April 15, 2010

What Silly Haters Turn To
In Their Time Of Need

The E! Online skeptics and Urban Myths' maclen are left out in the cold. It's hard times for the haters. Let's take a look at what they're clinging to these days.

maclen: Another interesting note...two films kidman "passed on" due to "scheduling conflicts"... the valerie plame bio pic, "Fair Game and woody allen's "You will meet a tall dark stranger" ARE on the festival list. Seems kidman has a knack for picking films with very shoddy expectations! BUT...kidman did at least get in a photo op at the yogurt shop...victory is her's!!

Love the creative spelling maclen. But unfortunately for you you're more transparent than glass. NKU is out and iMBD.com is in. That's your new source. It's where you stole the Cannes comments form another poster. Beware readers maclen is on the prowl for material and he's willing to take it from any source.

maclen: I didnt realize the ACM awards were this sunday!

That's not a surprise!!!

To jakra777 after nearly 2 and half weeks of ignoring her question!

nomorefan: Great comparison! Middlesea comes and goes on here. It is hard to say when she will pop back on here.

erniesmom has taken over for Oh " so" Leery in the loony department. Remember when that nutcase said that Nicole dresses her daughter in rags and all the while it's been noted that they've bought her cute clothes at Baby Gap and other fashionable mid-ranged stores and boutiques.

erniesmom: Shes dressing the little girl as horribly as she dresses herself....With all her money and the cute little dresses out there.....Does she shop at Salvation Army for tots?

nomorefan: How many real men would wear that shirt?

Well we've got 1 for starters.

Now for more good news to make the skeptics scream....

STS would like to announce that Nicole has been recently filming her part for Adam Sandler's "Just Go With It". There are pics but we'll let maclen hunt for them himself. Let's just say they aren't even close to what he predicted. So far it is impossible to determine whether or not it is a cameo, or a small role, and what exactly her part entails. If it truly is an uncredited part, per SAG union rules, Nicole's scenes will not be able to be used in any trailers or promotions for the film. This is often done when the filmmakers want the part to be a complete surprise, they want to establish the tone of the film during pre-release(you know what you are getting with a Sandler comedy), or the actor doesn't want to overshadow the real leads of the film. Countless stars have done this...Kevin Spacey, Mel Gibson, Tom Cruise, Cate Blanchett, Wesley Snipes, Kenneth Branagh, most recently Colin Farrell. maclen will try to tell you otherwise....just cutting you off before you put out another pathetic ANALysis of how Hollywood works. More than likely it will be a surprise either way until the film opens. However, there is word that Nicole was working with Adam and Jennifer during filming.

Nicole is also involved in a special Red Cross gala honoring the television drama, hawthoRNe. The show stars Jada Pinkett Smith as a nurse who along with others struggles daily to save patients' lives. Nicole and other actors including Hugh Jackman, Jane Seymour, Olivia Newton-John, Brian Dennehy and Rachel Griffiths are all chairing the event. For more information click HERE.

erniesmom: Love is my Religion-------I've seen it all now..Those 2 are NUTS!

What a nutty idea....LOVE!


Anonymous said...

What a bunch of shallow idiots!

Anonymous said...

Obviously love isn't the skeptics religion.

Anonymous said...

Ya got that right, Anon 8:55

Very telling huh?

Anonymous said...

"Anonymous said...
Obviously love isn't the skeptics religion."

Yeah! Their religion is hate! lol

And they will continue to doubt Keith's love, even after he tatooed 'Nicole' in his arm, after expressing his love for her thousands of times and after he wears that T-shirt! Some people just see what they want to see, whatever happens. I feel sorry for them!

Anonymous said...

So they think Keith's nuts just because he's wearing the Tshirt? Here is a suggestion to the ridiculous skeptics: "Accept it! KEITH LOVES NICOLE and you should give up! Otherwise, when you're 80, you'll still be commenting the same nonsense "truth" and they'll still be together!" =P

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