March 7, 2010

It's Deja Vu All Over Again!

Oscar Time 2009, last year....

nomorefan: So how many Skeptics here believe that it would take not having her hair stylist today to make her not present tonight?*waving my hand*

astilbe: I think that was just the excuse she used because her movies have crapped out so badly lately. She's embarrassed to show her face in front of all those really talented people.Especially Kate Winslet.

Oh " so" Leery: She's not going to be at the Oscars cause nobody wants her.

presenting at the 2009 Oscars


Oscar Time 2010, this year....

nomorefan: I have a feeling the Academy didn't come knocking for her to present this year.

hit n run: Everyone who's anyone will be at the parties tonight. Its her best hope of getting back into the HW circle and getting her career back on track.

Mimosa: Nippy's too humiliated by all the criticism of her role in Nine to show up at the Oscars. Janelle's birthday is a convenient excuse.

The Academy is so sick of her they put her in a promo spot for the ceremony!

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Anonymous said...

Can anyone say they are so stupid.
Can you say still sitting on the same computer at the same place spewing the same silly hate!

Waving my hand in the air!

They are stuck in a rut trying to say Nine was Nicole's film. Anyone reading that would spit their coffee all over they monitor!

Nice try , but facts don't lie, JACK!

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