January 24, 2010

The Class E! Brings To Your TV

Wonder why E! allows the disgusting liars and haters known as skeptics on their message board?

An embarrassing Guiliana Rancic interviewing Up In The Air's Anna Kendrick at the 2010 Golden Globes

Thanks E! for having no standards!


Anonymous said...

The E! Channel? As in ...

A gathering of E!normously E!mbarrassing, E!gotistical and E!lementary school level "columnists" and "reporters"?

THANK_YOU said...

Perfect example of their total lack of taste SM & why the haters chose E! as the place to roost their fat butts. Poor Anna was SO embarrassed & looked like she could have crawled in a hole when that sleaze started yelling at George Clooney.

More proof of the haters' idiocy is that they can't see that how they speak on a message board, to complete strangers, is a telling sign of their character.

This saying fits them to a tee:

Character is who you are when no one is looking.

THANK_YOU said...

maclen said...
Oh yeah, the SAG awards are today...and not unsurprising, kidman is to present! So is cotillard and pen cruz... http://www.altfg.com/blog/awards/marion-cotillard-penelope-cruz-nicole-kidman-998/

...yes, the doomed cast of Nine must "walk the plank" for their failed film. Will it be another 0-fer? I'll tune it just to catch that!

January 23, 2010 7:09 PM

Hey maclen, did Nicole pass you up on an autograph attempt on one of her red carpet events? You sure seem to have a case of jealous boyfriend in you...or is it because Nicole got Keith?!

Anonymous said...

E! knows all about making $$.
E! uses the haters to make money for themselves.

Every HIT on that website produces revenue from their advertisers.

(which down the road ,and in the end results)
TO everything THAT MAKES A star A star IN A ROUND ABOUT WAY.

So my point is , in long a way down the food chain, IT BENEFITS the star!

Those haters add to the STAR power of the ARTIST.

Money people don't care about someone who is UNHEARD OF. They care about who causes the buzz, who gets the attention of fans, who the fans notice, who the fans talk about, ... who can make them money.

Those are the artists who get the interviews, the magazine spreads etc. & lead to the attention of all.

If you bring the whole thing down to help or hurt a STAR...........all the buzz counts and helps.

The haters are used and they are too dumb to know it!

These comments have nothing to do with talent.
Not addressing the STAR POWER of that.
I am talking about the Internet and Entertainment industry as a business in today's world.

Anonymous said...

YourScaringMe says to NeimanMarcus does your husband know you love Keith Urban?

Hey Toniann, Neiman wasn't the one who wrapped herself in a bow and made a sign that said she wanted Keith to unwrap her.

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