April 3, 2010

The Skeptics & Maclen Are Just Plain Dumb

The skeptics have it wrong again courtesy of Inept Team Maclen!

astilbe / neverland47: I just read at another site that Blossom Films is going away. I guess that means that Nicole will no longer blossom.


We already know you got your info from Inept Team Maclen: Party Of One and the Urban Myths blog. Well that blog is definitely living up to its name. Myths are all it produces.

maclen: Leaner times for producers on the lot

"But the trims have come in the so-called "vanity" deal arena for actors and directors. The latest to go away: Nicole Kidman's Blossum Films at Fox, McG's Wonderland Sound & Vision at Warners, Pierce Brosnan's Irish Dream time at MGM and Dr. Dre at New Line."

So good luck to the fansies hoping kidman can get another film made WITHOUT the backup of a studio! But then again, kidman has SUCH A BIG NAME...HA! HA!

Maclen did get his information from a reliable source but failed to explain to the faithful haters what it all really means. Probably because he has no idea himself.

Variety Article

Let's go back in time to April 2006. It was announced that Nicole Kidman's production company Blossom Films had signed a three-year, first-look feature film production deal with 20th Century Fox and Fox 2000 Pictures.

What is today? April 2010. The first-look deal is over. A deal in which Fox had dibs on any film Blossom wanted to make. If they passed the production company is free to partner with any other studio it chooses to get the film made. This is not news. It certainly doesn't prohibit any project in development getting made or Blossom from signing a deal with someone else. However, the skeptics, clueless and uneducated, seem to think Blossom Films is done. BAHAHAHAHA! They are so easily swayed by a moron of epic proportions. We shouldn't be surprised though should we? These are the same group of haters who couldn't tell the difference between a publishing and a recording deal.

When you can't distinguish between a company and a contract made by a company it's definitely time to pack it in!

It's. Just. Too. Easy.


Anonymous said...

Ha ha SM. Tara posed YOUR information Like she knew something.

Now that is really cause to LMAO!

As if they don't all read here? ha ha Now even they will know she has clay feet!

SkewerMistress said...

I saw that. Trying to save face as usual.

WhatAWaste said...

Tara is bailing water as fast & hard as she can, trying to keep this sinking ship above the surface. The rest of them have been flailing & gasping for breath for weeks now too. Damn, is this funny to watch!

And good ole nomore showed up just in time to try & back up astible/neverland. Ya know, when the head groupie calls, you better come runnin'! ;)

Anonymous said...

Is it just me or anyone else find the "jealous nasty fans" so pathetic? I mean, I've been gone for some time without reading news of Nicole and Keith and when I saw blogs such as "Urban Myths" and "Everybody loves Nicole Kidman", I was shocked! hahahaha I mean, it's been 5 years now and they haven't got over the lovely couple yet? It's even funny, not to mention obssessive!
They were saying that Sunday is not their kid! This is just sick! Some people should look for some help, seriously.

The fact is NICOLE AND KEITH LOVE EACH OTHER AND EVERYBODY SEEMS TO LOVE NICOLE... or maybe 90% of the stars who only have good things to say about her are lying? Maybe? =P

Anonymous said...

Ya mean the head STALKER?


Anonymous said...

I wonder exactly what faker Tara has done in her life to make it possible to judge others?

Is that because she thinks she is better than everyone?

Mimsy is a pig, but Tara is a loser!

Anonymous said...

Mimsy has lost all sense of reality.

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Registered: 3/14/07
Posted: Apr 3, 2010 3:41 PM

Infomercials are calling her name....

Anonymous said...

Oh heck that happened a long time ago.( lost touch with life) They have no reality, only their internet hate!

Sad life.

Anonymous said...

Every thing they say has no joy in it. Only sickness and hate.

Good heavens!

Anonymous said...

Ofcourse they MUST be big important useful people RIGHT?

A real joy to be around! Have lots of friends who care for them...


I figure they must be ugle inside and out!

Anonymous said...

Good Christians, huh? Easter weekend and still hating. The skeptics show the world every single day just how jealous they are that Keith found love and happiness. And every single day, Keith and Nicole are living their lives and loving each other without a care if a half dozen, overweight, low class, housewives like them or not. The skeptics have lost not only there stupid war against his fans but also 5 years of their life. They should stop and think about how old their kids were when they were traveling to Keith's concerts in packs and how old they are now. You can't get that time back, people. Someday they'll look back and wish they could have those precious moments back.

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