February 4, 2010

Keith Urban: How Love Changed My Life

On the cover of People Magazine's
Country Music Edition


THANK_YOU said...

B E A U T I F U L!

Anonymous said...

Happy Valentines Day to US!


Anonymous said...

The inside pictures are quite yummy too.

Anonymous said...

Mod must have banned flyin and Mimosa because some of the stench is gone.

Question .. What's 121?

Answer .. the combined age of flyin and Mimosa


Old Erniesmom talks about Jimmy Whodat Wayne just like the skeptics talked about Keith 5 years ago .. an under appreciated do gooder who is sooooo sweet and would never do a girl under a table. BAHAHAHAHA! Jimmy Whodat Wayne would do a sheep under a table.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
I found this post to "us" from "IMAHICK" from Dec.


it says:
Nuts like OhsoLeery have ruined it for all of us. BTW, OhsoLeery is "her newest name."
She and her counterpart have been hitting the boards for years.
"She changed her whole personality for this "role." That should have told me something.

Isn't that interesting , that OSL changed her "personality" for this new "ROLE? "

If you watch sometimes she forgets and posts "out of Character" and sounds different. A few times she even forgot to "giggle" .

splain that Im A Hicky

Anonymous said...

Hey Hik, its not lady like to talk about balls on a PUBLIC MESSAGE BOARD.

Does say much abt. the balls owner, BUT IT SURE TELLS ALOT ABOUT YOU HATER!

giggle giggle

Anonymous said...

Hick, you came her crying around that you were not a typical hater & got lumped in with the other haters!

Give me a break. Do you honestly think the trash you write is NOT TYPICAL HATE SPEECH?

Like we told ya, you made your haters bed, go "LIE" IN IT!

How does it feel to get "your balls" served to you on a silver plate? giggle giggle...

Go look at all your crotch shot pictures of Keith and you will get the message!

No wonder most of those Haters have no husbands! LOL

Anonymous said...

HERE IS MORE OF WHAT imahick SAID TO us.......

I guessed it would come to this and I'm peeved beyond words.
I'm a skeptic and I can't stand the skeptics on E.
They do not represent me or my point of view but if this is true, it doesn't matter. I'm being lumped in with them anyway. Well I'm done with it.
If you're reading Keith, I'm sorry.

We aren't all two faced. Peace out.

Good Grief. I doubt there is another MORE two faced Hater around!

Anonymous said...

What is this whole "Kevin" thing about? She said "aka Kevin", and I know that looney toons leery sometimes calls Keith Kevin. Is it just a stupid way of trying to say people don't know his name?

SkewerMistress said...

Yes Anon. Just as the skeptics cruelly call Nicole's two older children Idris and Conrad. They say it's about KUNK but it's a pathetic excuse for them to be nasty to children and the parents. Same with "Suro". They made it up because it's close to Tom's youngest, Suri. It's documents under the "What Is Hate" section at the bottom of the blog.

Anonymous said...

Sue has a bunch of different usernames and she's used them to con skeptics and nonskeptics before. She's not the only one. The skeptics are stupid though. Sometimes a username talks or writes a certain way like using too many 'o's in the word to. Example "I went too the store." But they forget if that username hasn't talked to you in a while. Or they'll tell you they're in their 20s but forget and start telling you about 70's bands. One skeptic told me she was turning 30. I found her myspace page and she was 45 and had 3 kids. They all lie. All 4 of them. BAHAHA!

Anonymous said...

To IMAHICK/NOTAHICK because I KNOW you read this blog:

You say you can't stand the skeptics on E and you're not like them yet you post WITH them on E and Urban Myths and write about Keith's BALLS on E. You're a fuckin stupid douchebag. You think you're any different? You're an old woman whose been keeping track of Keith's life for over FIVE years! You're a moderator on URBAN MYTHS whose sucky blog does nothing but HATE! You and Middlesea aren't fooling anybody with your boohoo and threats about leaving the boards. You can't because you're ADDICTED to it. You can't stop looking to see what everybody else is saying. You log on EVERYDAY to talk to other skeptics because you have NO OTHER LIFE. You're pathetic and YES, you are as two faced as they come. And believe me, KEITH already knows. If you don't remember, look at the side at JB's open letter to you and your skeptic friends. He knows who you are and what you look like and where you live. AND he thinks you're a bag of shit. GROW UP! You've wasted 5 years of your life on somebody who now thinks you're a sick freak.

Anonymous said...

Ha ha they have to call in the big gun!

Taralea HAD TO appear! LMAO

Anonymous said...

LMAO, I love when they do dumb stuff when they get so desperate!

Taralea HELP the toilet is overflowing!

What the heck is Taralea mopping up their messes again?

Must be the library just closed, out there in Iowa in the corn field!

I love it when NMF is so dumb she can't see the forest for the trees out there in Minn. That looser makes every hater look stupid. I love it!

Anonymous said...

I get it .. Tara made IAH do it!! LMAO

Get over there on E! and be hateful or you are finished here at UM!


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