April 19, 2010

Skeptic Fantasy Versus Reality:
2010 ACM Awards Edition

nomorefan: Then I saw them quickly photographed on the orange carpet together and that was it for her

Quickly? How come there's so many red carpet photos? What we posted last night was the tip of the iceberg. And call us crazy but the photos of the couple laughing and joking don't exactly say "Let's do this quick". Really, don't look too hard nomorefan or you'll find many pics of Nicole saying hello to fans and giving autographs. This is just one of them.

The 2010 ACM show opened with Keith's "Kiss A Girl" playing over the opening credits.

Introductions were made by host Reba McEntire, for the 8 Entertainer of The Year nominees.

Reba: "How about our own Urban Cowboy from Australia, Keith Urban [huge applause, skeptics check the tape]. Keith has everything you'd want in a man. Great voice, killer style, and a weakness for redheads. What am I thinking?"

Nicole approves of the introduction!

Nicole and Keith give Miranda Lambert, pre-win, a standing ovation for her performance of "The House That Built Me"

nomorefan:Anybody see Nine Lips after Carrie's performance? The camera went to them, and her hands were on her lap while everyone else was clapping. The moment she noticed the cameras on her, she quickly lifted those arms and joined in with everyone else. How can you sit front row and not clap after a performance like that? How disrespectful!

One more lie from you after another nomorefan!

She's clapping and lowers her hands just as the camera finds them. She's got something in her hand, adjusts it, and starts clapping again! She doesn't even bother looking into the camera.

Keith, Nicole, and Taylor Swift applaud Brad paisley for his Best Male Vocalist win.

Keith and Nicole are one of the many country music couples featured during Reba McEntire's performance of "I Keep On Lovin' You".

innervoice: What do I see this morning as soon as I turn on the morning news? Ms. Coy Face in her marching band outfit, standing for when Miranda Lambert went onstage to accept her Best Album award. Can any country artist out there win something and not have the camera pan to Kidman for her reaction? REALLY????

She's there courtesy of her A-list country music husband. Don't like it, lump it.

Nicole applauds for Miranda as she accepts her award.

nomorefan: She looked stupid singing along with Mr. Nicole Kidman. Maybe she should pick up how to act when your husband is performing from Faith.

LMAO! You're pissed off she was caught rocking out twice! All those years of you whining that Nicole doesn't do enough when Keith is performing. BAHAHAHAHA!


Radney Foster: "Wow! Keith Urban just did something amazing on the ACM's with my song! That is a great feeling."

nomorefan did you see Taylor Swift and Kristian Bush from Sugarland loving the performance?

neverland47: She never does anything until the camera is on her. I doubt Carrie is one of her favorite people.

Lies! Nicole, Keith and Taylor clapping for Carrie Underwood

nomorefan: Also, regarding the award he did receive for bringing attention of country music to other countries. Gee, where was Mr. Nicole Kidman born? Didn't he play country music there first? Hasn't he been touring in Europe and Oz for years? Why this award now after all these years?

Because hater, no one receives this award until they've reached a certain career status. Who else has won? Artists like Buck Owens. Dolly Parton won last year. This is a prestigious award that has zilch to do with what country you were born in. Jim Reeves was an American who was hugely popular overseas when he died. Get it through your thick head.

Jakra777: What happened to the amp? Nobodys got a spare one? I dont get it. This guy with all his money and he has the worst equipment I have ever heard of!

Oh Jakra777, the amp was never mentioned on television. We're supposed to believe you're not a skeptic? BAHAHAHA! Amps blow out. It's that simple. The best equipment in the world is not fail-proof. Furthermore your ignorance shows it is not a matter of just "getting a spare one". Musicians of Keith's caliber carefully choose their amps and guitars for performances. It is all finely tuned and calibrated for a specific sound and quality. Yes, amps affect the end product of a guitar just as much as strings, pick-ups, pedals and any other equipment. You also need to consider a LIVE televised program cannot simply stick a performer with a full band setup in the next slot if there's technical difficultly. How anyone could be surprised that his performance was put at the end is beyond comprehension.

And finally Tweedle Dumb and Tweedle Dumber.....

maclen: ...obviously, the theme of her attire..."High School Band Majorette"...the only assessory missing is her baton! Boy, she makes it so easy...the theme today boys and girls, is the fashion line from "High School musical". You see, she is obviously attempting to "play youthful" in her bit part in the sandler pic...that will surely reinvent her image...no doubt playing up the whole "procedurally enhanced' angle...

erniesmom: Again he was totally stinko//Whats with the glittery guitar strap?
Maybe Lenny has one........haha
Did anyone notice her singing along? So stupid!

If I were his Mother-I wouold smack the crap out of him and tell him to open his da$% eyes......She is the true HAG.

Oh Pardon me---------The Hag with MONEY!

Another hater upset she was singing along. Too damn funny. Nicole chose another ensemble from designer and friend L'Wren Scott. Clearly a strategic move just as Inept Team Maclen suggests! LOL

"Finally Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman looked great. Nicole was as sexy as ever in a dazzling black and white outfit that showed off just enough of everything she has. Keith rocked a simple dark suit with a white shirt and skinny black tie. Bonus points go to Keuth for not being an ego-manical turd like Tom Cruise was when married to Kidman forcing her to where flats so he he could look taller."


"Nicole Kidman channeled a simpler style, more fun than usual, in this black & white dress from L'Wren Scott Fall/Winter 2010 runway (the same look all the way down to the caged ankle boots). It's nice to see her in something other than knee-length pencil dresses & formal gowns. She actually looks more relaxed!"


65% of Huffington Post readers liked Nicole's outfit!

Huffington Post

So skeptics, it's always a good idea to check the tape! You'll be found out every time! Funny you don't have one word of substance to say about the show or Keith's stellar performance. BAHAHAHAHA!

It's. Just. Too. Easy.


Anonymous said...

It is funny that they now criticize her for singing along, when they usually criticize her for not liking or caring about his songs.

They are so mad that she fits in just fine at the country awards shows, and that Keith is totally and obviously in love with her.

Anonymous said...

The skeptics are so jealous of the enormous attention Nicole received at the awards show. If you check out, she was even more photographed then Taylor Swift or Carrie Underwood... and they say she is an actress that doens't have a career anymore... Oh well, but she was the highlight of the night, sorry to tell you that! =P

Anonymous said...

Good job SM. Tell em like it is!

They can pretend all they want, but photos, tapes and comments don't lie.
Only they do that.

Hater get a life, you are done! Pass the fork.

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