April 27, 2010

Wacky Wednesday At
Skewering The Skeptics

Some comedy for your midweek blahs! Enjoy!

cygnus2: Flyin - I think your 2nd sentence is right-on. Here is my theory: I'm beyond convinced that Ted C's Blind Vices from 2-26-10, "Marky Sweet Puss - Cruella St. Shackles, Another Straight Star Bites the Dust," and his BV from 4-2-10, "Cruella's Getting Nervous," are the KUNKS. In the first BV Ted said some of the star's friends informed Cruella of his relationship with his male assistant. Then 2 band members are suddenly gone. Another comment from Ted on the BV from 4-2-10, which appears to make "Marky" Keith: "Don't count on Marky kicking Cruella to the curb. He's got a pretty sweet situation going on - you know - getting to nail dudes on the DL while seemingly so happily in love with his significant other. Plus, he totally knew what kind of lady CSS was when he got involved."

And the KUNKS lay low.



SkewerMistress said...

To the reader who asked, contact info is in the sidebar, about a quarter of the way down.

Anonymous said...

It's pretty funny how the same women who have been following Keith around for an entire decade, who seem to know exactly where he is at any given moment during that time, know his astrology chart, his house layout, his diet, his friends, his lovers, his shoe size, remember every quote he's ever made, followed him around on the road, stalked his buses and hotels, chummed up to his roadcrew and bandmates AND claim to have inside sources.....now suddenly think he's gay.

Oh honey, Keith is a lot of things but bi-sexual isn't one of them.

Anonymous said...

So now they are claiming that Keith is gay? Is that it? HAHAHAHAHAHA
Really, they've gone completely nuts! No more words.

Anonymous said...

I don't know about you, but I'm getting very sick of these freaks! They are always waiting for the next post about Nicole and her pic to start bashing. I'm bored and tired of this! I think Nicole and Keith should sue these people.

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