April 19, 2010

E! Online Skeptics And Maclen
Creating Some Huge Whoppers

The skeptics are horrible liars. Inept Team Maclen is a horrible liar. After the ACM's two days ago they just don't know what to do. So they go back to the beginning and lie. It's big whoppers folks. As big as this bad boy you can actually order at Burger King in Japan. So it's back to basics for this blog. Let's get down to it and Skewer The Skeptics...and maclen!

First off let's dismiss the story that the E! Online skeptics could barely pay attention to what was going on with Keith Urban's performance. They'll spend hours making up lies but they can't be bothered to watch a tv show? Keith Urban ADD? The same show where they pay attention to every little thing Nicole Kidman is seen doing on camera? If you buy that I've got a great story to sell you about diphtheria! BAHAHAHAHA!

tangledupinlove: Then real late in the show, they show KU backstage right before another commercial and again they said he'd be next, so not sure what happened or what all that was about.

erniesmom: Um, WHAT was he trying to achieve, with that camera guy on stage, and the grainy video-like footage, and the camera pans back and forth to a computer screen showing his performance?? I missed the very beginning so did he say what he was trying to do?? About 7:30 cst they announced that Itty Bitty would be on in 16 minutes..I was flipping from DH to the awards and thought I had missed him....Then they said he was up next....OH TG I didnt miss him!lol When he actually started It looked as though it was taped....Then I did see that stupid camera guy....WTH was that about? I heard no explanation for this..anyone else hear anything>?

nomorefan: didn't see his name on the graphics.

tangledupinlove: You're totally right. They didn't announce his name at all as being next, or show his name on the graphics.

Keith Urban's Old-School Techniques Shine
Posted: April 19th, 2010 at 1:34 pm | By: Alison Bonaguro

Of all the slick tricks and production gimmicks artists poured into their performances on this year's Academy of Country Music Awards, I think I liked Keith Urban's the best. Because his was kind of the antithesis of all things hi-tech. When he started on Radney Foster's "I'm In" from 2001, he brought his own video camera out onstage and started pointing the lens toward the fans. But then when he was on camera, it was a very grainy image -- not at all hi-def. Hi-def can be a good thing. Like when you want to know what brand of false eyelashes someone is wearing or if you want to be able to read the text message in someone's back pocket. But when you just want to focus on the music and not necessarily get caught up in the crisp clarity of the video, grainy low-def may work the best.

CMT Blog

Nobody's buying it skeptics but it is interesting to see you contradicting yourselves in the same conversation no less. After are you are the same haters online analyzing photos and pretending that Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman are sooooo irrelevant.

spaz1980: Did anyone see the audience pictures? Interesting how NK's assistant was the designated seat filler when Keith was on stage.

But guess who was paying attention....pretend non-skeptic skeptic Jakra777 a.k.a Oh " So" Leery, a.k.a. Oh " So" Loony!!!!

Jakra777: I couldnt get over that his amp blew and he was an hour late. So why not go on anyway he didnt get the amp replaced that was obvious.

Oh Jakra you were backstage? LOL Meanwhile after Jakra posts this the skeptics continue to pretend they still don't know what happened that night.

The real kicker is nomorefan. She always brings her Skeptic A-Game. Read this quote regarding "I'm In" and try not to laugh

nomorefan: I agree, and I assumed Mr. Nicole Kidman wrote it because it was so cheesy! Someone needs to start picking out his songs for him.

BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! You, nomorefan didn't know Foster wrote that song? You are a HORRIBLE liar. If you look back at articles and interviews Keith was plugging the album when you were still singing his praises. You know exactly who wrote the song. He's told everyone in articles and on an iTunes podcast. Keith always gives credit to Foster. This lie is just as believable as "I didn't watch any Keith Urban videos online this year".

Defying Gravity Song By Song

Inept Team Maclen has changed his story yet again. He incorrectly predicted Capitol Nashville was going to drop him. He incorrectly interpreted cd album sales. He lied and said Keith Urban wouldn't be touring. He lied and said Keith has no career. Well with Keith set to go into the studio after the much anticipated summer tour what does Inept Team Maclen have left to lie about? Award shows.

maclen: "So Monkeylanders...get set for a disappointing career for the orb these up coming years...and with a dud...a career fatal anchor like kidman at his side...I'm sure you'll at least be able to eventually catch the orb at your local county fair.

Where was maclen to mourn for his self labeled "dark horse"? Taylor Swift went home empty handed and he has no commentary for the actual awards because he cannot comment! He's back to attacking fans and this time it's Monkeyville. We say bring it on. The more he talks about country music the worse off he'll be.

And finally the nastiest comment of the day award goes to...it's a tie! Drumroll please..... erniesmom and YoureScaringMe. Their compassion and understanding is timeless!

erniesmom: Since when does IT go for sparkle? Hes really starting to look more Gay every show.She is turning him into a real LA ****..(No offense to our Gay community.)

YoureScaringMe: And I'm really starting to think Keithy really is gay after all. He looks NOTHING like he did before he hooked up with his Baby Girl. I guess her transformation of him is pretty much complete, and it's NOT good.

Don't worry skeptics Nicole's not left out of this. The next blog will be all about her and the current lies you are trying to make true. Stay tuned....

In the words of one of your own...."Change your routine up please! You're just too predictable and pathetic, it ain't funny anymore."

And thanks nomorefan for stopping by....AGAIN!


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Give Me Some Truth..

Right on SM!

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He he Taralea is a bit grumpy tongiht! LMAO

It must really kill her seeing Keith and Nicole so dang happy and having so much fun!

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Go SM Go!

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