February 6, 2010

Nomorefan Likes To Visit Nicole Kidman United!

We would have never guessed, readers. Old nomorefan puts her foot in it again. You see, today she pops up on the Negative Thread which has been having a slow time of it, with an interview from Nicole Kidman. Except silly her she doesn't know that interview is OLD and has just been republished on another site, and recently reposted on NKU. WHOOOOOOOOOPSIE!

The original piece is from SHE Magazine, December 2009!

nomorefan: More lies from Nine Lips. Remember the quick, little get-away - remember the one where Suro got baptized, and he literally got off the airport and onto the stage for his show because his plane arrived late?

Nomorefan you must not keep up with reality. The fans know Sunday's christening was celebrated in Sydney in 2008! Baptism in 2009!


Pass the parcels

Tayissa Barone
January 26, 2010

Vicki Bonneville's client list includes actress Nicole Kidman and film director Bruce Beresford - she served yum cha to guests at Kidman's Whale Beach New Year's Eve party and catered at daughter Sunday Rose's christening.

Bonneville began serving yum cha in private homes 10 years ago.

She thought of the idea while living in Hong Kong. A chance friendship with restaurant staff led to an introduction to the chef and she soon found herself in the kitchen watching dim sum chefs.

On her return to Australia she tried her hand at catering.

Today, the food is made by chefs working in Chinese restaurants, snap frozen and then delivered to the event where it is steamed, fried and served. Some menu items, including duck pancakes, are prepared fresh - no Lazy Susan required.

When Yum Cha at Your Place was launched, convincing people it was possible to have dim sum outside its traditional hours of 10am and 2pm proved difficult but since then, Bonneville has served pork buns and spring rolls at weddings, wakes and dinner parties.

The greatest challenge was cooking in a nightclub without a proper kitchen but water and power are the only two essentials to the food preparation. Running water helps but Bonneville has been known to use buckets.

Her largest function was 500 people, the smallest was six.

Kidman's new year party was a sit-down event with duck pancakes and white poached chicken.

Bonneville has now branched out into Indian food, with Indian At Your Place but there will be no fusion of Indian and Chinese. ''What I'm about is offering top-quality food, really true to the cuisine I'm working on,'' she says. ''If I start crossing over it loses the purity of what I'm doing.'



Thanks so much to the fabulous team at Yum Cha at Your Place for making Nicole and Keith’s Sydney celebration of the birth of Sunday Rose such a wonderful day. The food and service were amazing, everybody loved the dumplings – so fresh and full of flavour.
A truly professional and friendly team looked after our guests; plenty of food, smiling service. Our friends were impressed and we look forward to using you again.The original Yum Cha catering service; Wonderful concept, why would you use any other?
Janelle Kidman
October, 2008



Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
LMAO, I love when they do dumb stuff when they get so desperate!

Taralea HELP the toilet is overflowing!

What the heck is Taralea mopping up their messes again?

Must be the library just closed, out there in Iowa in the corn field!

I love it when NMF is so dumb she can't see the forest for the trees out there in Minn. That looser makes every hater look stupid. I love it!

Anonymous said...

Oh yea, Taralea don't beat them up too bad. they are trying, its just that they are STUPID~

Anonymous said...

Whoopsie, NMF got caught with her hand in the cookie jar! BAHAHAHAHA!

I bet you when she was in school years and years ago, she's the type of cheater who would copy someone's answer, except she wrote the copied answer to a totally different question.

Anonymous said...

SNOOZE Fest on the Negative Thread!

Susie has to post old articles.

Anonymous said...

Another case of using something old and misunderstood. But Nicole did say in a radio interview while promoting Nine in London that they had Sunday "blessed" at a little church in Italy. And Keith did come close to missing the show in Boston (I was there). He told the crowd about being in Italy & the plane issues. I actually hope the baptism in Sydney in 2008 is inaccurate on somebody's part. They were there for only 2 weeks in August 2008 while Nicole did reshoots for Australia, then she went to London to start on Nine. Keith actually flew in and out because of his show dates & Nicole said during an interview at the March of Dimes walk in Nashville in 2009 that Easter of 2009 was the first time that Keith's father had seen Sunday. Maybe this wasn't really a Christening, but a "celebration" hosted by Janelle as said in that letter.

SkewerMistress said...

Anon, do you have a link to that London interview?

I guess the question still remains is being "blessed" the same as a baptism. It sounds like something very informal.

Anonymous said...

There is no way anyone knows there every move is there? And why should WE.

Why does it matter?

The point was NoMoreFan stole the old article off NKU and thought it was NEW.

SkewerMistress said...

I completely agree Anon 9:46. The only reason any of this is being brought up is because something wonderful is a point of contention among the skeptics and predictably they have refused to address the articles above that were posted on the Positive thread. The only reason I ask about the interview is that it seems to have been missed by everyone and I'm sure fans (this commenter included) would like to hear it. I agree we won't find out all the details nor should we. It would not surprise me if several events occurred to celebrate Sunday since family is very important to them. The whereabouts of the Urban grandparents, whether they were there and choose to hide from the media or weren't there for their own reasons, is at the end of the day no one's business.

Anonymous said...

Good on ya SM.

Pin the haters to the LIE.

Their damage control is so funny , they can't seem to shoot straight can they? They keep shooting themselves in the foot!
So what do they do, move on to another LIE.

They fall into their own traps day after day!


Anonymous said...

Who cares when Sunday was baptised? Only obsessed people who HAVE to know EVERYTHING about Keith and Nicole's life. They'd be smart to focus on their own lives and children.

God get a life people.

Anonymous said...

ha ha ha

nomorefan got caught again!

what a pice of work, not a brain in her head

Anonymous said...

I couldn't find the actual interview, but here is at least part of the story. It's somewhere on NKU if you want to continue the search. And I stand corrected, they did use the word baptise.


In the interview,she also talked about the food & some kind of pizza with strawberries. That stuck with me because it's been said that she's allergic to strawberries.

And 11:11, I do have a life, but when things don't quite add up, I'm going to question it.

SkewerMistress said...

Anon, Grazia is a gossip-style UK magazine. Not a reputable source. The strawberry pizza story was recorded on video by the Oprah show so that we know is true.

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