January 25, 2010

Star Mag: A Lying Rag

We've been waiting for this and it's finally here. The skeptics caught up to a Star Magazine blurb, courtesy of musicgossip of course, concerning Nicole Kidman's career.

Here's the tabloid junk piece in it's entirety.

Nic Knock

Blame it on the botox? After bad reviews for her stiff performance in the flop musical Nine, Nicole Kidman has been dropped from three films: Bel Ami, Monte Carlo and a remake of the Marilyn Monroe classic How to Marry a Millionaire. "Nicole's not aging gracefully, and it's hurting her chances in Hollywood," says Micheal Levine of LCO, a public relations firm. But it's not all bad - Nicole is set to star in The Danish Girl. playing the first man to get a sex change operation!

Normally we wouldn't republish something like this but we can completely refute the story and show Star Magazine as the lying rag it is. Oh yeah and maclen's in this too.

So for those who don't already know Nicole Kidman has a production company called Blossom Films. It's commonplace for a star of her stature to have such a company. It enables actors to foster projects that may not have the support without them. They may or may not star in them but it gives that actor more control over what they put out to the public. But as is always the case in Hollywood, there are projects that never get off the ground or projects that take years to make their way into production. With any production company there are projects that get the green light from studios and ones that simply never happen for a variety of reasons. So let's look at Star's claims.

Bel Ami: This is the easiest to refute of them all. Nicole Kidman was in talks to star in this project with Robert Pattinson but it didn't work out because of scheduling. maclen as usual is incorrect and said that her people spread the lie that she simply passed. Well no. In fact it was recorded on video at a Nine press junket from Kidman herself that her participation wouldn't be possible.
HERE is a summary of that interview and video! Filming of Bel Ami is reportedly starting in a month with Uma Thurman taking over Kidman's role.

Now we come to the other two films. But first we'd like you readers to take a look at Kidman's company list of projects

This list is from IMDbPro, the professional site from IMDBb. It is the best representation of what Kidman has as far as projects possibly in development. As you can see she has only 7 projects in the works. Now for the skeptics and critics that want to say she has no intention of focusing on her family and is desperate to constantly be working what does this say? This says she isn't trying to work non-stop and as we all know most scripts in Hollywood don't make it to the screen, A-list producer or not.

In fact let's show the skeptics how wrong they are. Here is just a sampling of projects from an internationally famous A-list actor with a production company. We couldn't post the whole list, but there's over 20 projects and again, we know most of them won't go into production.

So let's get back to Star Magazine's lies

Monte Carlo: This is one of just a few scripts that Kidman's company is possibly working on. Of course, the problem with Star's claims is that this script isn't done or purchased or ready to go. It's all been rumor. And if Star knew anything they'd know that Nicole has been rumored to be taking on this project for 3 years. 3 years! She hasn't been cast because there is no cast to cast on a project that has yet to move. The rumor mill spit out that Julia Roberts was going to co-star but even that has not come to any legitimacy because neither star has commented on this film at all. In fact we at STS are inclined to believe the script definitely is not ready because it, like the Dusty Springfield project, is labeled as unknown. And as we know Kidman commented at a luncheon that that script was still not ready.

How To Marry A Millionaire: First let's get out of the way more of the misinformation Inept Team Maclen: Party Of One is spreading on Urban Myths. He claims that Monte Carlo and Millionaire are the same film. Ha! How stupid do you think we are maclen? Besides the fact the imdb list shows us you're wrong here's the facts. Monte Carlo is based on Jules Bass' 2001 novel Headhunters, a story of three Midwestern schoolteachers who ditch their boring Paris vacation to pose as wealthy women in Monaco. The script is being co-written by the attached director Thomas Bezucha.

Millionaire is a remake of the Marilyn Monroe classic by the same name. However, reportedly this script is being redone with a more modern take and decidedly abandoning the original plot. Now this script is an "optioned property" by Blossom Films. That means it has been purchased by them to shop around to studios. However, the option doesn't last forever. In purchasing the script they have a limited time to get it sold. If they don't, the option expires and anyone is free to purchase it and get it sold themselves. This is another project that has been rumored since at least 2007. Now if all one does is search IMDbPro they'll see that Kidman isn't even attached to star in the film. She's simply rumored. And in fact there was talk that the female leads would be unknowns and not A-list actresses. The project has a writer, Sacha Gervasi, and a few producers listed but that's it. No director, no co-stars. Where is this film going? We don't know, but STS believes that if these films ever come to the screen it will be a long way off.

The bottom line is it's a joke for Star to think they've pulled the wool over people's eyes. It's simply amazing how an actress can be dropped from films she wasn't already cast in! Even if she isn't starring in these projects she's still a producer and therefore still working. And of course the tabloid threw in a film where Kidman's departure wasn't widely reported. Commentator Levine glaringly omits any actual facts about the supposed "dropping" of Kidman, getting free publicity for his own public relations firm. We aren't surprised he believes that getting published in Star is a good thing and any mention of his firm is a good thing. We disagree. And of course the idiot skeptics nomorefan and Mimosa say this article says what they been saying all along. Well of course it does. All of you are lying.

musicgossip, how does it feel to know you are paying money for someone to lie to you? maclen how does it feel to be skewered again? nomorefan and Mimosa, how does it feel to see your lies blow up in your faces, AGAIN?

Oh and taralea/flyin/hitnrun you can stop lying about Rabbit Hole having no distributors.


Anonymous said...

ha ha Evie's lead blew up in their scary faces AGAIN. Good Job Evie.

Lead them down this path again. STS loves it!
Lean them off the cliff and
we will look at the fat pile at the bottom of the pit you dig.

No One would pay any attention to STAR. The minute that came out of their mouth it showed EXACTLY what idiots they are.

Anonymous said...

Is this the same skeptics who use to say the tabloids make up all the lovey dovey stuff? I guess it's only true if it fits the agenda.

Anonymous said...

That will show em = Don't mess with SM!

She knows her stuff, not the fake stuff you spend all your time looking for trying to look smart!

You flunked again.

Anonymous said...

People that take tabloids at their word are idiotic fools. Of course they probably believe in exploding heads & alien babies too!

THANK_YOU said...


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Re: Keith and Nicole: Dissecting Their Charts
Posted: Jan 25, 2010 2:21 PM in response to: nosoytonta Reply

I'll do KUNK charts, but now they're just charts of some celeb couple. What I won't do is get so engaged with it all.

OSL asked for a synastry chart between Keith and John Mayer. Based on what's in John's chart and the aspects between the two, I'd say Keith is going to have a good time doing this concert.

And now we can also all breathe a sigh of relief because middlesea has said that Keith will have a "good time" playing with John Mayer.

All it took was a little old "synastry chart" (wtf is that?) to come to this conclusion!

How about just putting two & two together middlesea - Like two out-of-this-world guitarists getting to play together? I sure hope you don't count on your chart stuff to make a living!

And if you missed it in her opening line, she's not going to "get so engaged with it all." Yeah right!

Anonymous said...

Oh sure. Middlesea's not going to get so engaged with it all.


countrycat said...

Phenomenal stuff SMistress! You would think they would have learned after the Globe airplane story got retracted but they'd have to have a brain for that to happen.

Just want to comment about Nicole's giving. The Artists For Peace was started by Paul Haggis who happens to be a very vocal ex-Co$ member. He had the fundraising event at his home (there's pics of Nicole at NKU). I really doubt that Nicole who the skeptics say is still in the Co$ and secretly uses their tactics would be allowed in the guy's home. If you've read his statements you'd know why and if she was still a member Haggis would know it.

Anyway, very proud of Nicole and Keith. Those totals you quoted don't count the album/singles sales so that's even more money coming from the telethon.

Anonymous said...

"Choice said...
Mikki - you mention Keith's CD sales, which have been less than impressive of late. Yet he won the People Choice Awards for best singer. Doesn't seem consistent to get that award while his latest album is a flop. Any thoughts on how he won that award then?"

Wow, how laughable is that "question"! lmao, Choice, we can clearly see you want "Mikki" to spout off more lies and nonsense!

SkewerMistress said...

The funniest part is that they called it a "flop".


Anonymous said...

The skeptics-haters must be having massive migraine headaches today with this article in Marie Claire, complete with a side-by-side photo from the SAG awards and another one taken when she was in her mid-20's. http://www.marieclaire.co.uk/news/beauty/439762/nicole-kidman-goes-back-to-her-roots.html

You can clearly see the same hairline, same high forehead, etc. So, skeptics-haters: where's the "proof" of all the alleged surgical procedures you made up? BAHAHAHAHA!
Eat your heart out, NK is definitely aging gracefully and looks absolutely beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Hello SkewerMistress,

just a little clarification on what you posted at the sidebar: "Nicole Kidman has pledged $50,000 for the next 5 years to Haiti through the actors social group Artists for Peace and Justice. "

It's really %50,000 per year for the next five years. So that will be a total of $250,000. We don't want the NK-haters to deliberately twist it to mean $50,000 spread out over 5 years.

SkewerMistress said...

Thanks Anon. You know that's what I meant but we've got it fixed now!

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