March 7, 2010

The Skeptics Get It Wrong Again!

innerevoice: My prediction is that KUNKY will make appearances at all of the hot parties in town tonight (to be sure they get photographed with that forehead thing they do) and then leave for Mummy's birthday tomorrow.

hit n run: No photos of them catching a plane to OZ. Everyone who's anyone will be at the parties tonight. Its her best hope of getting back into the HW circle and getting her career back on track.

Mimosa: You may be right, but I don't think they will. I get the feeling she wants to lay low during the Oscars.

maclen: My take, I'm willing to wager she cares more about attending after parties to try and rustle up film roles than to be with her mom on her b-day! Well, we'll see...

mikki: maclen, the mom's birthday story is just to cover for not securing a spot as a presenter. If she goes to the after parties, I hope she has better luck mingling than last year when it was only the Murdochs and designers who paid any attention to her. She might want to leave her country boy husband at home. Hes a constant reminder that shes given up the Hollywood glamour for the simple live. She should show up with her new manager, who is probably better connected than she is right now.

maclen: just noticed kidman old fling, lenny kravitz at the oscars...seems kravitz had a small roll in Precious...perhaps kidman fled the country rather than be in the same room with 6 month old flame kravitz! You know the one she probably claims she was engaged to...after only a few months together. Probably too embarrassed to be in the vicinity.


Oh and by the way hoosierlady, that pathetic link you posted in regards to a story that Nicole declined to meet Gwyneth Paltrow in Nashville recently? When she hasn't been in town and they are old acquaintances to begin with?


From 1995...



Anonymous said...

Ha ha ha SM! Ya mean the corn fields & the trees and the beer bottles let them down again!
More like they couldn't get the information off NKU or .net as they kept it mum this time. I bet they have been scratching their heads all day wondering where or where was Keith! LMAO

So much for any source they pretend to have. LMAO all day about that!

Like you say, just toooooo darn easy to see right thru those haters. I guess they like MAKING FOOLS OF THEMSELVES day after day!

Anonymous said...

Especially funny is the comment by innervoice!

Remember last week she said she was a authority about EVERYTHING.
Must the the innervoices IN HER HEAD LET HER DOWN TOO.

What a dork!

Anonymous said...

Luv the picture SM.

What a great family! Just living their lives to the fullest together!

Anonymous said...

It all very funny, because their only purpose

in life is to find out every single detail about Keith Urban.
Where he is, what he does, what he said, and where he does it!

Oh yea, and to cut up his wife as they can't stand the fact that he loves her very much, and has a beautiful daughter now.

Anonymous said...

MIMsy Bimbo says:

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Re: Fresh KUNK thread.
Posted: Mar 8, 2010 7:45 PM in response to: KM1AR2KI6EU Reply

> > If Keith hadn't appeared he would have been
> > criticized for that too.
> Absolutey. If they had done the skit without Keith,
> it would have been he wasn't good enough. He wasn't
> hot enough to be in the Hot Men Club. See no one
> cares about him anymore. They didn't want him theredsome anymore

Nah. Nobody would've even noticed he was missing. He wasn't anything special in the skit, and he didn't add anything much to it...not like Matthew and Jim K., or even Lenny. It's not like the whole skit would've been flat without Keefus making his little appearance. Let's not blow it out of proportion...he won't be nominated for an Emmy or anything.

No one care about Keith Urban (nor do they seach the internet hourly to find pictures of him)

tee hee. Do they realize what comes out of their mouth?

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