January 24, 2010

And The White Guys Have It!

Hater maclen came down on Keith Urban, Sheryl Crow, and Kid Rock for being "too white" to perform Lean On Me, what is considered a standard and a classic. It's too bad for maclen how things have gone down.

Taking a look at the iTunes charts for singles, we see that the top two songs from Hope for Haiti Now are being held by the inferior white guys. They are both in the Top 50 of all iTunes singles sold.

Now of course we at STS couldn't care less about race. We just find it amusing that maclen, the know-it-all of nothing, declares that the trio of Jay-Z, Rhianna and Bono is the best because he said so and look at how it has sold. Keith Urban's performance is outselling both versions of the song, Taylor Swift, and Beyonce. And too-white-for-maclen act Coldplay is beating out Jay-Z as well.

We find it funny he doesn't think the "Old Man" Neil Young, white guy from Canada, was not the most "white", his pejorative term, at the benefit. We find it even more funny that maclen doesn't like his "white guys"...unless they are with a twist of Lennon.

And this isn't just about the white guys. Maybe maclen you can tell "too white" Sheryl Crow, former backup singer for Michael Jackson, she didn't belong on the stage.

Maclen is an idiot and a liar.


yawn said...

That is the word that sums up McLean ... I-D-I-O-T. I feel sorry for anyone who has to come into contact with him in "real" life. Can you imagine working at an office with someone like this? What a living nightmare it must be with him spouting off being an IDIOT "know it all" about everything.

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Macphelm, for representing the Skeptics and for making it clear that Hootie is too black to sing country music.

Anonymous said...

Ya know what? It would be funny, and I would LOL, but for them to bring that into a charity event for a much needed cause, is really sick.

Be proud you haters for showing your TRUE COLORS , to the world.

Anonymous said...

For the record, I like hunky white guy guitar players.

LillyMae said...

Being a proud daughter of a Haitian father married to a North Carolian mother, the trio by Keith Urban, Sheryl Crow and Kid Rock-"Lean On Me" would touch the hearts of my parents who passed away years ago. It was well-sung and beautiiful. Thanks Keith and friends.

Anonymous said...

LillyMae, That is the nicest thing I have read in a long time.

That is the kind of comment that makes a artist's heart sing!

It is the kind of thing Keith tries to get acrossed to music fans alot. If a song touches people for any reason, it is a job well done!

WhoBStinkn said...

I did not know Sheryl Crow sang back up for Michael Jackson!

Anonymous said...

Here's a little pic WhoB


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