May 29, 2010

It's Comedy Night; Why So Upset Skeptics?

Keith and Nicole backstage at a comedy show headlined by Bill Bellamy at Zanie's in Nashville

J Reid: Just got off stage and guess who popped in to catch a show? Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman. That's fire baby!

Dee Laird: Shoutout to Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban 4 cmn to the shw tonite! Thx guys

Bill Bellamy Retweet

Where'd the magic implants go? BAHAHAHAHA!


Anonymous said...

hitandrun/taralea thinks they don't have any common interests and don't do anything together. Is she blind or just plain stupid? Nevermind. I can answer that one without any help.

SkewerMistress said...

They need something to keep the hate thread at the top of the board.

Anonymous said...

Too bad all they see is HATE.

Been a long 5+ years skeptics??

Admit it, your lives are empty like you heart and brain.

LillyMae said...

I'm glad Keith and Nicole went to Zanie's to hear Bill Bellamy's comedy. Keith Urban is fire! That means that Keith is hot, smokin' and what's happenin'.

LillyMae said...

Nicole and Sunday Rose are also fire!

Anonymous said...

Oh come on, SM. You know Nic paid Bill Bellamy to post a twitter picture! Bahaha!

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