February 26, 2010

The Skeptics & Ted Casablanca:
Peas In A Pod

from October 27, 2009....

Dear Ted:
Not good to compare Chris Brown vs. Rihanna to Nicole Kidman. Chris Brown committed the act of violence himself, and Nicole Kidman did not. I agree that it would have been wise for her to address the issue, but the security guard acted of his own free will, and he did it either as an independent contractor for her or while under the employ of a security agency. It probably was a legal choice on her part, like it or not.

Dear So Diplomatic:
What, are you like a rational thinker or something?


Anonymous said...

The haters are just desperate because none of their "insider" scoops came true. Keith's not paving the road towards his divorce, Nicole didn't fake her pregnancy (at least according to her Nine costars who discussed her breastfeeding) Pretty hard to breastfeed when you didn't give birth. Both their careers are soaring and both are considered superstars and A-listers much to the disappointment of the haters. The best they can do is pull up old stuff from the past and beat it to death. I feel sorry for their husbands and children because Mommy ain't goin let it go if she hasn't had attention (or her meds) for awhile.

Anonymous said...

Susie said she nearly fell out of her chair because she was laughing so hard at a picture of Nicole. Now she knows what we did when we saw the fat ass, low cut, trucker hat, spray tan, waxed upperlip picture of her. Only we didn't nearly fall out of a chair. We rolled to the floor and nearly died of hysterics.

Anonymous said...

They do not care if they are right, they just say crazy stuff and then drop it when caught , like they never said it.

Then move off to more jibberish.

Adn if you asked them, they would say I didn't say that. And they H N R will jump in and say,
You didn't say that, you said ------ thats different.
Then it can be fought about for 2 days.


Good ole HNR

Anonymous said...

Thats the same NOMOREFAN, the raving beauty we all saw all over the internet. Right?

Passed out durnk.

Anonymous said...




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Re: Fresh KUNK thread.
Posted: Feb 26, 2010 5:47 PM in response to: Verity Reply

Years and years of posts Mimosa tell the tale.

Well...let's just turn that around then, and look at it from the other side. Should we draw conclusions from years and years of posts from his most...dedicated and zealous...fans? All the cookies baked, and buckeyes made...all the scrapbooks and quilts...all the scouring the internet for the smallest slight to the Messiah of Monkeyville....all the thousands of dollars wasted on CDS and traveling to see essentially the same show year after year...
I think every one of them actually believes they know Keith, and they'd love to have access to his private life.

The skeptics don't care that much. We like to make fun of KUNKY because they ask for it. That doesn't mean we want to know him, or any of his secrets.
We have a different frame of reference.


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Re: Fresh KUNK thread.
Posted: Feb 26, 2010 5:53 PM in response to: Verity Reply

No it is true. Everyone has free will. If a grown adult wants to do something they will.

Since I work with addicts every day....I can tell you that you are very misinformed about the way addictions work. 98% of addicts are not really grown up in any sense of the word except physically. They are extemely immature and needy emotionally. Free will is not a concept that they utilize because they don't comprehend responsible behavior. And Keefy's lifestyle enables him to remain a child with no real responsibilities. That's why he thinks Granny and her money saved him.

Mimsy get over yourself. You are a secretary at best. Probably less than that.
You have a mighty high opinion of your Christian self !
Forget the phoney lectures. You couldn't pass the test to work anywhere.
They would know you are nuts.

Anonymous said...

Hey NMF its Sunday. First to jump right in there and spread your hate.

Oh yea, I forgot YOU DO THAT EVERYDAY!

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