Sunday Rose, absolutely rockin' it at the zoo! What a beautiful confident child!


Anonymous said...

I love that picture. Seems like the family have really been able to enjoy their vacation.

Glad Nicole spoke out and shamed them before the visit!

Thank you!

Anonymous said...

The reason the skeptics are hurting so badly right now is those pictures of Sunday. She's gorgeous and wonderful and there's photographic evidence there's NOTHING WRONG WITH HER. GET THAT MIMOSA AND GRET? She's acting exactly like a little girl her age should. She's responding to her environment on the balcony, riding a kiddie tricycle, and interacting with the animals at the zoo. In fact she's one brave sweetie because many children would have never done that at her age and those morons know it.

A couple more things. Any of Keith's relatives could have gotten inside the Sydney penthouse without the paps knowing. Kidman's parents are well known around town but the Urbans aren't. The nanny they have was said to have been a family member. If the media can't get that right there's no hope. She's been photogrpahed many times before but they don't have a clue. I am glad to see her there because it confirms to me that Kidman has always, as was the talk, treated employees like family. She is very loyal. And if the nanny's there the adults can enjoy some time together because Sunday is still at the age where she can't do everything and she needs her routine. Good for them. Jennifer Garner was spotted out with her kids and nanny during the holidays but you won't hear that from the skeptics.

Thank you STS. Hope you had a good new years.

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