March 28, 2010

Hello Jakra777! Old Skeptic, New Name

Greetings From The Motorcycle Hall of Fame Museum!

Jakra777: Hi Ive been reading your thread for quite sometime. I find it very interesting but I never had anything to ask. Now it struck me the similarities between Sandra B Jessie J and Nicole K Keith U that I wanted to ask do you think it would be interesting to compare Jessie J and Keith U to see what comes out? The same with Sandra B and Nicole K ? Just a suggestion.


Anonymous said...

Had not noticed. Sounds like a jerk tho.

Anonymous said...

Same jerk, different name. If it ain't OhsoLooney, I'll eat my hat. How can I pretend to NOT be interested in KUNK? I'll create a new name (with secret numbers relating to Keith that only I know about-haha) and post on every Sandra thread until I can find an excuse to talk about KUNK again. I know! I'll asked Middlesenile to do a chart!

Not only dumb as skunks but as transparent as Casper.

Anonymous said...

How do you spot a skeptic?

Look for a dumb asshole.


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