March 29, 2010

So The Skeptics Can't Figure It Out!!!

neverland47: Is this current or old news resurfacing?

nomorefan: So KUNK flew out of LAX again, and those paps, that we have been told live there 24/7, never got a picture of them leaving?

nomorefan they haven't been in LA for some time! BAHAHAHAHA!


nmoawad: just saw Nicole Kidman heading to the Baptism area of the Dead Sea in #Jordan
8 days ago from web (Twitter)

On an unrelated but relevant note....because the skeptics don't know their ass from a hole in the ground and nomorefan is lax in her Dierks Bentley gushing on E!, click HERE for an exclusive DB song courtesy of Esquire Magazine. Available today only, 3/29. Enjoy!


Hi Ted, nice to see you grasping at straws again!


Anonymous said...

I laughed like hell watching them lost over where Nic and Keith were last week. Where's your sources, skeptics?? See, if you really had sources, you wouldn't have had to scour the internet for days! You're clearly on the WRONG side!! Bahahahaha!

Hey taralea! Where are they now? Ask Stephanie and let us know! Bahahahahahahaha!

Anonymous said...

So much for the "insider Nashville " info!


The box of rocks is empty!

Anonymous said...

Skeptic suicide = opening their mouths.

The more they speak, the deeper the hole.

Dumb as doorknobs.

SkewerMistress said...

The more they promote Ted the more people come by to tell him he's full of shit.

Anonymous said...

The skeptics say Nicole is dead in Hollywood but Ted talks about her all the time. Does that mean she pays Ted? Or is she an interesting topic? Or does Ted just like the skeptics worship?

Anonymous said...

flyin getting her butt kicked by E! posters who have their number!

Hey stupid, don't ya think someone knows HATE when they read your posts for 5 years.

Gosh you really are stupid,.

You better slink back into the shadows.

Tara, see what your TED/Conncection has gotten you?

HATER username. Ya see one, ya see them all.

SkewerMistress said...

I think it's clear Ted likes the worship. There's an endless amount of celebrity goss he can talk about and yet flimsy skeptic-friendly blather is what he chooses to publish.

Verity said...

astilbe just told everyone she's been at NKU again. Like we didn't already know!

Anonymous said...

I think if anything gets the haters and E! in trouble it will be their goings on about Sunday Rose.

That is below even them!

Anonymous said...

is it obvious to everyone that the so called Tara is the die hard hater who keeps this going?

The one who works so hard in her sneaky ways to insert where she wants the conversation to go and keep going.

The source of her utter dismay?
Keith has a wife who he adores and a darling baby daughter, despite all her work to discredit him for 5 years.

Anonymous said...

I just know that Sue and Michele were still happy KU fans when this all started.

They are so stupid they jumped on the ship late, and for insane reasons , got addicted to HATE.

That is some big problem they have that they would just join up with a few haters and continue until this very day.
That is their own strange burden. WHY? Its nuts in itself. Let alone think they are somehow important by posting on a stupid message board no one even reads... And spending every waking moment of their life on Keith Urban.
They talk about Nicole, but that is because she is the object of their hate for doing something to them! Good heavens.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


Spaz1980 is another dumba!! who strolls along like a sheep

What got crazy middlesea involved is her great need for attention. Guess she is a certified loon!

Anonymous said...

"People can mythologise and think what they want." ~Nicole Kidman

"We had a sympatico that was unexplainable and we feel no need to explain it." ~Keith Urban

Seriously, the skeptics are just nuts and Keith and Nic do not care.

yawn said...

The skeptics are so stupid they couldn't figure out how to lick a stamp.

Honestly, they do get dumber minute to minute, hour after hour, day after day, year after years – and prove it with every key stroke and ugly word of hate.

Anonymous said...

So Sue and Michele came to the party late? Were they part of the Mates skeptics with taralea, mouthymonkey, palladium, and nashville spy? Those were the originals skeptics but taralea seems to be the only one who turned to hating and lying just to keep it going. Did everyone else wise up or are they other usernames now?

Anonymous said...

Well at least they can keep the conversation going with a few pages of Catholic Doctrine and the rules of holy baptism. This is the third go round on that subject.

Anonymous said...

Oh yea, back to baby talk. That is because they are void of any info . So much for any source they regularly claim!

Just have to rehash all the same things they have said for over 5 years. And they say Keith and Nicole are boring LOL

Anyone you would give some credit to for atleast sounding sane once in awhile, is out the window now. They can't even manage their superior attitude without sounding like a dumba**.
Back to the mirror for a look see haters. it ain't pretty.
Reality got ya in the big fat butt again!

Anonymous said...

Yeah Nic and Keith are boring and nobody likes them anymore. That's why the skeptics have spent 5 years talking about the same OLD things. Those losers can talk all they want about Catholic Doctrine and the church but there's not a true Christian among them. Haters, pure and simple. They might as well join the taliban or the nazi party for as much as they hate and want to destroy Nicole Kidman.

Anonymous said...

You're right Anon 1:37, Christians would never mock the Nativity story the way they are...they disgust me.

Anonymous said...

They have to find something to mock. They don't know where Keith or Nicole are and it's KILLING them! Bahahaha! Sucks to have taralea as your source!

Anonymous said...

Disgust is not low enough!

Next week they will preach their Christian MORALS.

You can tell what their morals are pretty plainly !
The church stuff they say is just more lies as they pretend to have a life!

They think what they say is clever? It shows the world what they really are, and all the other posters on E! know it.

Anonymous said...

Other posters on E! are speaking out too!

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