February 2, 2010

Keith Urban: Paving The Way To Help Haiti

Kanye West didn't show up at the Grammys on Sunday but he did participate Monday in a new recording of the charity song "We Are the World" -- with Barbra Streisand, Keith Urban, Celine Dion, the Jonas Brothers, Akon, Tony Bennett, and about 70 other stars.

Producer Quincy Jones, who produced the 1985 version, assembled this cast to make a new recording to benefit the recovery efforts in Haiti. The original "We Are the World" raised $60 million to combat hunger in Africa. Bob Dylan, Ray Charles, Stevie Wonder, Tina Turner, Bruce Springsteen, Billy Joel, Diana Ross, Willie Nelson and song co-writers Michael Jackson and Lionel Richie were among the vocalists 25 years ago.

Before Streisand arrived, only two other artists had laid down their work. Carlos Santana recorded a guitar lead and Celine Dion did her own solo vocal. Before the day was over, Hudson, Natalie Cole, Gladys Knight, India Arie, Usher, Keith Urban, Wyclef Jean, Pink, and a few others would record solo leads.


Verity said...

Good onya Keith!

Can't wait to hear the finished product!

Anonymous said...

whats the opinion of nosoytonta ?

Is this a game?

SkewerMistress said...

It is probably too far-fetched for nosoytonta to actually be Lainey but wouldn't be hilarious if it was? She's trying hard to write in a similar desperate-for-attention manner at least. One thing they do have in common is they sound completely stupid.

Anonymous said...

Well this isn't funny

Oh " so" Leery

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Posted: Feb 2, 2010 3:19 PM in response to: nosoytonta Reply

No! NO! noysoy my dear, you can always praise a poster, that's fine. But you must never!! ever!! say anything nice about the two jugheads this thread detests!!! Ok matie???

You are a fun poster nosoy. We do need your fun especially after I get through with the two arses!!!!!!!!!!!


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Posted: Feb 2, 2010 4:22 PM in response to: Oh " so" Leery Reply

I read in In Touch Weekly that he is using heroine again.


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Posted: Feb 2, 2010 4:46 PM in response to: TheLadyChablis Reply

> I read in In Touch Weekly that he is using heroine
> again.

oh no, they didn't...!

Seriously, I don't believe this, and I mean it. Heroine?!?!?!?!? perhaps the guys at In Touch caught KU talking about NK's new role in an action movie or something?

hold on to your seats, my pretties...we are heading for a bumpy ride...

SkewerMistress said...

Circling the wagons again....

Anonymous said...

I wonder which one of them sent that "tid bit" to In Touch to begin with.

Anonymous said...

They aren't that smart. But someone is !

They are just small potatoes!

THANK_YOU said...

I wonder which one of them sent that "tid bit" to In Touch to begin with.

I'm thinking nomore. I bet she took the slams at Lainey's reputation very personally.

When you get validation of all your sick thoughts about a celebrity couple, from a gossip columnist, how else is a girl supposed to feel, but disappointed? Even though nomore herself is one of the "sources"!

Maybe she felt it was time to spread her knowledge (*cough cough*) around a little, so In Touch was the lucky recipient!

WhatAWaste said...

I think maybe somebody's a little jealous she hasn't had a blog entry devoted just to her!


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Re: Keith and Nicole: Dissecting Their Charts
Posted: Feb 1, 2010 7:24 PM in response to: flyin Reply

Oh heck...wouldn't all this just be easier if we just shook our Magic 8 ball???


Am I still Box Office Poison?




Did I marry the Roaming Gnome???


"Probably, yes."


Will I pimp out another tot?


"Without a doubt."

See how much time you can save yourself Middle??? Hahahah.

Hey dumb-f***, glad to see you're reading & we could be of help with your comedy routine! Pretty lame though to use someone else's material. ;)

yawn said...

Oh for Pete's sake what a bunch of f'n morons. How stupid DO they want to look? Never mind - I know the answer ... VERY.

Anonymous said...

I wonder what it feels like to have a really hateful heart?

To be so consumed by hate day in and day out?

To have hate fill your days?

One thing is clear, it isn't just internet posting (though that takes up most of their life) but it has to be daily in their dealings with everyone who knows them and everyone in their lives.

Anonymous said...

I think "TheLadyChablis" has been drinking it.

Now how many drunk skeptics can we name?



Sue the bottle blow job giver.

Anonymous said...

Boy they are having a gay ole time posting about NOTHING. lol

How stupid are those recent comments and lies. proven wrong, they just keep right on .LMAO

Desperate people.

It predictable when Keith does well, they fall to pieces. When Keith shows Nic all the love, they implode.! ha ha ha

Anonymous said...

I was thinking that same thing Anon 12:31

Every other night we get another drunken haters. lol

Off the deep end and blabbing nonsense! (and by the way thinking everything they say is relevant and funny & clever)

Ever run into one of those slobbering drunks in a bar? YUK...

Hope they have a headache the next day!

Anonymous said...

Add theDumbA$$ .

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