April 16, 2010

Summer Lovin' Keith Urban Style



Anonymous said...

Love all the laughs!

Having a good time most of the time!

Anonymous said...

He he, the concert media is gearing up and the haters are getting MORE desperate everyday!

Pretty soon we will hear the same crap they have said for over 5 years. What a surprise that will be !! LMAO

Over and over and over!

Oh yea, I hope they enjoy their endless search of the WEB to read all the FUN NEWS! (THEN PRETEND THEIR DJ SAID IT ) lmao

SkewerMistress said...

We're already hearing it. Keith's not a "real man", Nicole Kidman is ugly, gagging noises at the mere mention of her existence.

maclen still hasn't explained how Keith is up for awards and winning them with an alleged shrinking fan base.

The skeptics are nothing more than delusional juveniles.

Anonymous said...

The skeptics are nothing more than delusional juveniles.

Ha ha. EXCEPT they are fat old broads who have no room to say a word about anyone else.

Actually from what I have read and seen here, they didn't start out as pretty YOUNG things way back 6 years ago. By now they must really look good! ha What idiots!! run Keith run.

Anonymous said...

Keith's love is so extraordinary that the skeptics can't believe it and prefer calling him a 'crazy guy'.

And I wish (as well as most women) that I was just as ugly as Nicole. If only half of the population were that 'ugly', I bet we wouldn't here so much jealousy everywhere.

Anonymous said...

Urban Shines at County Thunder!

Oh Yea!

Anonymous said...

Since they think they KNOW Keith so well, wouldn't you think they would be used to his Tees and know a message is always there !

Thanks SM. You nailed it big time!

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