April 20, 2010

Nicole Kidman:
Skeptic Whopper Edition

Oh dear readers, the skeptics and maclen have played right into our hands. It's almost as if they want to be told they are bold face liars. Well they are. Now that the ACM dust has settled they are back on Nicole, back to old-fashioned lies anyone with a brain can debunk. Haters you might want to keep those fingers in your ears, we're going to be a while.

Let's Skewer Some Skeptics....and Inept Team Maclen!

The biggest myth they are spinning is that Nicole snubbed Gwyneth Paltrow and now Paltrow left the Danish Girl project. This story has been debunked 100 times over. Let's look at the facts

1. Nicole has known Gwyneth for some 15 years
2. Nicole wasn't in Nashville when the made-up snub supposedly happened

But Inept Team Maclen: Party Of One is holding onto dear life posting what he calls "news".....it's really gossip sites fool!

maclen: Gwyneth Paltrow Tired of Nicole Kidman!


Gwyneth Paltrow "Divorces" Nicole Kidman!


Gwyneth Paltrow quits The Danish Girl, after Nicole Kidman's cold reception in Nashville

This is his proof. More gossip sites that get it wrong.

Even hit n run who posts on Urban Myths as Tara thinks she can get away with lying

nit n run: erniesmom, there was media buzz the first part of March that Paltrow had been in Nashville for five weeks making a film. She asked NK several times if they could get together - you know, because thats KUNK's home and all - and NK snubbed her. Wouldn't meet with her. Next thing you know, Paltrow pulls out of the film. So the film has been shelved and probably won't get made anytime soon. That leaves NK with no films, no offers to date, and nothing to promote.

It's nothing but lies as you can see. Danish Girl is not shelved. Paltrow left and we have the full quote from the Bazaar article maclen twisted out of context.

Bazaar: Gwyneth has also significantly scaled back her film obligations. With daughter Apple, six, and son Moses, four, both in school, shuttling the pair around the globe has proven to be, well, exhausting. "Some days I feel like everyone in my world has plugged themselves into my kidneys. I'm so tired," she says with a sigh. She even pulled out of a movie with Nicole Kidman, The Danish Girl. With the shoot changing locales, Gwyneth found it too taxing for her little ones. Not to mention that her husband, Coldplay's Chris Martin, has an equally complex tour schedule.

It's amazing what we said days ago, Paltrow having school-aged children, is what made her come to her decision. But readers there's more! Some of you may have heard of the Gossip Cop. If you haven't he's a former reporter who actually makes the effort to verify whether gossip stories are true. And surprise surprise what does he have to say about this one? It's a big fat goose egg!

Gwyneth Paltrow Didn’t Get Rejected by Nicole Kidman

Did frost between Gwyneth Paltrow and Nicole Kidman lead Paltrow to drop out of their planned film together, The Danish Girl?

That’s what the Daily Mail wants you to think.

After citing Paltrow’s public comments about wanting to spend more time with hubby Chris Martin and their two children as the reason behind her departure, the newspaper also alleges she had “failed to bond with co-star Nicole.”

Kidman lives in Nashville not far from where Paltrow has been working on her latest movie. “Gwyneth made the effort to get in touch with Nicole but Nicole declined,” claims a Daily Mail source.

“It would have been nice for Nicole to make the effort.”

What would have been “nice” is for the Daily Mail to resist the temptation to invent a feud where none exists.

A representative for Paltrow assures Gossip Cop the actress pulled out of The Danish Girl because the production schedule had become too problematic.

“There are no bad feelings between Nicole and Gwyneth at all,” we’re told. Kidman herself understands how difficult it is to balance family and career and “completely gets it,” adds the rep, as would “any actress with small children.”

Gossip Cop

Amazing! It's incredible a story that made no sense from beginning to end isn't true in the first place!

And speaking of made-up stories, how many times have we heard from the skeptics they don't believe Twitter. Everyone's a paid plant, all the accounts are fake with people spending days posting fake tweets not about KUNK, just so they can post ONE and everyone will believe them. Suuuure. The best part is that now they have all chimed in saying Twitter is useless, self-absorbed, and egotistical. We're sure the people of Iran feel differently. And we're sure the skeptics decided to trash Twitter after a tweet showed up linking to a video of Keith and Nicole leaving Whole Foods together where they are often sighted eating lunch. Skeptics can even be skewered outside this blog! But we noticed something interesting. ACM night, at the MGM Grand Pool after party, someone tweeted this

"looking around the pool tonight I see Keith Urban, Nicole Kidman, Dierks Bently, darius rucker & Lady A... what a night!"

Now of course the skeptics don't believe it. Nicole at an music industry party. An excited attendee saying they saw her and Urban? Impossible. Paid KUNK employee, right? Well later on they tweeted this

"Charles from Lady A just dove in the pool, fully dressed!"

Another outrageous tweet? Nope. Video of this was posted the same day on Lady Antebellum's official Youtube channel

This party was also where Keith made the fans his thank you video and was spotted talking shop with friends and fellow labelmates.

dumbfounded: There were two distinct audience shots of Mr. and Mrs. Doofus last night. Both looked like he was about ready to strangle her. I'm not being biased or anything...he truly looked disgusted with her, especially when she wasn't clapping for Carrie until the camera was on her.I couldn't help but sing, "Oh when the body paint, goes marching in, oh when the body paint goes marching in..." She just looks weird. It's like she's trying to be the popular girl again at a 30 year reunion. Dumb.

You mean these shots where he was looking past his wife and where he wasn't disgusted? BAHAHAHAHA! We can get out the tape but it's not necessary. You're lying as usual!

With more Nicole Kidman career news the skeptics lies go down in flames. It's been reported that Simon Kinberg, one of Kidman's creative partners, has gotten a first-look deal with Fox Studios.


What does this mean for Kidman? Well as a screenwriter, and now possible producer, Kinberg can develop his projects with a major studio keenly interested. He is working with Kidman on a film called The Eighth Wonder, an action adventure film with Kidman in the starring role. This is on top of her producing duties for Monte Carlo, promotion for Rabbit Hole, and future films Danish Girl, The Look Of Love Dusty Springfield project, and How To Marry A Millionaire. There are rumors Drew Barrymore could be co-starring with Kidman in Millionaire. Quite an interesting pairing! Let's not forget there are always films in the works that want Kidman that we will never hear about until after the fact or that she will pass on. Case in point: Bel Ami with Robert Pattinson. We didn't hear anything of it until after it was revealed scheduling couldn't be worked out and Uma Thurman took Kidman's place. But that's the way the industry works and what the skeptics fail to acknowledge. Getting a film together can happen at a snail's pace or at breakneck speed. Those not directly involved with the projects do have to wait for information, even if you are living in Los Angeles and working in the business. So no one is fooled that these "insiders" on an E! Online Gossip Board and Urban Myths blog have any idea what is really going on. IN fact they just invent it as they go along, whether it contradicts what they said two days ago or not!

Nicole Kidman's popular and successful international Omega watch campaign marches on with a new ad fully displayed outside in a shopping district in Shanghai, China. Shanghai will begin it's World Expo in May with millions of tourists expected to visit the city. Who knows how many will see this ad!

And finally we said the E! online skeptics were going back to basics. Well we can't resist sharing their idiocy here. Yes, it's paid plants and plastic surgery time again. Nicole Kidman is medical marvel, having procedures done, reversed, done again, and healing in record time. Enjoy everyone!

nomorefan: The forehead to forehead shots are really getting old. You don't see couples doing that on the red carpet, but in Nine Lips' case, she can control that pose because she is the one that towers over the other. Still not understanding why they can't look and pose for the camera, but considering his songs are about bubble gum love, what else should we expect from these two? Not a mature love whatsoever.

hit n run: She got slammed so hard for all the botox it looked like she decided to go for a face lift instead. I first noticed it when she changed to the red hair. Its not just her profile thats effected. Her eyes look different too. She also had that "worm" removed from her upper lip and replaced it with some other procedure that isn't quite as bad. I think she was hoping that it would all help her get a movie role. But she looks worse than ever. She doesn't even take a decent picture anymore. She just looks weird. JMO Did you notice the blood shot eyes are back? I wonder what causes that.

dumbfounded: I have figured out what's different about her. It's her side profile. I bet skank has had a face lift. It's a weird profile now.Anyone else notice it?

cricket1700: Living with her is aging him very fast. About 5 years for every year he's wasted with her.

hit n run: Shes taken the facial procedures too far. She doesn't even photograph well anymore. Cher looked better than she did. Keith had on as much makeup as she did. And he was obviously wearing elevator shoes (with lifts on the inside that can make you 4 to 5 inches taller, even in tennis shoes). Also, those "screamers" in the audience have to be a plant. If they like him that much they'd buy his CD. JMO

jakra777: If I can butt in here. I dont think she is ever in Nashville. I have some friends there and they say they dont see her often. So maybe Paltrow kept asking but she wasnt there to answer.

hit n run: Jakra777, its obvious she doesn't really live in Nashville. She only goes there when she has to. She probably didn't want Paltrow to give her away. JMO

Paltrow's people couldn't get in touch with Nicole's people? BAHAHAHAHA!

Outside of Green Hills Whole Foods

P.S. Isn't it amazing that an award show featuring two insignificant and fading stars can bring so many posters out of the woodwork!!!! One big nut is back again and off her meds!


Verity said...

Fantastic job SM! Truth! Truth! Truth!

I'm going to share the gossip cop link on E. Thanks!

Anonymous said...


They have at the very least LOST "all" credibility ..

Besides being told they are crazy by their fellow E! posters many times. (who now ignore them)

They are even ridiculed by other posters where they try to spread their craziness posts at!
Wonder why they never mention any of that? LMAO

Anonymous said...

You have to remember SM, they have lost their PRIME source for any info.

They can't steal it so easily anymore.

Remember the corn field is silent!

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