March 6, 2010

Professor Mimosa, Go Back To School!

Professor Mimosa, who has a degree in twisted logic and hypocrisy, and another in stupidity, was lecturing this weekend. We were fortunate enough to capture her teachings and transcribe them for you here. Mimosa is so much smarter, so much more educated, so elevated above it all. She's the first person to tell you what to do, and the last person you should listen to with her hate-fueled rants. What would we do without her massive ego!!!

My kids were required, by me, to take a class that our local high school offers in their curriculum about how our culture is affected by the media, and how we are all influenced by all different kinds of media. I think it's especially a good thing for girls to know how sexualized the images of women are in the media, and to understand that normal healthy women are not usually a size 0.

And some fans of celebrities need to be educated on PR and media manipulation as well.

I think it's short sighted to think parents can control all perceptions, because that's impossible to do. Teens are influenced by exposure to all kinds of things. And it's not just teens...parents are influenced too.
Didn't someone on here post photos of aging celebs wearing fashions geared mostly to those under 30, and not realize that they were being influenced by the media to see these people as young, and to maybe buy and wear those items themselves when they are middle aged? After all, if an older celeb can dress like a 15 year old, and it's accepted, then those companies will sell more, and the celeb will get more work. That's what the whole idea of celebrity was created to do...make money for products through exposure by the media. It's been a very successful marketing tool, and it was created by...the media. The media influences everyone, all the time, whether a parent is involved or not. It's impossible to stop.

This is not true. They don't analyze it. Teens don't process information that way most of the time. They are influenced even when they don't realize it. Everybody is.

It's ridiculous to believe you're aware of all the ways advertisers use to sell their products, because many of those methods are subliminal. Maybe it would be a good thing to learn about it...say...from a course that's being taught somewhere. Not even a parent has all the answers all the time.


Anonymous said...

Even a 7 year old can see she is full of SHI*

At 40+ she must be a fun person to be around. With her sturdy shoes, plain dark colors & NO HUMOR!

Like most Know it Alls, they are very unhappy people.(it shine through in her posts)

And all Spaz & oppssss can talk about is skinny women and bones! They must be a "TON" of FUN too.

THANK_YOU said...

As nomore would say, "Nail - head!!", anon @ 6:16!!

Only women, very insecure in their own looks, would rip apart Nicole's appearance on a daily basis.

Only women, very insecure in their own relationships, would tell us what's wrong with Keith & Nicole's constantly.

Only women, unhappy in their own lives, would give us the low-down on why Keith is faking his own happy life with his beautiful family.

Ony women, who really DO care about Keith, would still be posting (going on 5 solid years) about KU, his wife & career.

Grow up ladies, admit your extreme disappointment in your fantasy boyfriend marrying, and get on with your OWN lives.

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