April 28, 2010

Keith Urban: You Have To See This

and if you already have you'll want to see it again!

Country Thunder 2010


Anonymous said...

Yummy! Thanks for brightening the day, SM!

Anonymous said...

Ha! Inept Team Maclen, party of one, is hiding behind a different screen name to spew his nonsense and hatred at the Just Jared site.

It’s plain to see… Maclen (at UMyths) and stoptheposterbashing (at Just Jared) are one and the same person. He “outed” himself by repeating his UM nonsense over at the JJ site; the “tone” and language he uses at both sites are similar. To name a couple of glaring examples:

- His overuse of the term “PR machine” in describing anyone who dared to speak favorably of KUNK. Based on how many he claimed are on KUNK’s “payroll”, e.g. paps, NKU members, even STS Mistress, KUNK must have a boatload of money to throw away. Lmao!

- His love of quoting numbers and figures just so he can brag about his “analytical skills”; but all he had proven so far is his inept ANALysis!

“stoptheposterbashing” …. Lmao! Maclen should heed his own advice and stop bashing/name-calling KUNK fans at other sites.

C'mon “stoptheposterbashing”, show some cojones. Come out of the closet and show your inner Maclen self, someone who is …

Asinine (and A**hole)

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