April 5, 2010

Breaking Down The Stats & The Skeptics

There will be some changes to the visitor log on Skewering The Skeptics. While it has been an eyeopener to see this blog has such international traffic and that the skeptics are here 24/7, we have received a couple of concerns from legitimate readers (i.e. non skeptics) about the ISP issue.

When the visitor widget was chosen we didn't know the feature would be clickable and that reader ISP addresses would be available for everyone to see. Our intention with this new feature was to show the skeptics that this blog is read by many, that we know they are here even when they only send a few hate comments a month, and as a bonus to see how broad a reach this blog has. A geographic log accomplishes this without the ISP reveal.

Having only been up for a day, the results have already surpassed any expectations. However, STS does want to make this site safe for everyone.

So with that said, a new tracker will be in place on the blog, but this time it will be invisible. We've found one that is comprehensive and far more useful than the location widget. The map you see above is from the new tracker. The other features are quite impressive

What have we learned so far? Let's take a look....

  • Most readers come from bookmarking the site

  • The ones that don't use the search "Skewering The Skeptics"

  • A few found the site yesterday by searching for defunct E! skeptic board names, Yukionna and oldhickory

  • We received 193 visits to the site between yesterday and today (Note: blog owner's ISP is excluded from the stats)

  • 68.04% came from the United States

  • 14.95% came from France

  • 12.37% came from Australia

  • 4.64% came from Brazil

  • Most visitors use Internet Explorer and a PC to view the site

  • One person used a Blackberry

  • A skeptic who recently said this site is pointless and a waste of time visited the blog for over 20 minutes

Fascinating information isn't it? From time to time we'll give you updates on the data we receive. Bottom line is the skeptics are here all the time!



Anonymous said...

That didn' take long to figure out SM.

Since we arlready know who they are, it was easy to see when they were here.!

I wrote down their info!

it was hilarious to see! Every few minutes a few were checking in!

Been There Heard That said...

Let me guess, that skeptic is Mimosa!

The Urban family had a nice Easter Sunday at church. What did the haters have. A lonely day in front of their computers.

SM have you tried a live activity feed? I've seen a few blogs that have it and it lists the location and what they are reading but you can't see their isp.

SkewerMistress said...

Been There Heard That, I found a very good one yesterday but it's a lottery to get it on your blog. The creators send out so many invites per week. If this blog makes it I will definitely use it. Unfortunately any kind of free map or list widget uses the ISP's to get their tracking information and makes it available to the public. Not something I had anticipated since I hadn't looked into it until recently. Ultimately safety is a concern but it goes both ways. We don't need to encourage personally attacking the skeptics just as the fans deserve some privacy as well.

Anonymous said...

It looks interesting SM and I hate to not be supportive but it all seems invasive to me. I thought the purpose was to bring people to the blog, even skeptics, and show them how wrong they are. I think it might make people disappear all together. Even for me just knowing you can read all my information creeps me out some. I'll probably not come here to read the comments as much but keep up the good work.

SkewerMistress said...

Anon 9:22 I respect your position but this is exactly why I took the public tracker off the site. The point is to prove the skeptics come here all the time but rest assured I will not be reporting readers specific stats. Unfortunately the tracker can't sort out the readers from the haters. Also please know that any site at all, including the skeptics' hate blogs, can install an invisible tracker without your knowledge and have your information because it's legal and a legitimate method people and businesses use to improve their websites.

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