February 10, 2010

Maclen The Dumbass

maclen: Hey, did cletus call his daughter "Sunny rose?" Sad if he "misspoke" his own kids name! The orb should probably spend more time with her.

maclen: I dont have any past baggage, or the disillusionment.

People Magazine

Keith Urban Shares His 'Guilty Pleasure' on Piano

Country star though he is, Keith Urban can't resist the sweet sounds of '70s and '80s soft rock.

Urban indulged in piano versions of a few of his favorite tunes at a recent cover shoot in Los Angeles for the new PEOPLE Country issue, treating onlookers to an impromptu concert that included REO Speedwagon's "Keep on Loving You."

"Guilty pleasure!" laughed Urban, who good-naturedly complained as he tickled the ivories, "I wish I could really play."

Urban, who shared the true stories behind his music for the PEOPLE Country cover story, continued his playing with a medley of Elton John's hits. "I loved Elton John's voice growing up," he said. "He had almost a country sound to it."

Midway through the PEOPLE Country shoot, two of Urban's favorite fans arrived – a casually dressed Nicole Kidman carrying 19-month-old daughter Sunday Rose. Sunday, who Urban called "Sunny," plunked a few keys on the piano before practicing blowing kisses with her dad.


Anonymous said...

I think it wa the AMA Show, or one of the many Awards Keith won recently, if you watch the tape


His pet name for her and calls her that all the time ! I thought it was so cute.

I am sure that is what she is to him, His Sunshine!

Anonymous said...

Maclen has got to be the world's biggest dumbass. There you go, skeptics. You're reduced to Maclen and OhsoLeery as representatives.

Verity said...

Why does that dumbass use air quotes in every other sentence? He doesn't believe his bullshit either? lol

Anonymous said...

Who knows Shopgirl 525 ?

I think it sued to be shopgirl w/o the number?

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