February 12, 2010

Get Some Sources Skeptics!



abc: I like most of the stills that she does, esp when top photographers and stylists are involved, however, the latest 20 page spread in Vogue Italia, (fuzzy thumbnails over at NKU), is a mess.

Women mostly do NOT enjoy acting out the stuff we see in the men's mags - although some may do it just to keep their man wanting it from you only.

The latest pics of her going for a pedicure show NK looking an absolute mess and not looking too happy.


Dummy skeptics, haven't figured out by now if the lingerie story is true it was sent in by the store? Free publicity of which you are helping to spread!




Tara:Could it be Ted knows something more about the marriage of Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman and this is his way of letting out a little knowledge.

Could Keith be buying the stuff for himself?

Funny isn't it that there was no sizes mentioned?
Of course we will never know
But I am sure the stuff was not ever going to be worn by Kidman.

dumbfounded:With that story about the trashy lingerie, I have no doubt that she somehow coerced Keith (either overtly or covertly) about going to that store. You can just imagine in that rat-teeth filled whisper mouth, "Oooohhh, Tom...Keifffy, you know I want outfits from (insert store here)..." She HAS to be in every spotlight and story, it seems. What a sad, sad, sad testament to a life...truly pathetic.They are both attention whores...

But hey dummies, it's LA and LA businesses think this is good promotion. Tom Cruise didn't think so when an LA boutique released a detailed list of purchases he made to gossip blogs and tried to use his name in promo materials without his permission. The employees must be as dumb as the skeptics!


Gimme Some Truth!




Anonymous said...

I love both interviews. Thanks SM. So Keith" lol

About the other E! thing I am LOL ! It is so "right up the trashy alley" of the haters to pounce on that one.

Ya know the ones that love to talk vulgar, chase roadies & truck drivers, or are older than the hills,
and especially the ones who can't even get a husband.

So it isn't the article that anyone cares about, it is how screaming funny their reactions to it are!

Besides it isn't even bad! That is one thing that really drives them up a wall. Keith & Nic = bedroom!

SkewerMistress said...

You got it. That is what's more interesting and relevant, the skeptics reactions to it. Especially because they said this was a contract marriage and they aren't husband and wife in the bedroom.

It's been one day and there's been wildly different reactions to this from the skeptics. They are all over the place because they don't have a clue. All that t needs to happeno make the circle complete is Oh " so" Leery will post they don't live in the same house and Keith planned the trip and the story leak to get out of the marriage. Just wait.

For a good laugh, be sure to check out the Loony Bin sidebar for a gem from MADISON.

Anonymous said...

ha ha Nic is like a 14 year old boy, until they want to pretend she had a boob job.

They can pretend all they want.

Keith & Nicole = hot , sexy , fun, loving couple! With a beautiful daughter too !
Eat your hearts out haters.

Grab the chocolate box you had to buy for YOURSELF on sale and sooth you hate.

Anonymous said...

OMG Madison , go back to WATCHING WATCHING, WATCHING looney !

Is "inside child" a technical term? BAHAHAHAHA!

Anonymous said...

NOW NO MORE FAN stalker of truck drivers and roadies, has moved on to Mall customers. lol lol

She must embarrass her husband DAILY!

Verity said...

Please say you'll post nomorefan's stalking story. She is insane!

"Years ago, my sister and I were shopping on a Friday night before Valentine's Day the following day. We happened to go into Victoria's Secret, and while in there, we spotted a very good looking man and you could see he was full of money by the way he kept himself. We watched him shop. He got a very classy and elegant nightie with a matching robe. He spent over $300 there alone. We proceeded to follow him through the mall and saw this guy purchasing the best Valentine's gifts for his woman. He spent a wad and really came up with some charming ideas. Anyway, my point - so I guess Nine Lips is no longer classy since she wears trashy!"

Anonymous said...

How can NO MORE FAN do anything NORMAL ?

Answer: She can't because she can't leave her computer long enough to get out of her pretend fantasy hater mode!

Anonymous said...

Do you mean taralea's sources never told her Keith is a flamin' transvestite?? Taralea, I thought you had REAL Nashville sources! Of COURSE Ted is trying to tell us that! In fact, he puts on a wig and pretends he's a brunette and wears bracelets to talk to himself!


Anonymous said...

Then there will be rumors flying that she is with an inside child. ~MADISON

Is "inside child" a technical term? BAHAHAHAHA!

Ha ha

The haters worst panic. Another beautiful baby someday!

Drives them crazy!

Anonymous said...

Oh I'm sure crazy as a loon Stephanie/tattler/americanwoman/probably Madison has already come up with a sob story about how upset Keith is that he was recognized while buying HER underwear. Note to Steph: Innervoice doesn't like the plaid shirts you give Keith. Can you buy them a size larger next time? We wouldn't want you to miss out on any secret message he's sending you.


Anonymous said...

On a completely different note, have you noticed the mad ravings of 27 of the CMT board of late?
I think she is more of a threat than the pathetic woman on E.
Here is someone completely obsessed with Keith to the point where she has herself and others convinced that she once was dating him and who writes messages to him every morning and every night on the board.
She has ramped up the crazy as of late. I just hope his management has a handle on this as her hatred of Nicole and her delusion that Keith should be hers is very disturbing.
She says she lives in Nashville but I hope that's just another lie.
Has anyone here noticed her desperation of late?

SkewerMistress said...

The I Love You Keith thread, the Sweetness Grammy thread, and her delusional insinuations that Till Summer Comes Around isn't doing as well because some fans think it isn't about Nicole and don't like that. She likes it because she says it isn't. She rattles on about how hard it is when the listener knows what or who a song is about, when she's the one with the hangup. Yes, it's all duly noted. She seems to have entered a full-blown obsession stage because cynicalgal on E! has been MIA....unless she's posting under a different name.

"Keith...Trashy lingerie huh? At least I would like the red and black bra...They are MY colors after all..."

And then we have Sweetness who seems to think she knows the truth because the light was gone from his eyes when she met him. Doesn't that sound familiar.

Anonymous said...

Geez. I didn't know about that.

Wouldn't CMT do something about a person like that?

I do know there is a button on each post to flag it for investigation by the monitors.

Maybe that button should be used!!!!

Anonymous said...

They are seriously sick. One will say she's not as bad as somebody else yet not one of them has the guts to call out the liars or stop the bullshit. They find something to hate everyday and don't even try to sound logical anymore. Cynicalgal, tattler, ohsoleery - they seriously think everyone believes them. They're so far gone from reality it's not even funny.

Anonymous said...

BTW, flyin is a 66 year old SINGLE woman with an alcohol problem. Her name is Gloria A (I won't write the last name) also known as Gloworm. She lives in Kansas.

Anonymous said...


SkewerMistress said...

Oh Anon 8:55 if only it were that simple!!! These women on CMT have been at it FOR YEARS. Does anyone here remember the poster called "lauke". She was the first skeptic I ever encountered online even though I didn't know that's what they were. Look at her name and see if you can figure her out. Got it? Lau + ke equals Laura + Keith.

Now why sweetness and 1urbanfan27 haven't been ejected is a mystery. It has gotten very bad over there at times, but no matter what they are never suspended or banned. Whatever deal they have made with devil to remain must be working. CMT has in the past took action. Kenny Chesney's board was removed, yes the ENTIRE board gone, because of his relationship with Renee Zellweger.

Why these posters get to stay is beyond comprehension.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
BTW, flyin is a 66 year old SINGLE woman with an alcohol problem. Her name is Gloria A (I won't write the last name) also known as Gloworm. She lives in Kansas.

That fits as she talked of going to the St. Louis Show. I heard she works in a drug store!


Thats a long time and a lot of hate!

Everything leads back to Mouthy Monkey in some name, shape or form.

Anonymous said...

Oh wait, I got flyin mixed up with cricket1700
or whatever her latest & OTHER names are.

She is the one who went to the St Louis show, lives in Mo. & works in a drug store!


The only thing I know about flyin is she is an OLD LADY and posts like a stupid jerk.

Anonymous said...


Posts: 12,066
Registered: 6/23/06
Posted: Feb 12, 2010 6:21 PM

Gee, my hair looks better the moment I get out of bed.


What a big ego you have hater!

SkewerMistress said...

Maybe it's just me but, her hair and hairstyle reminds me of the molded plastic hair that comes on the Lego people.

Anonymous said...

This is why the skeptics failed. They used every trick in the book to make Keith and Nicole look bad but in the end, they look bad. They lose. Their posts are so illogical and filled with spite and lies that nobody listens to them anymore. They should have stayed on their private boards and whispered to each other because they've made damn fools of themselves in the world of reality.

Anonymous said...

So basically theyre all 40 to 70 year old below average looking women who live in the midwest and work menial jobs, drink a lot and think talking to a bus driver makes you an insider? To borrow a phrase, bahaha. I should have known.

Anonymous said...

There ya go! Thats it in a nutshell.
anon 9:28

And they still luv Keith Urban. Problem is he got married and left them stuck in the midwest, with no husband and no more fantasy!

So now they drink and post nonsense on a public message board. LOL

Like that hurt Keith Urban. lol No , but they continue to make even biger fools of themselves than they did when they posted on fan sites and looked like idiots because they chased down a roadie or truck driver and considered themselves "insiders"

Wonder what they do about the tats they had put on their bodies? LOL

so now its a game. like when we were children,

Lets make believe, lets play pretend.
Only they are nuts , so how does that work out for ya haters?

Anonymous said...

anon 9:28

Yes mostly what it all boils down to.

They live sad lonely lives and their fantasy got taken away from they.

Taralea "hears" things . (in Iowa in a corn field)

They make up pretend lives in Nashville, pretend jobs they don't have, great lives that are a farce.

No one who writes the things they write on a public message board can have any kind of "normal" life anywhere in the world. They are crazy and could NOT hold a nice life together .

The truth is they spend all day on their computer, sign in as different people, have pretend personalities , and ANSWER THEMSELVES. lol

Does it get any loonier than that?

Anonymous said...

That 27 person is someone to be afraid of.
If you post on CMT, ignore that crazy person.

Attention if what they crave! Both of them.

Sad lives I guess.

Anonymous said...

They base their pretend Nashville life on a vacation they took there once. They quip on about places that aren't there anymore and have no clue how to give a direction. I remember one "insider" who said she lived next door to Keith but couldn't tell you if he had scrubs or what main street it was off. When they slithered off the private boards they forgot they were going to run into people who do actually live in Nashville. How dumb can you get?

SkewerMistress said...

Very true. Not only people that live in Nashville but ones that live directly in Leipers Fork and Franklin! One of them on a gossip blog said she knew Sunday was in swim classes and months later Nicole mentioned getting her in the Aussie ocean but it was different because she was used to being in a pool. None of the haters there believed this person but we know many of the haters are simply E! posters under different names.

SkewerMistress said...

That 27 person is someone to be afraid of.

If she isn't dangerous she sounds like she could be. When she says red and black are HER colors I hear Glenn Close saying it.

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