February 1, 2010

The Skeptics' Epic Flop

Bravo skeptics, haters and Inept Team Maclen: Party of One! You've managed to top yourselves in the categories of Idiocy, Hatred, and Making Colossal Asses of Yourselves. Before we hand out the statues, let's give them a hand for flopping harder than a shortstack at the IHOP!

As soon as the 2010 Grammy Awards ended the skeptics went into denial mode. A day later none of them have discussed Keith Urban's win except for....you guessed it....idiot savant maclen!

maclen: as a reward from the grammy committee for his "help" last year during the Brown/rhianna controversary stand in

Yes maclen, the Grammys hand out awards for showing up and contributing for 5 minutes. Your ANALysis is a gigantic joke. There is no "Grammy committee". Voters apply for eligibility by being credited on no less than 6 tracks appearing on releases available for sale in the United States. That means voters from every genre and technical field of the recording process voted for Keith Urban. It is no coincidence Urban has won the Vocalist award 3 times. The emotive quality that comes through in his voice is second to none.

So the mess begins with okievegacowgirl, showing up just in time for her to complain about a 3 time Grammy winner, 4 time nominee on the night, and an Oscar winning actress getting screen time!

okievegascowgirl: Why on earth was the Grammys so intent on cutting to them at every possible moment? I mean, I've always enjoyed seeing KU geting attention at industry events - even now - but that's a former fangirl speaking. But in reality? WHY ARE THEY EVEN RELEVANT, in this situation, I mean? I swear to God, it wouldn't kill her to let him go to a high-profile event on his own so that idiots like Ryan Seacrest might actually talk to HIM, instead of asking her to come stand closer.

DUUUUHHHHHHH! There's nothing more to say than that!

innervoice: I skipped the Grammys for several reasons, one of them being that I figured the Kidmans would be featured ALOT, via audience camera shots. Ugh. Why waste film/tape on those two?

No career, no popularity but you knew they'd be featured on the telecast! BAHAHAHA!

So the body part obsession begins. Because they can't actually talk about Keith Urban's win, or presentation! BAHAHAHA!

innervoice: Damage control probably felt a bit strange, considering that the gnome hasn't felt anything between his legs since 2005.

nomorefan was disappointed at the "Sad Hot-Man Buffet". Because that's what you watch award shows for...only to see hot men you can lust after. Yes nomorefan you are a CeleBitch!

nomorefan:Did you notice the one and only question Ryan was given to ask was to clear up Mr. Nicole Kidman's big mistake for advertising to download illegally? How did that tail feel in between your legs Mr. Nicole Kidman?

How does it feel to be shown for a liar?! That wasn't the only question and everyone knows it. You forgot to say that Seacrest wanted Nicole to get closer to him and ineptly (you would know all about that) forgot to congratulate Keith on his win!

flyin: The Grammys, I watched, Keith walk in those tight pant, saw him when he was sitting in those tight pants, nice.

We know flyin, we know. You were waiting in anticipation for that first shot of him. You loved it because you were obsessed. BTW all of you are old enough to have lived through the 1970's. Keith Urban's pants wouldn't cut off any man's circulation but keep dreaming. We know you wish there was a Crotch Cam to go with your Crotch Shot Mentality!

erniesmom: Only a man without a bulge can wear those..............hahahahahahhahaa

Mimosa interjects so we can't help but comment

Mimosa: Just because it was something we posted about here a while back doesn't mean that it was never talked about on other boards,either, way before he ever met NippyHo. The subject DID NOT originate on the eboard.

Yes, you were lying then and you're lying now.

Mimosa: Nah...those tight pants are full of nasty ol' Noko Cooties.....EWWWWWWW!!!

Didn't you say there was a contract, this wasn't a real marriage. You might want to read THIS article to see what a real marriage is.

dumbfounded: Even if he did break up with her, why would someone even want the dude after he dipped the wikki into the crabpot, ya know?

Ya know, you'd be first in line if given the chance. Just sayin....

Oh " so Leery": Well since we're not sure what she is, she may have dabbled there quite a bit!!!!! ((giggles))

Giggle giggle. So immature and so full of lies.

So morons here are your awards. Enjoy them. They're cheap plastic Chinese imported junk from the Dollar Store. How long it will take for you to own up to Keith Urban's 3rd Grammy win? Never! In the meantime, with every post we can hear another one of you flop!


yawn said...

SM- you deserve an award for listing all this shit of theirs. Thank you. I also see the lastest quote from Mimosa on the side - are you f'n kidding me ... I don't know whether to weep or laugh. She is THAT stupid and sincerely cannot see the big fat ugly growing longer by the second nose on her face can she? Holy shit ...

Anonymous said...

Keith is one of the singers on the new We Are The World while Jimmy Wayne is out walking in 15 degree weather. Good cause but sorry, what a moron. Nobody even knows who the fuck Jimmy Wayne is.

The skeptics try so hard to make it look like they don't care about Keith and Nicole but they can't wait for new pictures or videos or awards shows so they can look at "Keithy"s crotch and hate on his wife for getting it. Sorry grandmas, but Keithy's taken and even when he wasn't, he didn't want you.

And thanks to Oh Looney for giving us daily proof that the skeptics are lying sacks of shit. Keep up the good work. You've single handedly made the skeptics a laughing stock. ((bahaha))

And Mimosa, take a bath once in a while. You smell.

SkewerMistress said...

Anon, you are exactly right concerning Jimmy Wayne. There is bringing awareness to a cause and then there's stupidity. It's like trying to help hurricane victims by showing up to an area that is about to be hit by one. What he is doing is foolish, not only for his personal health and safety, but for the simple fact that he does not have the name recognition or celebrity for this to work. He needs the celebrity of a Keith Urban or Nicole Kidman for what he is doing to be effective. A better method would have been to organize walks in various towns. Get the communities involved, the promotion rolling, and Jimmy can walk and make appearances at each site. What he's supporting is a great cause, but he's going about it completely the wrong way.

Can't leave out the fact that if his CD was doing well, or on a major tour, or up for awards he would not be on the walk. His management and label would have a heart attack.

Doesn't hurt to remind the skeptics they've posted less than a handful of posts about Jimmy's new record and we've all noticed it.

Anonymous said...

Mimosa interjects so we can't help but comment

Mimosa: Just because it was something we posted about here a while back doesn't mean that it was never talked about on other boards,either, way before he ever met NippyHo. The subject DID NOT originate on the eboard.


You know, when she tried to cover up the Big Tale that OSL tries to peddle "lately ". LMAO
You know, 10 years ago before either of them ever heard of a guy named KU !

Isn't the giggle so cute from a foolish old women!
I bet it drives them all nuts when they try to post their "news" and here come OSL behind them making them look like goofballs !

Anonymous said...

News flash===================

Mimsy, DumbA$$ , Flyin , NoMoreFan

to name a few got their butts deleted by Mad . haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Anonymous said...

Sue posted this morning. How about OhSOLooney? She should have been banned a long time ago. Thank God Mimsy is gone.

SkewerMistress said...

Haven't been on the boards today....


Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

They think they own E!

but ya know what? The other posters over there, KNOW THEY ARE NUTS, and compeltely ignore them or chase them off their threads.

Anonymous said...

Censored for listing "another site " too.


SkewerMistress said...

Darn it! Mimosa getting banned is too good to be true I guess. E! would have to have grown one brain cell between the mod and tptb.

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