April 11, 2010

Back To Back Lies From The Skeptics

Everybody's a liar but the skeptics. That's what they want you to believe.

How many videos/pics of Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman at Whole Foods does one need to know yes, Virginia they do eat there. How many tweets like the one from the official NY Auto Show Twitter account does one need to realize the website isn't homebase for KUNK sockpuppets.

smorgas91: Ummm, in my opinon, not having anything to say between married people doesn't necessarily transalate to lacking in love; sometime they reach a point they know each other so well, words are not needed; yes, also could indicate have nothing to communicate for negative reasons. Have read some bloggers' experience meeting the couple and say both weren't too bright, couldn't carry on conversations. So they're lacking in words because both shallow, stupid and having nothing to say to each other (he's thick, she weird)... a match made in heaven!

From same blog

rememberwhen: Isn't it funny that all these people that tweet see them in places that Ke and Kidman don't have to talk to each other. I know of several people that have seen them go out to eat or to Starbucks and they just sit there. When it is time to go Kidman looks at Keith he nods his head and they leave. Now you tell me how can they be so in love it they don't even say two words to each other?

So Skeptics, maclen, Urban Myths and the private hate boards....our question to you is....where are all these blogs? You've obviously missed out on many opportunities to repost these "bloggers" who know "the truth". Isn't it amazing after all the sightings which are true, and there's proof left and right Keith and Nicole have a life together, that now there's phantom blogs that only the skeptics have found to vindicate their lies. Convenient vague stories that say exactly what is said on E! by haters who have never met the couple. What's even more ridiculous is that no one on Twitter posts what these "bloggers" said happens either. The "truth" doesn't get spread on E!, Urban Myths, Choice's pathetic copycat blog, or anywhere else. It all pops up when something needs to be said to keep the Skeptic Myth alive.

Oh we know, those bloggers must be the "old folks" erniesmom knows who funnily enough, with their silence, confirm what the skeptics say about KUNK. Don't get us started on the several people rememberwhen suddenly knows, now that there's been an increase in sightings and positive words!

How the skeptics, who don't live in Franklin and ALL used to be Keith Urban fans, know all the people with all the dirt is truly a miracle! A skeptic in TN was Urban Myths' source...for tabloid articles. That's the extent of their knowledge!

Skeptics why not stick to reporting on Jimmy Wayne? You're so far behind in that department. How you could skip over Jimmy's walking crew getting stopped by the police in your updates is appalling. Get to work!


Anonymous said...

I don't understand why this skeptics call themselves KU "fans". As far as I see, if he and Nic are actually lying, why do they think he's the victim and not her? Can anyone explain? And how can someone still "admire" a "fake" singer like Keith? If he's indeed lying? I mean they are still wasting their time... it makes no sense!

Anonymous said...

Hey SM: Maybe the blogs are private because of nutcases like YOU!! Ever consider that?

SkewerMistress said...

Hey nomorefan: do you mean the skeptics hate blogs that were private BEFORE we came along? There's no need to keep them all behind closed doors if it's the truth. We aren't an excuse. You're all playing games with fans and each other. It's the height of stupidity to come here and try to defend yourselves! You're telling yourselves lies and hoping the rest of the world believes them! Too bad no one does!

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