March 3, 2010

Down The Idiot Hole Maclen Goes

Despite Inept Team Maclen: Party Of One's continued efforts to deliberately lie about Nicole Kidman's upcoming film Rabbit Hole, Skewering The Skeptics brings the real news.

maclen:and sure to bomb if ever released, Rabbit Hole was in long enough development at fox searchlight before they dropped it.

maclen: So her indie Rabbit hole is still in post-pro for the past 7 months and still has no distributor.

maclen: Ha! limitation was forgotten due to film deadlines kept getting pushed back?" Does that remind anyone of a recent "oscar bait" film recently released 2 month ago...and a month later than originally set because of "production delays?" As kidman has proven over and over again, "production delays" for her films NEVER come out very good!


Korzeniowski To Score Rabbit Hole

Polish composer Abel Korzenowski, who was recently nominated for a Golden Globe for his acclaimed score for A Single Man, has a new project on his schedule: Rabbit Hole. It’s a drama directed by John Cameron Mitchell (Hedwig and the Angry Inch) and stars Nicole Kidman and Aaron Eckhart as a couple who are trying to find meaning in their lives after the death of their four-year-old child in a car accident. Fox Searchlight will release the film and Kidman’s Blossom Films produces.

37-year old Korzeniowski had his big break in the business last year with the score for A Single Man, but also the large-scale orchestral work for the animated science fiction epic Battle for Terra. His other credits include PU-239 and Tickling Leo.

Movie Score Magazine


Anonymous said...

Sue is in hate overdrive. I can't imagine what life must be like for her kids. What a sad woman.

Anonymous said...

I'm right! I's witty ! I stomp my foot a lot!

I am a NUT CASE who can't see the forest for the trees she nut live in!

I AM NO MORE FAN, the idiot of E!

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