April 4, 2010

Some Fancy New Thingamajigs!

Spring has sprung and we've decided to add a few handy new tools to the blog! Isn't that photo of Keith nice!

1)A New Site Index - In a few days STS will be re-indexed in all search engines by blog entry title and not by "Skewering The Skeptics". What does that mean? It makes the blog more visible in search results and more easily connected to the skeptics' antics online.

2) A New Search This Site Feature - In the sidebar below Blogs Of Note, you can now search every blog entry.

3) Sidebar Visitor Location Widget - Oh this should be fun for the skeptics. Results are updated in real time. Say hello haters to the nobodies that don't read this site!

Mimosa, you might want to save the burial insurance idea for the skeptics and maclen. You are THE EXPERTS at digging your own graves!


Anonymous said...

Oh HI Gret! I saw you visited the site! Hi to you too Mary and innervoice! Wow! Click on those suckers and it'll take you right to where they live! Sweet, SM! Bahaha!

Figure it out from your widget said...

Great! Now we skeptics can see where all the anonymous comments are coming from. The ones who are too chicken to sign their names. We know where people live too. Whatever

Anonymous said...

Anon 3:47 Don't understand what you mean.

Anonymous said...

What makes the haters think Nicole wants anything different in her life than what she is doing right now?

Anonymous said...

Hello haters.


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