February 27, 2010

Mentally Ill Mimosa Speaks & We Say...

Mimosa: Well...let's just turn that around then, and look at it from the other side. Should we draw conclusions from years and years of posts from his most...dedicated and zealous...fans? All the cookies baked, and buckeyes made...all the scrapbooks and quilts...all the scouring the internet for the smallest slight to the Messiah of Monkeyville....all the thousands of dollars wasted on CDS and traveling to see essentially the same show year after year...
I think every one of them actually believes they know Keith, and they'd love to have access to his private life.

The skeptics don't care that much. We like to make fun of KUNKY because they ask for it. That doesn't mean we want to know him, or any of his secrets.
We have a different frame of reference.

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Let's examine the "different frame of reference". Or as those of us in the real world call it, INSANITY!

Since I work with addicts every day....I can tell you that you are very misinformed about the way addictions work. 98% of addicts are not really grown up in any sense of the word except physically. They are extemely immature and needy emotionally. Free will is not a concept that they utilize because they don't comprehend responsible behavior. And Keefy's lifestyle enables him to remain a child with no real responsibilities. That's why he thinks Granny and her money saved him.

Nobody really believes KUNKY is a legitimate couple with the passion of a normal relationship.

Outside of Monkeyville...nobody believes that KUNK is the real deal.

I hope the Pellicano trial reveals a few more of Granny's secrets, and we can finally get rid of her here in the US.

Her audience is mainly trannies, some Europeans,and a scattering of fans who have hung on to KUNKY through internet worship sites.

It's my opinion that Nicole Kidman has a sexual interest in boys.

The problem with the necrophilia/ buckeye-baking crowd is that none of them will tolerate the truth about Baldy and Keith.

Publically, no one was allowed to see the baby's full face until the red spot on Suro's forhead had faded away. We only saw the side of the baby's face in the very early photos. She always forced the baby's head down. You can't tell me that was accidental.

I wouldn't go see a show even if he was single, and still making music that I consider awful. I make my decisions based on that, and that's why I was a fan 15 years ago. His music is no longer as appealing, and that's the real reason a lot of people pass him by. It's mainly the music that has him in trouble.

I think Suro's behavior is kind of odd for a toddler. She isn't reaching for Keith, or acting like she really has any idea who he is either. I don't think she has strong attachments to anyone, except maybe one of her nannies. He got her to show something close to a smile, but she still seems detached. She acts like she's just there because the tall, smelly, pale woman is carrying her, so she has no choice. Most toddlers will run to, or reach out to, a parent that they love and have been missing. She acts like Keefy is a funny person who seems familiar, but not like her Daddy.I feel bad for Suro. She always seems too self-contained for a baby. I just don't think she's all that happy.

They can say what they want about me...I don't care. I just consider the source, and I know it's no place for me to waste my time. I feel the same about all the KUNKY worship sites too. Total waste of time and resources.

Let me repeat this one more time.....nobody "hates" Nippers or Keefus.


Anonymous said...

Well she is ugle inside and out!

Must suck to be her and her life.

Anonymous said...


What a sad sad creature.

Anonymous said...

Run Jimmy run. The haters are (insert laugh) hot on your trail. You will be next!

Anonymous said...

No wonder she HIDES behind lies. I would too!

THANK_YOU said...

Let's take another look at Mimosa's profound comments, shall we?

The skeptics don't care that much.

The haters don't care that much? ARE YOU KIDDING ME? People that don't care, STOP & MOVE ON!

We like to make fun of KUNKY because they ask for it.

Yeah, you sick puppies like to make fun because you've never matured beyond junior high humor, and think that name-calling & trash talk is "fun".

That doesn't mean we want to know him, or any of his secrets.

So you don't want to know any of his secrets, or about his personal life...is that right?! So why would nomore be snooping at someone's bar order in a Nashville hotel & going to a restaurant that Nicole & Keith had once dined at? Why would she & other haters be hanging out around the roadies & truck drivers every change they got?? Why would the haters sign up for Google alerts for KUNK? Why do they feed their own brand of truth & "facts" to Lainey, only in hopes of getting inside info themselves?

We have a different frame of reference.

You can say that again. That's because you're stuck in the year 2005, pre-Nicole, and things haven't been the same for you sad losers since.

My god, imagine the minutes, hours, days, weeks, YEARS, you've spent "not caring" about Keith & Nicole. It boggles the normal person's mind.

Anonymous said...

AWHHHHH Mimsy doesn't like the truth she read here today.


Anonymous said...

OMG she is old and withered!

What a laugh!

Now I know why no one would give her a second glance. Ugle in and out!

Anonymous said...

Don't you wonder what a hag would get out of saying vulgar things on the internet?


Some one should tell her pretend doctor.

Anonymous said...

Ha what does that tell ya ?

Its Saturday night and Mimsy is on the internet saying vulgar thing. LMAO


Anonymous said...

The closest Mims comes to working with addicts is selling them Starbucks as they leave the methadone clinic.

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